Time To Change Your Mind! - Live AMA #34 - Clovis

Time To Change Your Mind! - Live AMA #34

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Time To Change Your Mind!:

2:39- Intro... 2:48- Today, I'm talking to the Skeptics!! 6:00- FB Check 6:42- Ego vs. Ideas: 11:17- You are being manipulated, every single day... 14:15- People want social belonging... 17:50- You’re afraid... 23:24- FB Check 25:05- Let's Talk About Hypocrisy... 27:54- Let’s play a game called, “Who’s Crazy?!” Name this food... 31:38- I could put POWERBALL money in front of you, and you couldn’t tell me what those “health foods” are 31:50- Wheat, corn, soy... and your Government! 35:13- The “Who’s Crazy?!” Game, Round 2! 38:13- Doctors are not Nutritionists! 42:04- The Department of Defense is calling chronic disease an “Existential Threat”... right up there with Nuclear War! 44:59- FB Check
  • 45:22- Q: "I don’t know how to grocery shop or what to buy?"
  • 45:42- Commenting on Comments: “People tell me I need to be a certified nutritionist to give any advice”
  • 46:35- Commenting on Comments: “The scope of the corruption is global…”
  • 47:28- Q: "Will this lifestyle work for my whole family? Kids included?"
  • 50:08- Commenting on Comments: “People always tell me they couldn’t do Clovis because of all the salt and their high blood pressure”
  • 52:35- Commenting on Comments: “I’m worried about the added cost to my budget on Clovis”
53:40- “We need carbs! Our brain needs glucose!” Just stop… You're sounding dumb. 55:34- Sugar and Obesity... Stop lying to yourself! 59:05- Your Grandkids will laugh at you... 1:02:01- Live Q&A
  • 1:03:30- Commenting on Comments: “I eat top tier food, I don't’ buy crap and my grocery bill is much lower.”
  • 1:04:51- Commenting on Comments: “I don’t understand how people can question Clovis but don’t question their daily processed food choices.”
  • 1:09:07- Commenting on Comments: “One of my friends run a local chapter of the AHA, she follows a low carb, paleo lifestyle. She says the AHA isn’t ready to admit they were wrong yet!?!”
  • 1:09:27- Q: "Why do they keep going back and forth on eggs being good for you?!"
  • 1:11:08- Commenting on Comments: “I was blocked for sharing an AMA!”
  • 1:14:04- Q: “Tequila recommendations?”
  • 1:14:54- Commenting on Comments: “I shared your AMA on depression and someone actually thanked me.”
  • 1:15:14- Q: "Clovis walks into a bar and orders what?"
1:15:45- Wrap up! Show Notes and Resources: - Join The Clovis Academy for Free! - I Am Clovis - clovis®kids - The Perfect Paleo Powder - AMA #29: Clovis Is Not Keto - AMA #9: Feeding Your Children and Their Gut Bugs - AMA #4: Sodium Is Good For You - AMA #30: Bad Science - The Salt Fix by Dr. James DiNicolantonio

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