Studying Studies - Live AMA #63 - Clovis

Studying Studies - Live AMA #63

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Live Ask Me Anything #63 - Topics Covered:

Studying Studies

Topics Covered:

2:07 - Nutrition science is pretty much the bottom of the barrel..

2:26 - This episode, in a nutshell...

4:04 - Someday, these "crazy ideas" will be mainstream...

6:00 - "The Egg Study" shared all over social media...

6:20 - What inspired this episode... science, social media attacks, and Robb Wolf!

7:00 - Debunking the "Egg Article"

14:48 - There are no guidelines for nutritional trials!

15:00 - What are Metabolic Ward Studies?

18:30 - Over 50% of Data from Nutrition Studies is wrong...

20:28 - All about Autophagy...

23:26 - History of nutrition studies in America...

26:51 - All nutrition studies were performed on a sick population... What?!

28:28 - Metabolic Flexibility vs Metabolic Inflexibility

30:00 - Staggering Statistics!: Chronic Disease in America

31:35 - Apple's New Device: An Analogy...

35:45 - Fitness Debates: High-Carb vs. Low-Carb...

38:25 - The FASTER Study - Keto-Adapted Athletes...

40:52 - Ranting about the Fitness Industry! (No, seriously... an epic rant!)

44:58 - Stop Blaming Sick People for Being Sick!

46:27 - FB check

47:58 - Why “show me the science” isn’t the important question to ask

50:14 - Q: “What about studies that have been done in other countries that aren’t as metabolically broken as America?”

53:09 - Healthcare is going to look very different in the future

Links and Resources:

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- The Perfect Paleo Powder

- Dr. Peter Attia

- "Bad Science” - AMA #30

- Article: Associations of Dietary Cholesterol or Egg Consumption With Incident Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality

- FASTER Study: Metabolic characteristics of keto-adapted ultra-endurance runners

- Robb Wolf’s Video on Autophagy

- Article: Validity of U.S. Nutritional Surveillance

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