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The Perfect Paleo Cookbook - E-Book

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The Perfect Paleo Cookbook:

Designed to be the only cookbook you'll ever need! The Perfect Paleo Cookbook was created according to 3 specific requirements... 

  1. All recipes use ONLY "Clovis Approved Foods"
  2. All recipes have a perfect Macronutrient Ratio for Human Health (Fat, Protein, and Net Carbs)
  3. All recipes are simple enough for anyone to cook with no prior cooking experience

20 Clovis Recipes, conveniently sorted by meal times: 

  • 5 Breakfast Recipes
  • 5 Lunch Recipes 
  • 5 Dinner Recipes 
  • 5 Dessert Recipes 

The Perfect Paleo Cookbook is a game-changer for the health and wellness of the whole family! Stick to these recipes and you'll be shocked by the changes you see in yourself and loved ones. 

The Perfect Paleo Cookbook Includes: 

  • 20 Clovis Approved Recipes 
  • Beautiful Photos of Each Recipe 
  • Exact Macronutrient Ratios for Each Recipe (Fat, Protein, Net Carbs) 
  • Exact Nutrition Facts for Each Recipe
  • "The Perfect Paleo Pantry" - a comprehensive list of all the ingredients and kitchen tools you need to create any and all recipes in the book.  

An excerpt from The Perfect Paleo Cookbook: 

"The Perfect Paleo Cookbook is my way of helping you see food in a different light..."

"All I ask in return is that, at least occasionally, you will take the time to prepare these recipes with your loved ones. Together. Create memories with one another through your shared cooking experiences. These are cooking traditions that can live on and impact the health and happiness of your family for generations."

- Justin Nault


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