What's Holding You Back?! - Live AMA #12 - Clovis

What's Holding You Back?! - Live AMA #12

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What's Holding You Back?! Show Summary - 01:34 Motivation vs. Discipline - 03:16 What's Holding You Back?! - 06:12 Where Is Your Fear Coming From? - 08:36 Testimonies! The 74 Pound Couple... - 12:20 Katie Lost 30 Pounds in 6 Weeks! - 15:06 Josh Lost 40 Pounds in 60 Days! - 17:08 I Am Free... - 20:41 Start Doing Simple Shit! Discipline = Freedom - 21:14 Take A Selfie... - 25:02 How To Navigate Easter Sunday - Don't Be a Statistic! - 26:50 "No, thank you." Is All You Need! - 28:53 Safe Food Choices for Easter - 31:45 Check The Menu Ahead Of Time! - 33:23 Small Wins, Children, and the Ripple Effect - 34:48 Ripple Effect for Adults - 36:40 Ripple Effect for Couples - 39:40 I'm Not Anti-Fitness! Details Matter - 41:12 Beach Body - 44:07 Live Q&A - 46:50
  • Cholesterol Crash Course - 46:50
  • Benefits of Cold Exposure - 50:29
  • Cold Shower Breathing Exercise - 54:11
  • Cold Defense and Immune System - 55:28
Coupon Code and Wrap Up - 57:46

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Instagram is throwing up right now. Stop moving. We're so close. I can feel it. Are you ready? Good. All right. Cool. 


Justin: Is Facebook running, too, now? 


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Justin: Okay, cool. We got Facebook and Instagram. We got everybody. I'm so sorry for the delay. I'm refreshing my Facebook page right now because I'm about to share it on my personal wall. It's going on the Clovis culture page. There we go. Got it. Okay. Click that share button. Once you click share, just click Share Now > Public. That's now going to shoot over to my Justin Nault page so you can see it there too. Hang with us here on Clovis because this week 12, we're finally sorting out a few things. We're going to take a few breaks here and there.

I'm gonna check your comments as we go. 


In the end, if you haven't been with us for an AMA, we do a live Q and A. I just want you to remember if you have a question or something that's burning in your head and you've been wanting to ask me, sit tight, maybe write it down, take it somewhere on your computer or on your iPad or whatever. Ask the question when we're talking about that topic. The issue is if you leave a question for me right now at the one minute mark, and then I'm reading my notes, or I'm going over something, and all of a sudden, it's 45 minutes, and I've got to go back and try to find your comment. That's going to be complicated. 


If you have questions, just kind of hold them or ask them when we're talking about that topic. I'm going to give you a quick summary now. Get it out of the way. 


This is Episode 12. Live Ask Me Anything: What's Holding You Back? We're gonna talk about what's holding you back exactly what it sounds. I'm gonna start the show. We're going to talk about motivation. If you've been here with me before, you know my thoughts on motivation versus discipline, two very different things. I'm also gonna share some stories with you. I've never done this before, but I think it's time we've been doing this for long enough that Clovis academy has been around long enough. Now that we have like 350 members. Clovis academy has been around long enough that I can share some of these stories with you.




Pull back the curtain a little bit for those of you that are just now coming to us. If this is your first, Ask Me Anything or maybe last week was your first. So you've seen a couple, I'm going to talk about that. We're also going to talk about something that I call the ripple effect. How vital the ripple effect is and making changes in those around you for your loved ones or what I call the inner circle. We're going to discuss how to navigate Easter. Easter Sunday food choices. We're also going to make some quick notes on last week's Ask Me Anything. If you tuned in for last week's Ask Me Anything, it was all about fitness. I went over fitness myths, and it was called fitness for fat loss. I think many people lost that essential thing, that it was titled fitness for fat loss.



A lot of people took it as I'm anti exercise, or I was attacking exercise, which is silly cause I'm literally obsessed with exercise. I love to exercise. I'm going to clear that up because details matter. We'll go over that, and then we'll launch in the live Q and A. 


We also have a special surprise for you at the end, so stick around. Most weeks, we got a little surprise that went off for you at the end there. Make sure you stick around to the end again, click the share button. If you've got a friend who wants to hear this tag, you tag people in the comments or bring them over to the video. 


It's called, What's Holding You Back. If you can think of anybody on the top of your head that you love that's being held back, sees what you're doing, and want your results. They wish on themselves, but they haven't quite dived in, tag them. 


Let's start with motivation. Yes. I'm talking about motivation again because this is the number one thing I get in the emails. This is from people who have been in the academy, people who have worked with me and doing really well. I just get these questions. 

How do you stay motivated, Justin? How do you stay motivated? 

How do you stay so motivated? 


The truth is I don't. I'm almost never motivated. And I also don't rely on motivation. Motivation is tricky because it's great when you have it, but you really can't depend on it. There are some days where you're not going to have motivation. There are plenty of days when I don't have motivation. 


I was talking to Josh about this the other day. There's something about waking up early. If I'm awake before 6:30 AM, my body is screaming at me to not take a cold shower. Don't do it, Justin. Don't do it. This sucks. There's just something about it being early. I do it every time I fall back on discipline. When motivation fails you, you have to fall back on discipline and decision-making. These two things go hand in hand. 



An example is my personal life. When I wake up, I know exactly what's going to happen. 

I'm going to wake up. 

I'm going to make my bed. 

I'm going to take a shot of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. The Redmond real salt, half a teaspoon. 

I'm going to drink about 16 ounces of water. 

Then I'm going to take an ice-cold shower, a freezing cold shower. 

Then I'm going to meditate. 

Then I'm going to make some coffee.

Then I'm going to blend some paleo powder while I'm drinking that paleo powder coffee.

I'm going to read a book. It's either going to be on business or nutrition research or whatever it is.  



I know these things are gonna happen. From the cold shower, electrolytes, water, meditation, reading, coffee, all these things. They're already predetermined. They're predetermined that they're going to happen every single day. I don't need the motivation to do them because that's just what my day looks like. I have turned them into habits. I call it Lifestyle Automation. I automate as much of my life as I possibly can. You try to make good decisions automatic when motivation fails you. Remember, you can literally do anything you want. It's simply a matter of making the decision to do it. Don't think about it as motivation anymore because motivation will fail you always. 


The first day that you feel unmotivated, you're just going to decide to not do it. You have to make the decision. You'll see this as we go through the stories and these different things we talk about in this AMA. The real difference-maker between success and failure is a decision. And the thing is, if you're not ready to make the decision to change, if you're not ready to say, "This is my decision, I am this type of person." And it becomes a non-negotiable. If you're not prepared to do that, you're not prepared for me. I'm not the guy for you because I'm not going to motivate you. I'm not going to do that. And to say, "This is what I offer. This is a different life that you can have. If you're tired of the way you're living now and you want to change, and you're ready to make that decision, then let's talk about that."



