What is Clovis and Who is Justin?

My name is Justin Nault. I'm the Founder and CEO of Clovis.

Welcome to my world...  I would love to give you my whole story here but I know you're busy, so I'll try to be brief... I didn't plan any of this. It just sort of happened. My journey into the world of Health & Wellness has been far from traditional. In fact, I had exactly zero aspirations of being some kind of "Nutrition Guru" as a kid. I'm a Professional Musician. I have been for the last 15 years. If you Google me, you'll probably find me singing Miley Cyrus before you see a video about Nutrition. (I'll save you the Google search, here you go)

Like plenty of other entrepreneurs, I started my company because I had to. Because I had specific problems that I needed to solve and the market failed me...








I'm just going to throw this out there... I was a fat kid. (Cute kid, right?! It's crazy what societal pressures can do to our self-esteem!)

I grew up hating my body, and that is a tough place to be as an innocent little kid. I was desperate for a body that I could be proud of, and desperation can be dangerous... 


By age 15 I was getting my nutrition advice from all the mainstream “muscle magazines.” I was lifting weights for 2 hours per day and was addicted to caffeine and ephedrine pills. My unhealthy obsession with my physique haunted me into adulthood and consumed me throughout all of my early twenties. 

17 years later, I’m here to help you avoid all of the horrible obstacles and pitfalls that I encountered on my personal journey. I want you to achieve success beyond a pointless number on the scale! I want to literally change the way your body functions. 



 For far too long, I was part of the countless millions of people eating fewer calories and working out hours per day, desperately trying to figure out how my body fat percentage could still be so high and why I felt absolutely horrible all of the time. 

Long story short, I got my answer and I want to share it with you... 

We've been lied to. About everything. 

Fitness, nutrition, food production, medicine, career, happiness, fulfillment, the economy... Lies. All of it. Irrefutably. To this day, the deeper I research, the more blatantly obvious this unfortunate fact becomes. 

Clovis is my humble attempt at undoing some of the damage that has been done by these lies. 



I'm a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Specialist in Sports Nutrition, and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I've studied nutrition and fitness at their deepest levels. I've helped over 2,500+ people transform their lives through one-on-one Lifestyle Coaching. 

I work with people just like you, each and every day. People who are fed up and struggling...

  • People who are tired of daily insulin injections.
  • People who have tried such extreme weight loss protocols that they’ve landed themselves in the hospital.
  • People who are suffering from eczema, arthritis, headaches, and digestive issues due to chronic inflammation.
  • People who have lost the same 5-10 pounds over and over again only to gain it all back and then some.

If any of this sounds familiar, it's not your fault! The mainstream will lead you to believe that if diet plans have failed you it's because you are doing something wrong or "not trying hard enough." Nothing could be further from the truth. 

I want you to remember something, it does not matter how disciplined you are if you are operating on bad information. You will fail. Period. I'm here to give you the information that you need to finally get the results you deserve!

Clovis is the curation of the most valuable information I have learned along my journey combined with my own unique approach to health and wellness.

Again, I have made hundreds of customs nutrition plans for clients and the results have been staggering:

  • 50 pounds in 8 weeks?

  • 40 pounds in 60 days?

  • 21 pounds in 19 days?

  • 100 pounds in 6 months?

You name it, I have a client who has done it…  

I want a better life for you and I want to give it to you... Today. 

Take a look around my store. A store that I built myself, just for you. If you have any questions at all, please, feel free to reach out to me, personally! 


Your Friend in Health & Wellness, 

-Justin Nault

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Specialist in Sports Nutrition

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

CEO - Clovis


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