Garrett Gunderson - Budgeting Sucks! Busting Personal Finance Myths and Building Wealth Through Abundance

Garrett Gunderson

Best Selling Author
Wealth Architect
Founder - Wealth Factory
Garrett B. Gunderson tackles a topic (business growth, success, and prosperity) that is critically important, yet normally neglected by most business owners (mostly due to the painfully boring presenters in this field). As the Founder of an Inc. 500 firm and author of multiple WSJ bestselling books and hit the NY Times with Killing Sacred Cows. A regular on ABC’s Good Money, he has also been interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Fox, was kicked off CNBC, has been featured in over a thousand radio interviews, been a guest on hundreds of podcasts and is also a paid contributor for Forbes He has spoken at MIT, multiple times. If you want to transform your thoughts into profits, keep way more of what you make, keep and grow your money without sacrifice or delay... Garrett is your guy.
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Justin and Garrett talks all things finance! They discuss abundance vs. scarcity mindset, why budgeting sucks, finance for entrepreneurs, and how wall street has duped us all! Get ready to have your false beliefs about finances seriously challenged!

Topics Covered:

10:00- Meet Garrett! How’d you get started?
16:00- Nutrition and Finance are NOT that different!
18:17- Garrett “I was a MEISER!” Scarcity mindset and epigenetics(?!)
23:29- What’s the difference between “Accumulation Philosophy” and your theory?
27:35- Do THIS if you’re in scarcity mindset to FIX it:
33:57- This is a huge part of why people aren’t wealthy: escapism
44:57- Financial Freedom vs. Financial Independence
54:13- Let’s talk about DEBT
1:07:46- 401K’s
1:10:48- A Funny story about whole life insurance policies
1:18:05- Do you see what’s happening with the stock market as a true correction? Or is there more going on?
1:27:11- The problem with real estate investing y’all want to try…
Listener Q&A:
1:34:05- Q: Is the average W2 workers overpaying in taxes?
1:35:13- Q: What if you have no credit, but also no debt but you find yourself in a position of needing to make a big purchase like a van? Advice?
1:35:52- Q: I’ve been deferring student loan payment with income-based deferment. Is that a bad idea?
1:36:42- Q: Allocating income 50:30:20 rule, what are your thoughts?!
1:37:28- Q: This mama has a UTMA savings account for her kid, and contributing $100/month. Is that the way to go?
1:38:38- Q: Does it concern you that we live in a world where ANYBODY can trade stocks now? Does that make the market more volatile?
1:41:30- Garrett “I do NOT participate in the stock market…” This one will make you think!

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