This is Lifestyle Design. It's literally designing the life that you want for yourself. What's holding you back? Maybe you've seen some mayonnaise. Now, this is actually an email that I get a lot who people say, "oh, I've been following you for weeks. I've seen all of your AMAs. I've been in the Clovis academy. I've been in the Clovis Academy for weeks. It's so much fun, and people are so supportive." I'm like, "oh, I don't recognize your name." 


God, that's because I haven't participated at all. I haven't liked anything. I haven't commented on anything. I haven't shared posts. I haven't done anything. 


These are people that are feeling held back for one reason or another. That's why the title of this Ask Me Anything is What's Holding You Back because I'm trying to figure out precisely what it is that prevents people from going all in. This kind of wallflower approach, where they're like, "I'm going to sit back, and I'm going to watch for a little bit." You know, something is holding them back.

That's my question to you, what's holding you back? 


Let's walk through a role-play. Let's say you're about to see some incredible stories. I'm going to share stories with you that you probably don't think are possible, right? These are real people. These are real people from the Clovis academy that you can interact with one-on-one. You can reach out to them. If you were to picture your life today and then picture your life 90 days from now. So let's say I would consider a significant amount of weight to lose. All right. So in America, if you say obesity is 30 pounds or more overweight, so that would be considered a significant amount of weight to lose. If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, just picture yourself. Don't think about today. Don't look at Justin.

Don't look at me. Don't look at my body. Don't look at people in the Clovis academy, their bodies, their results, whatever. I'm talking about you, why would you want to lose 30 pounds? What would losing 30 pounds accomplish for you? What would you like to be like? If you wake up 90 days from now, you're 30 days later. What changes? Is that the way you interact with your children, your grandchildren? Is it the way you interact with your spouse or your girlfriend or your boyfriend? Are you looking at each other differently? Are you more confident in the bedroom? Are you not tired of walking up the stairs to go to bed? 


You have more energy to get out of bed in the morning and to go to work. What does your life look like? Okay? So what does your life look like? Think about that for a second, and then come back to the fears because that's what it is. It's always fear. It always comes down to fear. The fears prevent you from jumping headfirst into Clovis, from trusting me, trusting people in the Clovis Academy. What's stopping you from doing that? Now it probably is fear, but in the same sense, what is that fear? Where does that fear come from? 


Remember this, I've made over 200 custom nutrition plans. Over 200 custom nutrition plans in the last 30 days. That's a shitload of nutrition plans every single day. That's how many people are flooding the inbox. These are people, and a lot of them, as I said, they say, "Hey, I've been watching your AMAs. I've been watching this. I've been watching that. I've been in the Clovis academy, and you know what? I finally did it. 

I finally reached out and finally emailing you." That's awesome! 


For some reason or another, I don't know what it is, but whatever was holding them back has been lifted. A lot of you are thinking of the roller coaster because you've been through the roller coaster a million times your whole life. If you have significant weight to lose, I guarantee you've been dealing with this for some years. So it's up and down, up and down. I tried every fad diet. I've tried every fitness protocol. I've starved myself. I've done this. A lot of people come to me, and they've already had gastric bypass surgery. They've already had their gallbladder out. They've already had their thyroid taken out. There's all this stuff. There are a million reasons. They're looking at me, and they're going, "I've seen this before. This is another guy selling bull****. This is just another guy who was in shape who's selling bull****." 



They were afraid that I'm selling bull**** now. The funny thing is, I'm not selling you anything at all. I've done all of those nutrition plans for free. 200 plus in the last 30 days, right? I'm not selling you anything, but I get it. The fear is, "This is another guy I followed, Tony Horton. I followed John T. I did P90X. I did that. I lose 10 pounds, and I gained it all back. I lose 10 pounds, and I gained it all back." It's the up and down. That's the fear. The fear is I'm just another guy selling bull****. 



I figure at this point, we're 12 weeks into the AMA. The Clovis Academy has been around for about three or four weeks, and we have almost 350 members now. It's going really well.

I'm now in a position where it's a little easier to bring new people into the fold. 


If you're looking at this AMA #12 and we've never worked together before, you don't know me. Now, I get to give you a little peek behind the curtain. I'm just going to take one quick second here and make sure that I can see everything. 


We have comments coming up. Facebook live is still live. Instagram. You guys take a pause for a second because we're about to share some stories with you that are pretty amazing. It's a little funny because I don't believe in motivation, but I think I'm about to give you a boatload of motivation. It's going to be pretty awesome. 


Some comments are coming in, and this is the great part about the academy to Krista, saying her detox was pretty rough, but it only lasts a few days. She got through it. She had the support team, the Clovis academy, behind her. Helping her through this. Holding me back, how bad I'm going to feel when I quit. There are a million reasons. The first week, Alicia. Great job. I mean, you guys are crushing it. That's the thing, once you come in, Alicia, right? You'll feel bad for a short time. Then you feel a hundred times better.


Once you come into the fold and you have the support system behind you, you might feel crappy at first. But you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now we're in a position where other people can talk to you. That's what the support system is about. That's what the support system is about. In the Clovis academy, I put two girls together in Facebook messenger, where one girl was the same starting weight as this other girl who had lost 90 pounds with Clovis. She's lost 90 pounds that gave her a whole lot of motivation, gave her a whole lot of hope. So stop thinking about it as motivation. We'll think about it as hope. 


Remember, what all these people have in common is discipline. They made the decision. They made non-negotiable decisions. So here they are, and they're getting success. I want to share that with you. 


All right, cool. Facebook and Instagram's working. And all the technical stuff is out of the way. Let's jump into this. I'm going to bring some things up on the computer screen so you guys can see exactly what we're talking about here.



These are the first two testimonies I want to share with you. Now, remember, these are all people in the Clovis academy. These are all people in the Clovis academy. As I said, you can interact with these people. facebook.com/groups/clovisacademy. It's an entirely free group to be a part of. It's growing every day. That's where all my emails come from. These people have gotten custom nutrition plans from me that lead to these results. 



First and foremost, this is Crystal, and this is Micah. Crystal and Micah. I wanted to share their story with you because they are a couple and changed their entire household. It's staggering, right? So Crystal found me on a YouTube video. One of the first YouTube videos I ever did as a nutritional therapist. And that was called Why You're Not Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet.



She found me on that video because both Crystal and Micah had started the paleo diet, and they were not losing weight. I get this all the time, all the time that people say, "I on a paleo diet, I'm not losing weight. This doesn't work. I tried keto. I tried paleo. I tried this. I tried that." I'm going to tell you why this is different. I made custom macronutrient plans for both of them. They started with me on January 27th. Let me talk to you about their results from January 27th to now is eight weeks. 



