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Clovis Essential Electrolytes

Essential Electrolytes are a delicious and convenient way to restore electrolyte balance in the human body!

What Makes Us Different?

When most people hear the word "electrolytes," they picture giant bottles of popular sports drinks. The truth is, most of these so-called "electrolytes" drinks are anything but...

In fact, they often contain 35x more sugar than electrolytes! Can you believe it?!

Clovis Essential Electrolytes contain more than 10x the electrolytes found in leading sports drinks and zero sugar!

In other words, you're getting all of the good stuff and none of the junk!


Why Are Electrolytes So Important?

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge. These are required to keep your body functioning as it should.

Electrolytes are crucial to your nervous system and regulate everything from muscle contractions to organ functions.

The different electrolytes interact with each other to regulate virtually all functions of the cells in your tissues, nerves, and muscles.

Clovis Essential Electrolytes will go to work in your body to support nerve and muscle function, hydrate your body, balance blood pressure, and help rebuild and repair tissues

Why Do Clovis Clients Supplement Electrolytes?

The Clovis Nutrition protocol is a relatively low-carb diet with optimal protein and fat levels that will help you lose weight and improve every aspect of your health and wellness.

Generally speaking, most modern humans are exclusively burning carbohydrates for fuel.

If you’re following the Clovis Nutrition Protocol, you shift your body into a fat-burning state.

This means that fat is the main fuel source for most of the body’s needs, allowing you to completely transform your physique by burning excess body fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue. The Holy Grail of fat loss!

Pay Close Attention To Your Electrolytes When You’re Following The Keto Diet.

Whether you’re following the Clovis Protocol or any other version of a Low-Carb or Keto Diet, it’s absolutely critical to optimize your electrolyte balance!

When you control carbohydrate intake, electrolytes in your body start to work differently. Insulin levels drop (this is a good thing!) and the kidneys begin to release more sodium.

These changes are temporary as the body adapts to its new fat-burning state. As this is happening, you can experience temporary electrolyte imbalances as sodium and other electrolyte levels drop.

This leads to a combination of symptoms commonly known as the “keto flu”. This is usually temporary and resolved after your body adapts to a low-carb diet and switching to running on fats.

You can speed up the adaptation process and squash virtually all of the unpleasant Keto Flu symptoms by supplementing daily with Clovis Essential Electrolytes!

What is the Keto Flu?

The Keto Flu is a combination of flu-like symptoms you might experience in the first or second week of starting a low-carb or keto diet.

This happens when your body is learning to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. This metabolic switch is what causes the keto flu.

Your body is still looking for carbs because it hasn’t yet figured out how to burn fats efficiently.

Many people believe the symptoms of Keto Flu are due to a “sugar detox.” This is incorrect.

The truth is, virtually all of the symptoms associated with the dreaded Keto Flu are the result of electrolyte imbalances.

Importance of Electrolytes on a Keto diet

Sustaining proper electrolyte levels in your body will prevent the Keto Flu!

Make sure to consume ample amounts of the following electrolytes:

  1. Sodium - it is the most important electrolyte to monitor to prevent Keto Flu.
  2. Potassium - crucial for heartbeat regulation and maintaining normal blood pressure levels.
  3. Magnesium - helps nerve and muscle function, supports the immune system, and promotes hormone regulation
    Also, drinking plenty of water is just as important as electrolyte intake!

Electrolytes and Daily Exercise

When you exercise, you excrete a lot of sweat which means loss of electrolytes. The more you sweat, the more electrolytes you lose.

The rate of sweat depends on many factors, including the intensity of exercise and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Below are some factors contributing to water and electrolyte loss during exercise.

      1. Exercising in hot or humid weather

      2. Exercising for extended periods of time

      3. Improper exercise clothing

      4. High-Intensity workouts

Athletes Need Electrolytes!

Athletes sweat a lot. They lose a lot of electrolytes primarily in the form of sodium (Na+) and chloride (Cl-) that’s why they should replace whatever is lost to avoid dehydration and achieve peak performance. It is recommended that athletes should replace electrolytes before, during, and after a workout.

At the bare minimum, any and all athletes should be consuming at least one serving of Clovis Essential Electrolytes after any high-intensity training sessions!

The recommended amount of fluid varies within 60-90 minutes of exercise. Athletes can lose 1-2% in body weight in the form of fluid. A good rule of thumb for athletes is to divide their body weight in half and drink at least an ounce of water per pound of bodyweight throughout the day



Athlete A

Weight - 180 lbs / 2 = 90

Ounces of water a day = 90 oz.

Please note that this amount should be adjusted for the day’s level of activity and outdoor temperature.

Understanding Electrolytes:

Electrolytes are minerals that dissolve in liquid and carry an electric charge.
Electrolytes in the blood such as sodium, potassium, magnesium (found in
Clovis Essential Electrolytes)
help regulate nerve and muscle function.


Sodium is an “essential electrolyte,” which means, without it we would die!

The human body requires sodium to conduct nerve impulses, contract and relax muscles and maintain a proper balance of minerals and water.

Why do you need salt in your diet?

It helps the thyroid function properly. The thyroid plays an important role in metabolism.

Sodium helps to keep your body hydrated and prevents low blood pressure.


Potassium helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals.

A high potassium diet may help reduce blood pressure and water retention.

It prevents osteoporosis and kidney stones.

Potassium supports kidney function and helps balance sodium levels in the body.

Also, potassium helps the walls of your blood vessels to relax or loosen up.


Magnesium plays a role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

Here are some health benefits of magnesium:

a) Relieves insomnia - magnesium prepares your body for sleep by relaxing your muscles. It is essential to maintain a healthy “body clock” and sleep cycle.
b) Protects your heart - lower magnesium in your diet increases the chance of heart disease. Magnesium fuels the heart, protects your heart’s pump, prevents heart attack, and gives elasticity to the heart and blood vessels.
c) Fights Asthma - magnesium relaxes the bronchial muscles even when you are not having an attack. Magnesium has the potential to stop spasms of your bronchial muscles to help your lungs breathe easier.

Reduction of High blood pressure - It relaxes “smooth muscle” cells, those in your brains and arteries. It maintains the delicate balance of potassium and sodium and helps the body absorb calcium

Thank you!

Clovis Essential Electrolytes

Essential Electrolytes are a delicious and convenient way to restore electrolyte balance in the human body!