Clovis is the curation of the most valuable information I, Justin, have learned along my journey combined with my own unique approach to health and wellness. I have made hundreds of customs nutrition plans for clients and the results have been staggering:
50 pounds in 8 weeks? 40 pounds in 60 days? 21 pounds in 19 days? 100 pounds in 6 months?

You name it, I have a client who has done it…  
I want a better life for you and I want to give it to you... Today.
Take a look at some of these incredible transformations, are you next?
If you have any questions at all, please, feel free to reach out to me, personally! | Toll-Free: (855) 774-3643

-100+ pounds

"In case you wanted to see what a 100+ pound difference looks like. these are the only pair of jeans I kept...for comparison and encouragement. See that plastic bag on the floor? That's another bag of clothes ready to be donated that are too big for me." - Shannon

-75 lbs combined

"Willis and I started working on getting healthier and loosing weight in March. We started Clovis in April. We are now (in total 3 months) down a shared 75 pounds! We've lost some weight before, but never maintained or lost this much!" -Rachel

-52 lbs & -37 LBS

"He wil be soooooo not happy with me sharing this but I'm so proud of us that I can't NOT share. He lost 52, and I've lost 37 with one planned cheat weekend in the middle. We are like new people. We're never going back to those tired, unhealthy people." -Shawn


"Big thanks to Justin for sharing his knowledge. It feel weird saying less work pays off but so true. I feel so much better. Not so much because I've lost fat, but because my overall health seems to be so much better lifestyle change. -Holden

-23 lbs & -4 sizes

"On the left I weighed 180ish lbs and size 14 shorts. Today I weighed in at 162 and size 10 pants. I honestly can't believe these pictures when I look at them. I didn't realize how much I had let myself go and felt just downright awful. I am so thankful where I am physically." -Katie

-23 lbs in two weeks

"23 lbs in about 2 weeks of 'trying' to eat healthy (no soda, low carbs) and 2 weeks of Clovis (doing the dang thang)!!
PS Even with a new puppy and considerably less sleep, I still have more energy than I did before!" -Micah

-23 Pounds & -3 sizes

"To Justin, Clovis Culture, and Clovis Academy- For all that you have taught me, my body SCREAMS a big, loud thank you" -Chelsea

-35 lbs pounds

"I'm down 35 lbs, lots of inches, but I've gained so much from this group and the knowledge I have now. Clovis saved me from myself 100%. I'm a stones throw from my ideal body weight and I LOVE my life!"

Building A Healthy Life Together