In eight weeks, Micah lost 52 pounds. 52 pounds in eight weeks. What did I just say to you? I said, picture your life 90 days from now when you've lost 30 pounds? He lost 52 pounds in eight weeks, 52 pounds in eight weeks. Now, Crystal started just 150 pounds and lost 22 pounds in that same eight weeks, right? 22 pounds. That's crazy! And now, as a result, we get a ripple effect because all of her kids are eating differently. They're supplementing; they're doing all the things. They're making the right decisions, and they're changing their household. These results are so stunning that Micah had to get a new security badge. His badge with a picture on it. They had to take a new picture because people couldn't recognize them. It was a problem for security. That's insane! We're talking about eight weeks. It's nuts! 



It's not another 30-day plan. It is not another 60-day plan, whatever. I'm giving you a lifestyle design. This is literally lifestyle design. Choose the life you want for yourself and design it, and I'll give you the tools to get there. Again, this is Crystal and Micah at 22 pounds here, 52 pounds here. That's 74 pounds from one couple in eight weeks. Do we have a picture of Crystal with her shorts too?



Lady: No. 


Justin: No? Okay. Well, so Crystal was super cool. She shared a bunch of pictures with us. We'll show you some more pictures of them, but that's one. 



Let's show them, Katie. Katie, boom. This is Katie Thompson. Katie, again, she gives us permission to share all this stuff. She's evangelical about it at this point. Katie came to me; I believe she was 166 pounds. I think she was 166 pounds starting. She's been with us for six weeks. That's it? Right? Yes. Just six weeks. She's been working with Clovis and has custom macronutrients for free for six weeks. She's lost 30 pounds. Again, I start telling you a story in the beginning, "Hey, picture yourself 90 days from now. And you're going on 90 days isn't that long." Wait, you can lose 30 pounds in 90 days. She did it in six weeks.



I'm not reinventing the wheel here. This is just science. That's the difference between most people and me. Most people study diet and exercise. I studied biochemistry. It is totally different. I studied biochemistry. You're seeing Crystal, who lost 22 pounds in eight weeks, Mica, who lost 52 pounds in eight weeks. Katie, 30 pounds in six weeks. That's insane! Now on top of this, when Katie started, she was crazy into yoga. She was just like everybody else who was fitness first. How can I burn off all these calories I'm eating? By the way, I dramatically increased the amount that all three of these people eat every day. Dramatically increase their caloric intake. I made them eat more to get these results. I made them eat more and work out less. 


Crystal and Micah were allowed to walk basically on their first 30 days. Katie kept doing yoga, and I got a message from her today that saying, "My yoga game is better than it's ever been. I'm making forearm stands and handstands every day. It's absolutely blowing my mind." 


She's down 30 pounds and doing handstands in six weeks. On week one, I remember her saying, "Oh my God, I feel like death. I can't do these yoga workouts as detox is so bad." I teach her the salt trick. The next thing I know, she's supplementing with salt. She's feeling like a million bucks. We get her electrolytes up. Boom, here we are six weeks later. She's down to 30 pounds, and her yoga game is off the charts. It's crazy. So that's another one. Katie, Crystal, Micah. 



Now I'm going to share one with you that's a lot of fun for me because if you're in the Clovis academy, you know the wizard. This is the wizard. So remember in Clovis, right? If you are in any way associated with Clovis, you believe in what we're doing. You believe in the protocols. You believe in the foods that we're preaching. You believe in the fundamental lifestyle design aspect of Clovis. So I have a transformation story. 


Josh, the wizard, has an incredible transformation story. This is 40 pounds. He lost 40 pounds in 60 days, 40 pounds in 60 days. Now a fun tip about Josh is this picture right here. That's before and after which I've seen him bazillion times. He worked out exactly 0 times. Literally, he did zero workouts to lose 40 pounds in 60 days. So let me just outline something for you. This right here, this is proof of 40 pounds in 60 days. The rest of the fitness and nutrition space is full of sh**. They're 100% full of sh**. Eat less, work out more, eat less, work out more. He did this in 40 days with a full caloric load, eating proper macronutrients and didn't work out once. 40 pounds in 60 days.



Any questions? I actually want to check the comments section right now because this is so crazy. So remember, Josh believes in this, Krista believes in this, Michael believes in this. They made the decision to start making better decisions. They decided to become disciplined, stop relying on motivation and what other people were telling them. To stop relying on their family and their friends judging them and saying fruit is healthy... right? Forget that sh**. Forget it. What other people say to you doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I hate to be that guy. That's like, "Hey, I'm the only one who can tell you that matters." But for some reason, I figured this out over the last six years. I don't know why that is, but this is factual information. I've repeated this over and over for every one person who lets me share. I have 40 who don't want those things to be public. So let's keep doing it. Let's do it with you. 



So let's check this out here. Let's see if we have any questions. Those stories are amazing, right? Yes. Email justin@iamclovis.com. Thank you, Amanda. Yeah, tag people, that's perfect. That's a great question. 


Question: What if I don't live in North Carolina? 


First things first, I'm in Nashville. I live in Nashville, and almost every person in that Clovis academy does not live in Nashville. I do all of this remotely. I am not a personal trainer. I don't train these people. I don't meet them in person. I do this all remotely. All I have to do is make you a custom macronutrient plan. That's it. We fix it. If you're in North Carolina, shoot me an email. 


Question: What's the deal with fruit?


Fruit? Fruit is not good for you. Fruit is pure sugar. I've talked about fruit in probably 11 of 11 Ask Me Anything. It's one of the biggest misconceptions out there. So don't worry about fruit. Go back watch them. I have an AMA that's literally called Fruit Is Toxic.


I'm going to do something right now in the comment section, clovis.store/ama. Okay. Go to that link clovis.store/ama lookup The Fruit Is Toxic AMA. 



There's Crystal. What's up, Crystal? Crystal's here. Crystal Jean. That was Crystal incredible stories, right? So you saw the wizard. You saw Crystal, you saw Michael, you saw Katie. Now, remember all these people have in common is basically what has become the slogan of Clovis, which is I Am Free. You may see some posts that we put up that say, I Am Free. This is a huge deal. What are you free from? You're free from calorie counting. You're free from the guilt of not working out. You're free from all the mainstream nutrition advice you've been given that has caused you to roller coaster up and down, up and down, up and down for your entire life.



It's bull**** information. It wasn't your fault. You've been fed that information. That's what's happening. That's what you're free from. You're free from endless options. That's a huge problem. Let me break this down for you. The best thing you can do start doing simple sh**. Do simple sh**, period.  


Let me tell you what I mean by that. We're Americans. American mainstream mentality on just about everything is more is better, and it's simply not true. We love our big giant supercenters, right? I go shopping. It's a big, giant supercenter. I'm at Kroger, and it has literally 15 million food options. But when I walk in there, I walk out with the same six items. I'm in and out of that grocery store in five minutes. I don't think about the choices. People believe the options and variety are good. It's not. It is not good for you.



