Why I Hate the Fitness Industry... - Live AMA #35 - Clovis

Why I Hate the Fitness Industry... - Live AMA #35

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Live Ask Me Anything #35 - Topics Covered:

Why I Hate the Fitness Industry...:

4:04- Overview - My beef with the Fitness Industry… 6:07- I’m Justin, what’s up? I transform lives... No big deal. 7:10- My love/hate with fitness... 8:17- Mindset - Finite & Infinite Games 14:09-This is why you continue to fail… 16:02- No pain no gain is for meatheads not scientists... 18:47- 99% of you are not ready for fitness! 19:33- FB Check 20:14- Why I Hate the Fitness Industry... But love fitness! 24:27- Clovis helps sick people... The fitness industry abuses them. 31:39- Why I Love Fitness… 42:50- FB Check
  • 43:09- Commenting on Comments: “The fitness industry is just cruel and torturous”
43:56- Pros vs. Joes… You are not a professional athlete! 48:33- CrossFit's complete lack of results… 53:21- Fitness is awful for overweight people! 58:57- Your goal is the rest of your life! 1:00:31- FB Check
  • 1:00:50- Commenting on Comments: “I now use my $200 boot camp membership fee to buy bacon, grass fed beef, and dry farm wine”
  • 1:01:18- Q: "When am I ready to add fitness?"
  • 1:06:05- Q: "Am I strong enough to try gymnastics training?"
1:07:20- Why I Built a Gym in my House... 1:11:25- Clovs is not a weight loss company... Let's achieve something REAL! 1:13:51- LIVE Q&A:
  • 1:13:59- Commenting on Comments: “I never thought about how important it would be to mix it with fitness, but it makes perfect sense.”
  • 1:15:30- Commenting on Comments: “I spent so much time trying to find my ‘thing’”
  • 1:16:40- Q: “When are we going to see the muscle up ring video?”
  • 1:18:14- Q: “How do I reduce my RHR?”
  • 1:19:08-”Commenting on Comments: “Don’t worry, I’m going to avoid exercise as long as I can.”
1:20:13- Wrap Up!

Show Notes and Resources:

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