Dr. Wes Hendricks - The Problem with CrossFit, The Overtraining Epidemic, Fitness Egos, and Calisthenics Training

Former Chiropractor turned movement coach, previously working with patients in a hospital, Dr. Wes Hendricks now works with athletes all over the world virtually helping them gain more control of their body, primarily through bodyweight exercises.
After years of lifting weights, Wes suffered a series back injury leaving him unable to walk for weeks. He began researching alternative ways to train to create a strong, resilient body, outside of standard training. Wes found these alternative forms of training combined with his clinical knowledge were the most effective way to help athletes reach health goals.
Listen To The Podcast: Justin and Wes discuss the problems they see with CrossFit, widespread overtraining, overcoming Ego for long-term fitness goals, and calisthenics programs.

Topics Covered:

8:23- Meet Wes! How did you get here? What’s your story?

10:43- We have a VERY similar story of training, injury, and masculinity!

12:34- The problem with things like Olympic lifting, Crossfit and the like…

15:10- I’m working on not being a zealot with fitness. How have you reframed fitness for yourself?

25:06- The Jedi sh*t guys like Wes and Justin do to help you get out of your own way...

28:38- What does your personal programming look like? (Hint: Wes is extreme like someone else you know…)

38:14- I’ve been doing your program exclusively, and my results have been insane...

40:20- What was your goal of the bodyweight training program when you developed it?

42:50- How common is overtraining in the overweight population? (This is key!)

48:21- If you had a brand new client with a lot of weight to lose, what would you do?

52:02- What are some easy ways to create opportunities for movement throughout the day?

58:43- Social media, done right. Keywords: transparency and authenticity

60:10- Who do YOU follow or go to in the online space?

63:50- There’s some controversy around chiropractic right now, how do you feel about that as a former chiropractor?

69:53- What are 3 things the average Joe should be doing? Your top tips

- I Am Clovis

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