When we were hunter-gatherers walking through the woods, we ate whatever the hell we could get our hands on. That's the principle of Paleo. Limit these food options. Discipline equals freedom. Discipline equals freedom. It's the biggest thing I want to harp on right now. Remove the variables and keep it simple. If you see me walk out of a grocery store, you're going to see probably three dozen eggs. You're going to see 10 bags of broccoli, and you'll see two jars of sauerkraut, and you'll see avocados. You might see some walnuts. You might see some dark chocolate. It's the same thing over and over and over. I never even go down any of the other aisles. Why would I do that? It's crazy. I tell this to parents all the time. I was like, "Look, man, somebody broke into your house and put popcorn and bread in your covers. Your kids are eating junk they shouldn't be eating." That's crazy. I don't know how it got in the house. I don't know who walked down the aisle, grabbed it off the shelf, bought it, and stuck it in the cover. I don't know how that happened. That's crazy. You have ghosts. There are ghosts in your house, poisoning your kids, right? 


Keep it simple. There's a great story about this. People like to talk about Steve Jobs and how he wore the same clothes over and over, right? Because he wakes up literally hanging the same clothes in his closet, a little black turtle neck, the light jeans and everything. This was like a Steve Jobs uniform. Now Steve Jobs believe, and a lot of people think this, this jury's kind of out. The science goes back and forth, but then we have a limited amount of willpower and unlimited decision-making capacity.



You want to leave your willpower and decision-making for the things that really matter. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm going 150 miles an hour all day long for 15 hours a day, right? I have to make very important game-changing decisions on a very, very regular basis. If I just walked out of the subway after spending 15 minutes in front of the menu. Sweet onion, chicken, teriyaki, or do I want the Italian herbs and cheese bread because they say that that's better for you, blah, blah, blah. That amount of just burning your willpower on bull****. Simplify your life. That's freedom! The more choices you have in front of you, the more bull**** menus you have in front of you. When you at Starbucks with the calorie count on them, go in and order a black coffee, remove all the garbage. The more choices you have in your nutrition space and the more options you have in your fitness space. Do I do Zumba? Do I do bar? Do I do yoga? Do I do cycling? Do I do bicep curls? Do I do CrossFit? What do I do? 



Remove that sh**. Move your body. Move your body. It's so simple. Go outside and go for a walk. The more choices we have, the more close you're going to feel. You don't feel like you're in a cage. It's ridiculously overwhelming. I feel the same way about recipes. It's why I get so worked up about recipes. You don't need a book that says 100 paleo recipes. I need three to four recipes that you love that you repeat over and over and over. I know what's for breakfast tomorrow. I know what goes in my coffee tomorrow. I know what's for lunch tomorrow. I know what's for dinner tomorrow. I don't have to think about it. Like, I really don't have to think about it. I try to automate as much of my life as possible. 


This is lifestyle automation. We've talked about lifestyle design. The testimony is designing the life that you want for yourself. That's lifestyle design. 



Now we're talking lifestyle automation, make good decisions, automate them. Okay? So speaking of good decisions and testimonies, now that you've seen it and the power behind that. I have homework for you. Anyone watching this right now, whether you're on day one, day five, day eight, day 47, no matter what it might be. Grab someone in your house or grab a tripod, grab your mirror and take a picture. That's your homework. Take a picture right now of where you're at, so you can see where you ended up. Pictures don't lie. I've been saying this over and over and over. Get off the scale. Stop weighing yourself. Stop weighing yourself. Stop weighing yourself. Get off the scale. He was saying, I get it. I get it. I get it. Oops, I weighed myself. I'm only down four pounds. What am I going to do? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm like, "oh, you're two days in, and you're down four pounds, and you're upset about it." Okay. 


Get off the scale. Start tracking. A picture is the easiest way. You don't have to use body fat calibers. You don't have to do body fat percent. Just take a picture. Stand up, look in the mirror, take a picture. Nobody ever has to see this except for you. You can give it to me if you want to. If you have an incredible transformation, you wanna help me change people's lives. Then you can share with me, but you don't have to. That's just for you. That is just for you. Take a picture right now. Take a selfie. Just take yourself. That's your homework. All right. 


I'm checking Facebook again. As I said, I'm going to start checking Facebook in between these kinds of sessions that we do just to make sure I'm not missing anything. Generally speaking, we do these AMAs, and then I have 60 plus comments. I go through them on the back end. 


Pick a protein and veggie every meal. Yeah, that's it. Take foods from the approved foods list and throw them in a skillet. 


Heather. Awesome job. Day 10. That's great! 


Sean. I tried. I did day 1 and day 14 pictures and so on. Non-scale motivations. Yes. Non-scale motivations. Those are huge wins. Celebrate those wins. Celebrate the victories. Do your clothes feel different? Do your clothes fit different? Does your body look different in the pictures? Pictures don't lie. Celebrate those victories. They're super, super, super important. Okay. So now we'll talk about taking a picture. 


I also want to talk about Easter Sunday. We will talk about navigating Easter Sunday. It happened to us tonight at dinner, which was really funny before we got here. One of the interesting things that happen when you're in my position. The position of Clovis, the position of this Justin, the nutrition guy, right? Which is the situation I never really thought I'd find myself in, but I have. Anytime somebody makes a bad decision, let's say a bad decision at a restaurant or something, and I'm there. They look at me, and they go, "I never do this. I never do this. I never do this." So no, I never do this as they eat the bread, right? I don't care. I'm living my life. I'm not living your life. I don't go out and recruit people. I let people come to me. I don't recruit. I promise you that nine times out of 10 if I'm in a room, I feel better than everybody in that room.



A lot of people think I'm aggressive. A lot of people think I have way too much energy. Many people think this, that or the other thing. I train jujitsu. I do powerlifting. I do a whole lot, right? So I'm a very on fire person because of how I feel, or I never run out of energy. I let that speak for itself. And I'm like, people come to me, that's the same way you should handle Easter. Easter Sunday. Now I mentioned I'm in Nashville, especially in the south. My brother married a Southern girl. I've been over to his in-laws' places where for Thanksgiving or Easter Sunday or whatever, maybe you go into a restaurant. If you're in the south, good luck. It's going to be very, very, very difficult. Now you can still make good choices, and we're gonna get into how to make better choices.



But remember this, you must embrace the fact that once you're different, I'm very different, right? People, I put this on Instagram. People are so afraid of being different that they're willing to become a statistic. You are so scared of being different that you are willing to become a statistic. Think about it in your head. You're terrified of people judging you for your food choices, for something as stupid as what's on your plate. If somebody judges you for that, you don't need them in your life, and they're projecting their own insecurities on you. So understand, embrace and accept the fact that on Easter, if you make some interesting food choices, you're going to get judged for it. So embrace and accept that you're going to get judged, but do not ask for it. Do not seek it out. And there's a very simple way to do that, to not seek it up.



So all you have to do is not add endings to your no, thank you. Does that make sense? I need to drive this point home. I've been through this. My dad and I have talked about this a lot. My family and I have talked about this a lot. Don't tell the waiter that your paleo. Don't tell the waiter that you know Justin from Clovis. Don't say any of those things as simple as "No, thank you." You're not going to get questioned for it, but tell me, especially if you're an evangelical Clovis follower, lost a bunch of weight. Tell me you haven't done this. Tell me you're not guilty of this. Somebody goes to pass through the bread. Just say no, thank you. That's it. 


