In Case You Missed It #23 - Electrolytes, Religion, and... Poop?! - Clovis

In Case You Missed It #23 - Electrolytes, Religion, and... Poop?!

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Electrolytes, Religion, and... Poop?!

Yep, you read that correctly. Click Here for the Full Episode


Question: "No matter how much water I drink I never feel hydrated!"

  • Electrolytes!
  • 3-6g of sodium per day. (3g is roughly 1.5 Teaspoons)
  • ½ body weight in ounces of water each day is a good estimate for how much water you should drink
  • Redmond Sea Salt - use promo code iamclovis

Multiple Types of Animal Proteins Each Day?

Question: "Should We Consume Multiple Different Types of Animal Proteins Each Day?"

It depends… For instance, if you’re only eating chicken and never any fish or beef, you’ll be missing out on Omega 3’s, zinc, maybe some other nutrients. If you’re only eating fish, you’ll be getting less B Vitamins etc. etc.

Animal proteins are gram for gram the most nutrient dense foods on earth. The highest being Organ Meats like Liver. But you don’t need to worry about this daily. For instance, you can get all the Vitamin A you need just by eating 4 ounces of liver per week. Or, you could eat a half ounce per day. It doesn’t really matter. So, mixing it up daily isn’t a huge deal. But adding in some meats you don’t normally eat is a good idea a couple of times per week. Maybe a serving of liver, or eating wild-caught fish 1-2 times per week etc. etc.


Question: "If someone is going to eat bread, what is the safest?!"

Sugar Cravings:

Question: "What Can I Do to Kill Sugar Cravings?"

  • Protein! Satiety - The Protein Leveraging Hypothesis

  • When cravings hit, reach for Protein! It is the most satiating macronutrient. The more protein you eat, the more difficult it becomes to overeat carbohydrates and fats!


Question: "Weird Question, but what should healthy poop look like?!"

  • Smooth and soft, shaped like a sausage. So, picture a sausage, but softer to the touch… not that you would ever touch it, mind you!

  • Hard and lumpy means constipation. You need electrolytes, water, and/ or fiber from leafy green veggies!

  • Super loose or diarrhea, you’re dealing with inflammation, possibly leaky gut or number of other unpleasant things!

  • Smooth, soft, sausage-shaped is where it's at! You should pass it with very little effort…

  • Here's a helpful infographic!


Question: "I am a Christian but have been exploring my spirituality and using things such as meditation, yoga, and reading non-Christian books. I can't help but feel like I am doing something sinful. Other people's judgment has played into this. You've mentioned before that you've had a pretty intense journey of self-exploration. Did you deal with fear? How did you tell the difference between fear that is based on the dogma of others and authentic fear that should be listened to as a warning?"

Yes, I have had one hell of a ride when it comes to spirituality! I talk about it in depth in the full AMA.

I explained that, in my opinion, the fear of upsetting God is usually the fear of what others will think of you. I believe that each and every ounce of fear this person is dealing with comes directly from the dogma and none of it is authentic. I do not fear hell, fire, and brimstone as we're taught in the Old Testament. My relationship with a higher-power and any afterlife I believe in is nobody's business but my own. I fear no judgment from anyone.

We talked about fear, and love, and all sorts of beautiful things!

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