Stress Sucks! - Live AMA #28 - Clovis

Stress Sucks! - Live AMA #28

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Stress Sucks!

5:12- I don't know how to "get rid of stress..." 6:31- What is stress?! 7:07- Word of the Day: "Stressors" 11:06- “We’re the only animals in nature that hold on to stress.” 15:06- Acute Stress becomes Chronic Stress... 17:21- FB Check 18:45- Why your kids need Stress Management skills today! 19:36- The gut-brain connection. “Gut feelings” 24:47- Women and thyroid issues. Here’s the thing ladies… 29:43- Your stress isn’t going anywhere, so, what do we do? 30:30- FB Check
  • 30:33- Q: Could my food allergies be stress?!
  • 32:44- Commenting on Comments: Ugh, thyroid diagnosis
  • 33:46- Q: Wait, tell me more about the phone concerns?!
35:28- Here’s my stress… it’s a lot… 38:46- After all of my experiments, Here’s what’s worked... 45:04- My night time routine 51:35- Have way more sex… Don’t get weird. 52:20- FB Check
  • 53:33- Q: What about using the snooze button?
  • 55:26- Q: If I’m not killing my workouts, how do I get that same “release”?
57:15- The Trap… please learn from my mistakes 1:04:58- #1 Thing for stress management: 1:12:55 Live Q&A!
  • 1:13:12- Commenting on Comments: If you track your screen time, not just tv, you will be astonished
  • 1:13:56- Q: How do you deal with stress in the moment?
  • 1:15:47- Q: If I do my 3 minute cold shower, and then warm up the water afterward, does that still count?
  • 1:16:56- Q: What do you think about cryotherapy?
  • 1:18:30- Q: Do you get cold shower benefits if you start with a warm shower?
  • 1:23:20- Commenting on Comments: If you can get out in nature and ground yourself, do it!
  • 1:24:19- Q: Are my super hot showers a bad idea then?
  • 1:25:29- Q: Herbal supplements for stress? Thoughts?
1:26:36- Essential oils and spices 1:28:01- Wrap Up!

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