Don't do this. "No, thank you. I don't eat bread anymore" or "No, thank you. Diet Coke is poison. No, thank you. Tomatoes are loaded with lectins. No, thank you. Fruit is full of sugar." 


Don't add to the No, thank you. Leave it enough alone. Let the No, thank you happen. Trust me as somebody who has lived in this world for six-plus years and has been called an ass**** and has been called aggressive, and said that I make people feel guilty when I haven't even done anything. It's you are going to get judged for this lifestyle that you found. You're going to get judged for being Clovis. You're going to get judged for being free. They don't know you're free. They're still trapped. Right? And you're reminding them of that. Don't go looking for it. No more No, thank you for this. No, thank you for that. I'll tell you you're doing it wrong. I know. I know. Stop shi***** in the punchbowl, you *ick. Stop.

Let people have fun. You're at a family event, right? Let them bread, cake, let him eat sugar, whatever. 


When in doubt, tell a little white lie. You know, like, "here, it has some bread." And you're like, "no, thank you." And she goes, "well, why sweetie, are you on a diet?" Just say, "no." 


This isn't a diet. We've been over it. We're talking about lifestyle design, right? Don't go poking and prodding for questions. There's some of you that when you get healthy, you become evangelical, which is a good thing if people come to you and ask you for it. But if you're rude about the evangelical thing, like you don't want to be the person that tells your 90-year-old aunt that she's been eating incorrectly for her entire life. She's 90, and it's Easter Sunday. It's not the time to teach her a lesson about nutrition to prove how much you know. So don't do that. That's it! Just say, "No, I'm not in the mood for that right now. Maybe later. Thank you very much."  



Don't go looking for the debate. It does nothing, but it makes you look me. It just kinda makes you look like me. Okay? Now, in terms of food choices, that's on a panel with the family end of things. But in terms of food choices, meat and vegetables. This is probably the only time that I'm going to say this. When you're at events, do not worry about the sourcing or the quality of the food. Don't do that. Just about anywhere you go on Easter, whether it's a brunch or a restaurant or your aunt's house or whatever, don't worry about the sourcing of the food. Find meat, find a vegetable that way you're eating, and still have family dinner. You're still with your loved ones. You're still celebrating the holiday. Find a meat and find a vegetable. 


Now, remember we're talking discipline. You've already made the decision in staying away from sweets, candies, sugar and all that. You've made that decision. At dessert time, you're having black coffee. That's cool! When people want to ask questions, let them ask questions, but don't be pushy about it. Meat and vegetables. Is the meat grass-fed? I don't care. Is the chicken pasture-raised? I don't care. Is the fish wild-caught? I don't care. Are the vegetables organic? I don't care. I really don't care. Okay. It's one day. Now you can cause some serious problems, especially if you're in your 30-day protocol and you're going to go eat Cinnabons and cake and coffee with a bunch of creamer in it or whatever you can cause some problems. But if you do eat meat and veggies, you're going to be okay. Because what we will talk about, what oil is it cooked in? Is it grass-fed? That has to do with toxicity and the human body. It to do with overall health and longevity. It has very little to do with fat loss. So if you're in this for fat loss, one meal is not going to kill you. If the meat was in vegetables were sauteed in canola oil. It's not a big deal. You're going to be okay. Just pick the meat and the vegetables. Biochemically, you're not going to gain weight because it was cooked in canola oil. Okay? 


Now, remember if you're going to a restaurant, this is a big deal. I had a lot of people ask me about brunch. If you know where you're going, check the menu first. Look up the menu online. Most restaurants that are nice enough to have a brunch will have a menu for you on their website. Check the website, check the brunch menu, figure out what they have. Have a game plan going in. Because the quickest way to a boatload of uncomfortable conversations and annoyed family members is to say, "Excuse me, server, is your fish wild-caught? Is your meat grass-fed? What do you cook your vegetables in? Is the butter grass-fed?" If you do that, you look like a joke, right? And you're making everybody uncomfortable. And you're reminding everybody that they're not on the same health wagon that you are. Just be nice. The holidays are about love, right? Love people. Meet them where they're at and just lead by example. That's all you have to do. Lead by example. 


Another question about Easter is alcohol. Go to Ask Me Anything Number 2. I shared the link, iamclovis.com/ama. Go to Ask Me Anything Number 2 and look up alcohol because alcohol is not as big of a problem as you think it is. I'll give you some really, really good options there. All right. 



So I'm going to check real quick on how we're doing on Facebook again. The time's flying, and we started a little bit late, so we might go a little bit late. Okay, awesome. 


So we hit the restaurants, and then we hit the family. How to deal with them? 


Let's talk about a better approach when you're dealing with a family. And if you're in the Clovis academy, you probably saw a lot of enjoyable stuff happening today. It was really more yesterday. We had a lot of wins. What I called big wins with children in the Clovis camp yesterday. People started sharing experiences of their children eating their healthy food. Now, a lot of these moms, I know them, Crystals, Sean, Jenny, you guys all shared stuff with your kids. You guys have all been following these protocols for weeks now. And in the beginning, it was, "this is a nightmare. My kids will never be on board with this. It's never going to happen." And I liked to tease parents all the time about how their kids run the show. I love to tease them in that. I'm always just playing. I get it's challenging because these kids are already setting their ways. When they're at a certain age, they've developed their own little taste buds. They have stuff that they like. They're piss** off when you take it from him. Of course, right? All you can make at that point is to continue to live by example. 


This goes for Easter as well, live by example, and always celebrate the little victories. Sean and her son had grass-fed butter on his toast, right? That's incredible. Amazing. He ate the grass-fed butter, and he called it crappy diet butter or something like that, which is really funny. But now he's eaten grass-fed butter. He understands grass-fed butter is not poison, and it tastes pretty da** good. Right?



These are little wins that need to be celebrated in a huge, huge way. So I recorded videos of myself talking to the kids in this group. I spoke to Sean's son. I spoke about Sean, something actually much older than I thought he was, which was really funny. Jenny made a video. I'll make a video for it. I think I made a video for Jenny's daughter. Yes. And then Crystal shared today. I gotta make a video for that. You want to celebrate these kids. I mean, I'm literally giving them high fives through the phone. That's positive reinforcement. The last thing you want to do is if you don't eat that broccoli, you're going to bed hungry, and you're grounded tomorrow. Don't ever do that. That kid will hate broccoli for the rest of his life. It's the same way sh***** in the Punchbowl on Easter Sunday. It's the same exact thing. 


