Fitness Protocols

Best Overall Health Programs:

Best Strength/ Physique Programs:

Best "Minimum Effective Dose" Programs:

(These Programs Are Complete Just Once Per Week)

Body By Science

ARX Training

Best Fat Burning Program:

Best At-Home Fitness Equipment:


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Instructional Videos:

5-Minute Morning Yoga Flow

A quick and easy yoga flow to start each morning!

10-Minute Full-Body Blast:

Crush every major muscle group in just 10 minutes!

Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing:

My single favorite exercise on earth!

The Perfect Chin-Up:

One of the most effective, yet most commonly misunderstood exercises in fitness

Bench Press:

How to properly engage muscles groups to make this exercise more effective

The Myotatic Crunch:

The most effective abdominal exercise I have ever found

The Cat Vomit Exercise:

A strange and wildly effective abdominal exercise

Bodyweight Squat:

Perhaps the most foundational and important move in all of fitness. Master this!

Bodyweight Push-Up:

Another foundational exercise that all humans should master

Selective Functional Movement Assessment:

Demonstrates the 7 movements associated with the selective functional movement assessment. All humans should be capable of these movements.

How To Squat - Barbell Tutorial:

An incredibly detailed tutorial on barbell back squat. Text and videos!

How To Deadlift - Barbell Tutorial:

An incredibly detailed tutorial on barbell deadlift. Text and videos!