The #1 Problem in Health & Wellness - Live AMA #39 - Clovis

The #1 Problem in Health & Wellness - Live AMA #39

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Live Ask Me Anything #39 - Topics Covered:

The #1 Problem in Health & Wellness:

3:10- I am appalled by these popular podcasts... 6:12- The #1 Problem: Everyone is an "expert"... 7:15- The 3 types of Educators... 13:00- The Fatal Flaw that ruins Podcasts... 17:30- How to teach people anything... 19:49- The Law of Diminishing Returns... and Hipsters in Skinny Jeans. 24:00- The Pareto Principle - 80/20 Rule 27:51- Why You Think I'm An "Expert." ... I'm not! 30:13- The Surface Level Expert’s Methodology... doesn't work! 33:37- The Show-Off’s Methodology... doesn't work! 36:19- The Real Deal’s Methodology... Bingo! 44:26- Clovis People... Do Not Do THIS!... 48:13- Live Q&A:
  • 48:48- Commenting on Comments: “I found out today that Doctors calculate patients' NG tubes based on calories”
  • 49:45- If science ever disproves something I’ve told you, I’ll be the first to let you know...
  • 50:11- Commenting on Comments: “That’s my favorite thing that you teach... meet all situations with love.”
  • 52:00 Commenting on Comments: “I have gotten pissed at people before but you have taught us how to diffuse that.”
  • 54:59- Commenting on Comments: “It’s frustrating when our family members are the ones who need help the most. I try to lead by example.”
  • 57:34: Commenting on Comments: “The best thing my family has done is accepting the way I eat.”
  • 58:33- Commenting on Comments: “I’m so excited for the cookbook!”
59:07- Wrap Up!

Show Notes and Resources:

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