Adults are just large little kids. Really! If you've ever been to a therapist or have ever done any work with somebody trying to help you in your life. All the wounds that we acquire through this life that changes as adults happen between three and eight years old. That's a fact. The most formative years we have are between the age of three and eight years old. The same way you treat children, just think of grownups as big old children. That's what they are. I see it all the time and trying to help people. I ended up becoming a behavior specialist or behavior therapist, trying to help people with their diets. So remember that with adults, right? If you have an adult who sees the way you're eating now, and you're just, "no, thank you. No, thank you. No, thank you." You do your thing. This person probably hasn't seen you in months. You look great. And all of a sudden, your aunt comes up to you and says, "Hey, I noticed you didn't need bread." "I gave up bread. I've given up bread for a couple of weeks, and I feel really good." All you have to say is that's incredible. 


You know, when I first gave up bread, it made me feel really good. And I still feel really good. And now, I don't eat bread anymore. That's a great decision. That's option one, do it. It's awesome. Awesome. Option one is awesome. Option two is just like the "no thank you." Pepsi's poison. Right? Option two is yes. You gave up bread. You need to meet Justin. Justin's in Clovis academy, and you go to iamclovis.com, AMA and the perfect paleo powder. And you're not supposed to wear deodorant anymore, and he can help you with your skincare. And he believes in the caveman diet. Don't do that. They're instantly going to go, "Oh my God. I don't like you anymore." Right? 



Just celebrate the little victories and keep living your life. Keep living by example, live by example. Let the curiosity do the work for you. Assuming that you're happy, healthy and feeling great. The curiosity will literally do the work for you. That's the ripple effect. It's the same thing with little kids. Live by example, right? I'll give you an example. Like these AMAs, I don't even realize I had my uncle on Sunday. My Uncle Ray, if you're watching, this was awesome. You made me feel like a million bucks. My Uncle Ray told me that he watches my AMAs. My, Ask Me Anythings. 


I had no idea. I had no idea that my family is watching these things. So people are seeing what I'm doing, and they're gravitating towards it. Eventually asked me questions, right? I have a genetic cholesterol disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia. It is a pain in the a**, right? And my uncle had a heart attack. We don't make heart attack. This is a genetic condition that I know my family hat had. They should've killed him. He's still with us. Should have killed him. And I'm still terrified to reach out to my uncles and say, "you're eating wrong." You know, I know he's eating a high grain diet. He's a runner, all these things and eating whole, healthy, whole grains and low fat and all this. Even I'm afraid to bring this stuff up. It's a lot easier when it comes to you.



You can't force things on people, right? It's crazy. It's that sensitive of a subject. Me, I'm a really super-confident guy. I know that I can help him with his nutrition, but it still freaks me out. It's tough! It's tough to talk about this stuff. It's a hot button issue. Nobody likes being told that they're wrong. And that brings me to my next thing with family. His husband is in the Clovis academy, guys like Micah. Micah lost 52 pounds. He jumped on board with Crystal because Crystal found this crazy paleo guy in Nashville. They didn't know who the hell he was, but his nine-minute video made a lot of sense. So live by example, because what's happening now is I have these mamas and these wives that are a month in, two months in, three months in, whatever. They look fantastic.



And now hubby is looking down at his beer belly and go on, "oh sh**. I got to get on board." That's what's happening. You can't force it on him. You can't make him, "oh, you need to start eating like me. I follow Justin and this, this, this, this, this." No, don't do it that way. Ripple effect. Love. Start with love. Start with caring. You care about these people. Don't judge them. Don't make them feel bad. When they make a wrong food choice, don't make them feel bad. Just continue to make yours. When they offer you a Cinnabon, just saying "no, I'm good." And then just keep being healthy. Keep being happy. Keep doing four-arm stands and handstands, and keep posting pictures with your old clothes. Take a selfie, take a selfie, take a selfie. Anytime somebody asks you, you can just boom. Before and after big thing, check that out. Let it speak for itself. Let the work speak for itself. Okay? 


How far in are we? We don't have much time left. Josh, how long do you think we should go? Given when we started?



Josh: Um, I think right now you're eight to 15. 


Justin: Okay. We'll do about 15. All right. Let me touch on fitness real quick. Now that we're talking about these amazing transformations. I want to talk about the AMA we did because people really felt like I was attacking exercise. I wasn't. Exercise is incredible. It has countless, countless, countless, countless, countless health benefits. It's one of the single best hacks you can do for overall health and wellness. One of those benefits is not fat loss. That's all I was trying to tell you. Exercise is a terrible way to induce fat loss unless you're doing specific, very, very specific 180 rule aerobic threshold training. You can make fat loss happen a little bit faster, okay? Or crazy, intense high weight resistance training where you're entirely depleting muscle glycogen. All right. 


There are two different things. Exercise is fantastic for overall health and wellness, but you have to be specific. Details matter.



I got a ton of emails after that AMA. Exercise is healthy. Exercise is good for XYZ. Exercise is good for this. And I read exercise is good for that. And I go, "okay, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop." You keep saying exercise. When you say the word exercise, you talked about a never-ending list of physical movements that can be done with the human body. You're not telling me anything with your blanket statement. You keep saying exercise, and you're making yourself sound silly. Okay? That's what I'm saying. Does exercise help with depression? Yes, absolutely. A particular type of aerobic exercise helps with depression. Does exercise help with mood? Do you release endorphins? Yes, you do. Does it help with memory? Does it help with learning? Does it help with building muscles? Yes. Does it help with osteoporosis? Yes. But again, only resistance training helps with osteoporosis. High-intensity interval training and aerobic training help with mood. 


These are the things that you have to understand. CrossFit, six days a week, doesn't help sh**. It doesn't help anything. It has a negative effect. When you come to me and say, "well, I like to exercise because of the mental health benefits." That's great! You need far less than you think. There's a minimum effective dose for endorphin release. There's a minimum effective dose of how much exercise you need to do for these health benefits. Over-training does the exact opposite. Over-training pro ageing. It's literally pro ageing. If you want to age faster, train six days a week. Do intense training six days a week if you want to age faster. Now, if you want bigger biceps, that's a different goal and different exercises than learning self-defence. 


If you want to know self-defence, that's a different, specific goal than competing in a CrossFit competition. Wanting to compete in a CrossFit competition is a very different goal than running your first 5k. These are different things. Exercise is not a blanket statement. Stop it! Ask me what your specific goal is. Say your specific goal, and I will tell you how to achieve it. I'll let you know the worst thing you can do is sh** like beach body. Now I've literally gotten emails and texts, everything from recovering beach body addicts that have asked me to smash a beach body against the wall. I've been really apprehensive about doing it because beach body has done a lot of good. I've actually worked with them. They've hired me for doing piano events. I know a lot of their team. I know a lot of their coaches. Beach body was in the beginning, mainly it was a great company. They're trying to change people's lives. They lost their way a little bit. 



