In Case You Missed It #21 - The Soil Will Save Us - Clovis

In Case You Missed It #21 - The Soil Will Save Us

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The Soil Will Save Us

This May Be One Of the Most Important Episodes I've Ever Recorded!
Seriously... it's that important!
Soil Nutrient-Density is one of the single biggest concerns I have for the future of our country and the future health of our children and generations to come.
If it's not addressed, and I mean, immediately, we are in for a world of hurt. And I'm not talking 100 years from now... I'm talking about the very near future.
This recap will be a little lengthy and I urge you to check out the book and lecture I reference below the recap.
If there were ever a topic for you to truly dive deep on, this is it.
The Bullet Points of the Episode:
  • Why I say fruit is not a health food...
  • Why I personally eat loads of vegetables and virtually zero fruit...
  • Why it is so difficult to be a healthy vegetarian/ vegan without supplements…
  • How Soil works and Plants grow…
  • How mono-cropping is worse for the environment than farming animals will ever be…
  • How animals can save the world…
Fact To Remember:

All the nutrients you consume in your daily diet come from soil… Period.

The Scary Facts, Right Off the Bat!: In the past 50 years, the nutrient density of our food has decreased by anywhere from 15%-65% depending on the specific food…
The Average, taken from 27 different kinds of vegetables:
  • Copper declined by 76%
  • Calcium declined by 46%
  • Iron declined by 27%
  • Magnesium declined by 24%
  • Potassium declined by 16%
The Average, taken from 10 different kinds of meat:
  • Copper declined by 24%
  • Calcium by 41%
  • Iron by 54%
  • magnesium by 10%
  • Potassium by 16%
Compared to food in the year 1940, to match micronutrients, in 2019 a human would have to consume:
  • 2x as much meat
  • 3x times as much fruit
  • 4x times as many vegetables.
Fruits vs. Veggies:
It is critical that we stop putting "fruits and vegetables" in the same category! Here's why...
Directly comparing 100 grams of banana to 100 grams of broccoli:
Gram for Gram Broccoli has:
  • 3x more Protein
  • 12x more Vitamin A
  • 10x more Vitamin C
  • 1/5th the Net Carbs
  • 1/6th the Sugar…
  • Banana wins on one micronutrient… Potassium… oh and it wins by a measly 1%.
So, the reasons why I choose broccoli over banana are clear… But the most important point:
Yes, I have to eat 4 times more veggies now than I did in the year 1940… and I’m cool with that. Why?

Because I could eat 6 times more broccoli before matching the sugar content of the banana!

Okay, now, let’s compare broccoli to blueberries, one of the most micronutrient-rich fruits. Broccoli, gram for gram, has:
  • 4x more Protein
  • 4x more Potassium
  • 12x more Vitamin A
  • 9x more Vitamin C
  • 3x more Iron
  • 5x more Magnesium
  • 1/2 the Net Carbohydrates
  • Oh, and I could still eat 6x more broccoli before matching the sugar content of blueberries!
How Soil Works:
Plants sequester carbon along with water and sunlight from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and turn it into carbohydrates. AKA Sugars… (Click Here for a Short Video)
But here’s what you don’t see happening underground…
Plants are deeply rooted inside an interconnected web of mycorrhizal (MICO-RIZAL) fungi, all throughout the ground.
Everywhere beneath your feet is this web of fungi and they have a beneficial relationship with plants. Plants give away as much as 40% of the carbon they pull from the atmosphere to directly feed the fungi. In return, the fungi penetrate the roots of the plans and feed them minerals and enzymes required for the plants to grow and thrive!
Today, scientists estimate that 80% of all of earth’s plants are rooted in this web of fungi… The fungi can connect plants up to 250 yards away from one another via this incredible web.
How Mono-Cropping Kills Entire Ecosystems:
This is the part the Vegans/ Vegetarians don't want you to hear!
Mono-cropping (isolating entire plots of land for a single crop) is literally non-stop killing. Constant death and destruction of animals, weeds, pests, fungus, bacteria, soil and diversity of life as a whole.
Think about it this way… Picture a healthy ecosystem in nature. Let’s say, thick woods in the mountains of Montana or something.
Do you think you would ever be walking through nature and stumble upon 1,000 acres of perfectly spaced rows of corn? Never!
This is common sense, people…
We have to literally destroy virtually everything that is “natural” on that land to create a mono-crop! Everything!
And how does nature respond to all the killing?
What do you think weeds are? Think of them as Mother Nature’s band-aids. When you kill diversity in nature, Mother Nature literally tries to restore diversity herself and up come these new weeds! She’s trying to restore diversity to save the land.
And what do humans do?
We spray them with RoundUp and the vicious cycle begins!!
  • Lack of diversity leads to the destruction of soil.
  • Lower nutrient cycling from fungi to plants means smaller yields of crops.
  • Smaller yields mean farmers increase the use of synthetic (nutrient-poor) fertilizers
  • Increased use of synthetic fertilizer spurs the decline of mycorrhizal fungi and soil biology.
  • More weeds grow.. in a desperate attempt to restore diversity…
  • Which leads to more herbicide spraying
  • And the vicious cycle continues...
An Important Note: Herbicides are also chelators, which means they bind to micronutrients and make them unavailable to the plants. Namely, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Magnesium, and iron. Oddly enough, calcium and iron both rank among the most common micronutrient deficiences in Vegans and Vegetarians. What a coincidence... What Can We Do?!:
I want to talk briefly about The Savory Institute
The Savory Institute was founded by Clifford Savory, a Zimbabwean ecologist, and farmer. The organization helps heal areas of land thought of as complete dead. They have a method for healing entire ecosystems and bringing land back to life the was previously thought to be unable to sustain life… How do they do this?!
With the systematic use of large grazing cattle… ruminants. A critical part of any healthy ecosystem!
How effective are their methods?!
They are literally reversing climate change.
Sir Richard Branson has issued a $25 million challenge to anyone who discovers the best way to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. (Prevent/ Reverse Climate Change)
The Savory Institute is one of just 11 finalists who may have discovered the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere.
In layman’s terms: large, grazing ruminants, as part of a healthy ecosystem, can literally help reverse climate change.
Think about what I just said to you…
And all of this data is widely available to the public…
And yet, the new Global Dietary Guidelines are pushing for the removal of animals from the food system?!
This is much, much, scarier than you can possibly imagine for the future of the entire human race!
This is why Clovis has donated $100k to Diana Rodger’s upcoming docu-series, “Sacred Cow,” all about Regenerative Agriculture.

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This is why Clovis has donated $50k to CJ Hunt’s upcoming investigative documentary, “Dispelling the Lies,” to debunk all of the factually inaccurate Vegan propaganda being spread across the globe right now.

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