Blood Pressure, Salt, and... Sex?! - Live AMA #42 - Clovis

Blood Pressure, Salt, and... Sex?! - Live AMA #42

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Live Ask Me Anything #42 - Topics Covered:

Blood Pressure, Salt, and... Sex?!:

6:34- The "Salt-Blood Pressure" Hypothesis... 9:12- Correlation vs. Causation. Details matter... 10:43- How much sodium I recommend... 13:40- How did they get this so wrong? 16:27- The Risks of a low-salt diet... 20:20- The basics of Blood Pressure... 23:35- FB Check 24:40- Your poor kidneys... 28:58- How to stop sugar cravings... 31:04- Hypertension is a metabolic disorder... 33:57- Low-salt, Sex, and Fertility... Oh my! 41:25- Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women... 46:35- When do you need more salt? 53:50- Live Q&A:
  • 55:11- Q: Does the dosage for sodium change for kids?
  • 57:02- Q: What’s wrong with me if I don’t sweat much, even during intense activity?
  • 58:16- Q: Do you think you’ll ever become a functional medicine doctor?
  • 59:04- Q: Does ibuprofen cause leaky gut?
  • 59:10- Q: What if I sweat TOO much all the time?
  • 1:00:12- Q: Will increasing salt improve fertility?
  • 1:00:56- Q: I’m already doing 3 tsp a day, should I up the dose while out this weekend for my sister’s 21st birthday? (bonus drinking hack!)
  • 1:03:25- Commenting on Comments: I drink Hawaiian salt after a night of drinking and wake up feeling like a champ!
1:04:41- NEW MERCH! 1:11:24- Wrap Up!

Show Notes and Resources:

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