Now, if you think about a specific goal, I want bigger biceps. I want it to run faster. I want to do this. I want to do that. Beach body does precisely none of those things for you. None! It trains you six days a week. It's massive over-training. The workouts are too long. They're never-ending. When you skip a day, you feel like you're screwed up, and you start a whole program over the next week. The only goal that beach body accomplishes is putting the fu***** beach body logo on your TV six days a week, so they get in your head. That's what they do! How many of you have beach body in your head? You miss a day; you feel super guilty, right? This is what I'm trying to get across about this fitness thing. Details matter. I'm not anti fitness. I'm anti specific protocols. Certain things that I think are detrimental and things like six days a week of anything is detrimental. 


I had a girl who emailed me. Her goal is muscle building. She's like, "I want to build more muscle. I have almost no fat to lose. Can you help me? I train the beach body six days a week". I said, "yeah, stop training beach body six days a week." That's the fastest way to strip your own muscle tissue away. You are over-training. Understand that. And then she tells me, she said, "okay, well, I'll come back when I'm done with my Beachbody program because I'm almost done. And then my head exploded, right? This is a cult.



They have you in a cult mentality. You have to understand that. They're putting the logo in your living room as many times as they possibly can. Somebody pointed out to me, this autumn, this beach, body obsession girl, she had candida in her gut. Guess how she fixed it? Low carb, paleo and zero beach body supplements. Think about it, right? They have paid testimonies. This is a company with paid testimonies. 



Anyway. All right, I'm done fitness. I'm going to calm down before I have a heart attack. Details matter. I wasn't attacking fitness. I was saying that fitness is terrible for fat loss, and that is a big fat fact. Fitness sucks for fat loss. Nutrition, that's where it's at. Nutrition first! All right, let's check Facebook now that I got heated. Okay. 


What do we get here? I'm looking on Facebook. Josh can take a peek at Instagram. See if we have any live Q&A stuff. 


I have a couple of questions, preloaded. I'll hit on that real quick. If you have any questions, hit me now. Ask me the questions now over and over and over and over. If you got 10 questions, asked 10 questions. If you got three questions, ask three questions. I'm going to go through them. 


What I wanted to touch on is cholesterol. How to handle cholesterol? Cholesterol is huge. I would have to do its own Ask Me Anything. A couple of things that I want to get on the table real quick. There are genetic conditions for cholesterol. I have one. I live with it, familial hypercholesterolemia. Again, pain in the as*. I feel like I'm watching a Japanese movie when I say right, but 90% of all cardiovascular disease is preventable.



90% through diet and lifestyle. Understand the cholesterol that's in your bloodstream; 25% of that comes from ingested foods. It comes from the foods you eat. 75% of the cholesterol in your body is created in your liver. Lipogenesis. 75% of the cholesterol in your body produced within the body in your liver, and understand that. You should read the book, Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr Mark Hayman. Eat Fat, Get Thin. As long as you're not eating cholesterol. As long as you're not ingesting fat, your body will pump out more cholesterol. The more fat you eat, the less cholesterol your body will make. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more cholesterol your body will produce. It's the dangerous LDL, the bad cholesterol. Low-Density Lipoprotein. Now that's a misconception to LDL. Most doctors are just going to test your HCL, your LDL, your total cholesterol and your triglycerides. That's all they're going to test. It doesn't tell you sh** about sh**. It's a worthless test. Why? Because cholesterol is not even fat.



Cholesterol is not even fat. Simply called a Sterol. It's a combination of a steroid and alcohol. That's it! It's just transported fat. It's transported in fatty acids called lipoproteins. These are particles, right? So think about it like this. The artery is an interstate. It's a highway, and the passengers are the cholesterol. The cars are lipoproteins. The cars are cholesterol particles, LDL particles, HDL particles. The total cholesterol, LDL, HCL. Whatever it may be. The total cholesterol. That's the number of passes that doesn't matter. Passengers don't make a traffic jam. The number of cars and they could traffic jam. Passengers, cholesterol, cars, particle numbers. That what matters, the more particle numbers you have, the riskier or because, the more there's a traffic jam, the more the cars are going to bump into the wall, right? Cholesterol, the test that most doctors give you covered by insurance, is literally wholly useless.



I use lab Corp right now. Um, and gen path is another one that I've used in the past. Now, also something of using here's a personal story for you guys. My mama had a heart. Okay, it sucks! It's tough to talk about. She's totally fine. She didn't know she had it. Literally didn't know she had it. She went for a physical, and they said she had a heart attack. And we think you had like a couple of weeks ago. So my mom calls me, and she tells me this. And I'm like, what? I go instantly into Justin Clovis mode, and I'm like, "You need to go to your doctor. I need a full lipid panel. I need your C-reactive protein. I need to see the inflammation in your body. We have to do full panel blood work. We have to run a risk, blah, blah, blah."



We do all this stuff, right? I get all her blood work back, and it's perfect. This is how little we actually know about cholesterol. People with high cholesterol sometimes have heart attacks. People with low cholesterol sometimes have heart attacks. People with cholesterol in the middle sometimes have heart attacks. We really don't know the LDL, the HDL. We've seen heart attacks in all sorts of different people with different things based on their genetics and blah, blah. Their lifestyle choices, whatever. We really don't know. 


I expected her to come back with terrible numbers to her inflammation in her body is almost untraceable. It's like the same level as mine. Literally, she drinks diet Coke and smoked cigarettes for the last 30 years. And her numbers was like the same as mine. Her cholesterol numbers are perfect when she had a heart attack.



This stuff doesn't make sense. So don't get hung up on it. Don't let a doctor put you on a fricking statin drug because you have high cholesterol. It's insane! Insane, insane, insane. All right. 


Another question I had, this is in the Clovis academy right now. Cold exposure. Why do I do ice baths? I do ice baths and do therapy sometimes. I take a cold shower every single day. The number one thing is something called Norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is released in the brain, and it's a mood enhancer. It can literally be used to treat depression. When I told you that six weeks of daily cold exposure is as effective as SSRIs and depression. It's as effective as pharmaceutical medication. As because of Norepinephrine, the mood enhancement, it literally gets released in your brain. It's a massive anti-inflammatory, so it lowers inflammation in your body.



The other thing is really cold. Being really, really cold to shivering aspect. It activates something called Brown Adipose Tissue. It's BAT for short. Brown Adipose Tissue is like brown fat. White fat is like the store bad fat in your body. Thermogenic says the body heating itself up. Shivering to heat itself up activates brown adipose tissue. That brown adipose tissue then oxidizes store body fat. So literally, to warm myself up when you get freezing cold, your body burns fat to warm itself up. Burn stored body fat. That is a very, very quick hack. The ultimate quick hack if you want to lose fat. All your people in Clovis academy will freak you out or lose your sh** right now because I know you don't want to do cold showers. If you want the number one hack in the morning, wake up fasted. Go outside, do the 180 training for 20 minutes. 

The 180 aerobic training, just walk or whatever at a very low heart rate, come back, take an ice-cold shower before your first meal ever happens. That's the number one fat hack I can give you for burning fat as quickly as possible. So cold is great for that to activate brown adipose tissue burns body fat. 


