What’s Next

What’s A Health Coach?!

(And Why You Need One!)

You made it! Week 1 is in the books!!

That means good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the good news.

Here’s a list of all your progress through your first 7-days…

✓ You’ve learned how “other programs” are purposefully designed to fail you!

✓ I’ve shown you why macronutrient tracking is the key to your success!

✓ You took the red pill and saw into the matrix of why carbs are killing you!

✓ You now understand that all calories are not created equal!

✓ I’ve given you a complete micronutrient dense food list you can use to lose weight without dieting or trips to the gym.

I’ve seen other programs with less information getting people fewer results and they charge over $300.

Now that you’ve been a part of the Clovis Community I hope you can see just how absurd that price is.

I’m truly impressed by your daily dedication to your new Clovis Lifestyle!

Compare where you were at the start of the week to how you feel now.

✓ Your constant hunger should have subsided…

✓ You’re probably sleeping better…

✓ You have a better understanding of what’s going on inside your body…

✓ Your body is now learning to burn body fat for fuel…

✓ And you’ve likely lost a few pounds as well…

It might not have been easy but now you’re here.

We’ve got a word for that inside the Clovis community.

It’s called MOMENTUM.

And now that the ball is rolling down the hill, it’s time to take it up a notch instead of slipping back to where you were.

Here’s the thing - you’re not the first to see these kinds of results.

I’ve had men and women complete their first 7 days and lose 10 pounds (yes, it’s possible!).

Others have slimmed down by inches.

And thousands more have finally taken a hold of their health for good.

But they all shared one thing in common…

They kept going.

And here’s where the bad news drops…

I won’t sugar coat it, it won’t get easier from here on out.

You may have been part of other programs in the past that helped you get some results, but then you fell right back into old routines.

That’s because they didn’t show you how to double-down on your results.

This is something my personal Inner-Circle Clients understand.

They get to work with me on a daily basis for the entirety of their program.


That means they get…

- Private, One-on-One video calls with me


- Daily, DIRECT ACCESS to me via cell phone

That's right... these clients are free to ping me directly... Straight to my personal cell phone.

If I’ve learned one thing from helping all these people, it’s that every single human body is completely unique.

On top of that, every single lifestyle and personal situation is unique. You’ve probably got your own unique questions and circumstances.

A strapped schedule, certain food allergies, trouble sticking with it long term - whatever it is I want to keep pushing you forward.

Imagine me being a brick wall that we place BEHIND you so you can’t fall backward.

You’ve already seen what life is like with a brick wall standing in front of you, stopping your progress time and time again.

But we smashed that wall down and now it’s full steam ahead.

So let’s add jet fuel to the mix and work together 1-on-1 in my Private Coaching Program.


This program is by APPLICATION ONLY!

It’s reserved for just 5 people per month, and is reserved for those who have completed their first 7 days and have committed to their Custom Nutrition Plan…

But if you want faster results with your own Certified Nutritional Therapist at your beck and call (me) then…

>>>Click Here To Learn More.

I really hope we get to know each other better!

Remember, my Private Coaching is reserved for just 5 people per month, so don’t sleep on this opportunity!

Thank you so much for completing the first 7 days of your Clovis Journey!

I cannot wait for you to experience all of the incredible life changes in store for you as your journey progresses!

Always here if you need me!