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Just a heads up, many people lose several pounds in their very first week following their plans! 😮

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I'll show you the power of nutrition and help you finally reach your goals.

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Justin Nault

Justin Nault

Certified Nutritional Therapist
Specialist in Sports Nutrition
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Your Custom Recommendations...

87 %
Similar people lost more than 10 pounds in their first 30 days with Clovis.

80 %
Similar people reported increased mood and mental health

90 %
Similar people reported better sleep quality

95 %
Similar people reported feeling less hungry throughout the day

83 %
Similar people reported increased cognitive performance
Personal summary
BMI obese
BMI overweight
BMI normal
BMI underweight
Daily calorie intake
Daily water intake
sodium 5000-7000 mg/day
magnesium 300-500 mg/day
potassium 1000-3500 mg/day