On top of that, there's something called cold shock proteins. Cold shock proteins are somewhat understood, but it's basically they regenerate synapses in your brain, which is like the junction between two nerve endings for neurotransmission. It's really, really crazy. But on the flip side, heat does the same thing for all of you to hate cold showers. Sauna, most notably sauna. The steam room isn't studied much, so stick with the sauna, but the sauna has the same thing. Sauna exposure is insane. Literally, now that's heat shock proteins instead of cold shock proteins, but it has the same effect. These heat shock proteins are unbelievable. Just for men, two to three times in the sauna a week lowers all-cause mortality risks. The risk of death from everything decreases by about 23%. Four to seven times in the sauna per week lowers all-cause mortality by 40%. All-cause mortality down 40% by spending 20 minutes in the sauna, four to seven times a week. Buy an inference sauna for like a thousand bucks. Put it in your house. J



Josh: What's the timing on cold showers? How long should somebody do it? And the same thing with the sauna, is there any benefits towards sort of length?



Justin: Yeah. Sauna, on the top of my head. I believe the sauna is 174 degrees and at least 20 minutes. So 20 minutes of 174 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm pretty sure. I think that's spot on. Now in terms of a cold shower, I generally try to hit five minutes. It's usually between three to five minutes. I would say three minutes is the minimum because if you want to activate that brown adipose, that's the thing. I take a hot shower or do a cold shower for 10 seconds. A cold shower for 10 seconds is not going to make you shiver. It's not going to activate thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the act of the body heating itself up. Tat's fine if you're shivering. If you get out of the shower, don't turn the water hot and warm yourself up.



Instantly take that cold shower that sucks every day. I usually go for five minutes. Sometimes it's three minutes. Depends on how I'm feeling that day. If it's the middle of winter and it's a negative 11 degrees outside, and the pipes are cold, I'm probably only doing three minutes because it feels like razor blades on your skin, right? But you need to be shivering. Now when the shivering happens, then you get out, put on sweat pants, put on a hoodie, drink a cup of coffee. You'll be fine. Shivering is the thermogenesis process that helps you start burning fat, and you burn fat for the rest of the day. It's pretty incredible. 


What else we got coming in? Oh, breathing. Okay. Yeah. That's a big one. In cold showers, you want to activate your sympathetic nervous system. One of the quickest ways to activate your sympathetic nervous system.

And this works for sleep as well is something called the 4, 7, 8 breath. I'll do it for you right now. So literally four seconds in. So you count like four, 1000 full, full, full breath. Then you hold at the top for 7, 1000, hold for seven seconds. Then your exhale lasts eight seconds. Long, long, long exhale. This lets your body know that you're not in danger. People get in the shower, and they start hyperventilating. Your body thinks it's getting chased by a lion. That's literally fight or flight. You're activating sympathetic. It makes it way harder than trying to breathe through doing all this hyperventilating stuff. You're going to be miserable. Deep, deep, deep, hold your breath at the top. Exhale for eight seconds, calm your body down. Let it sink into the coal and just accept it, right? You can tighten your muscles that happens. You can make a fist all up. Breathing nice and slow to do that. Breathing nice and slow activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and your showers will get 10 times easier. You can do that at night to get to sleep to those breaths will help you get to sleep. 



You need a defibrillator after your first cold shower to shock your heart back into rhythm. That's Christie. Christie is awesome. Okay. Did we get any Instagram or anything? Okay, cool. 


I want to touch on one other question: illnesses, viruses, and the immune system, right? So this goes back to a lesson that I learned in jujitsu. The worst place you can be in jujitsu is the rear-naked choke. If I have you in the rear-naked choke, you're done. Game over. It's how the majority of fights end.



You don't want to be in a rear-naked choke. Every newbie who comes in jujitsu asked the same question. How do I escape a rear-naked choke? The number one defence for escaping the rear-naked choke is don't get in the rear-naked choke. Don't get in it. The same thing goes for your immune system. Stop eating like sh**. That's it! 


Come over to my way of life, my protocols. Ask me for a custom macronutrient plan. I promise you as time goes on, your immune system will get much stronger. Why? Micronutrients. Anything that I tell you will help you with your immune system or an illness overcoming an illness. Take turmeric or take vitamin C or take this or take that you're giving your body concentrated doses of micronutrients. That's all you're doing. Where do you get micronutrients? Food! You get your micronutrients from food. If you're eating well, your immune system will be boosted. 


If you do get sick, I recommend liposomal vitamin C because it has a much better absorption rate. Use liposomal vitamin C if you are feeling yourself coming down with something. Also, I scream this from the rooftops, Host Defense. A great brand. My Community is the one that I use. Host Defense My Community, but it has an entire line of nutritional products for the immune system. I have a little spray one that I take when I'm travelling. If I do get sick, I get the liquid My Community, which does not taste good. It's mixed with alcohol for a better absorption rate, and the alcohol it's stiff. It's like you're taking a freaking shot, right? It's a dropper to put in your mouth. I'll do that literally seven times a day. If I feel myself even getting the sniffles. Host Defence. And I beat it almost every time. It was pretty incredible. So that is illnesses, viruses, and how to deal with those. 


The 180 rule. This is touched on everywhere. If anybody knows the AMA for the 180 rule, I think it's Potato Tricks and Party Tips. The one I did from Mardi Gras, I think it's maybe Ask Me Anything Number six.  


Diane, go to iamclovis.com/ama start looking at the titles of those. You'll see. The one that's Potato Tricks and Party Tips has the cardio myth that talks all about 180. So these are all things that I've already talked about. Healing is crazy. Yes. You heal faster when you are nutrition is better. I'm basically Wolverine. It's awesome. All right.



That's Asked Me Anything Number 12. Thank you guys for sticking it out with me. We had some technical stuff. Crystal, Micah, Katie. Thank you so much for sharing your stories. Josh, the wizard. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


Also, a special surprise. I promise this for you. So what we've done is we've created a deal. Another coupon code. Now, remember your homework. Your homework is to take a photo, take a picture, take a selfie. That's the coupon code. TakeASelfie. TakeASelfie. All one word. That's the coupon code. Go to iamclovis.com. I'm giving you 20% off the entire store, and that's using code TakeASelfie. I want this in your head. Take a selfie. If you're watching with your husband, your boyfriend, your friend, your sister, whatever. Take a selfie right now and take pictures of each other.



You want this 90 days down the road when you have a transformation like Josh had. When you have a transformation like Micah had, you're going to be pis*** if you'd not take before pictures. You're going to be really, really piss**. So take a picture, take a selfie. Coupon code, TakeASelfie. iamclovis.com, check out the products. Click the like button, click the love button. Click the share button. Tag your friends and family. Everybody, have a happy Easter. Be safe! Don't be a Dick. Just make good food choices. Love your family no matter what they're eating. It's not time for a lesson. It's time to just be together. Okay. So Easter Sunday, have fun. We'll see you next week for AMA Number 13. Thank you, guys. Appreciate it.

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