The Soil Will Save Us - Live AMA #60 - Clovis

The Soil Will Save Us - Live AMA #60

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Live Ask Me Anything #60 - Topics Covered:

The Soil Will Save Us!

Topics Covered: 4:40- Why is this episode happening: Fruit is not a health food! 7:16- Our food is far less healthy than it was 50 years ago... 12:25- Let's talk about Fruit!... It's not as healthy as you think! 24:38- How Soil Works: It's like science-fiction! 28:23- Monocropping destroys entire Ecosystems! 35:00- How can we save the planet?! 40:05- How to get really fat, very quickly... 42:45- FB Check!
  • 42:47- Q: Is the problem money and special interests? This all seems obvious
  • 16:07- Commenting on Comments: The scary thing is that now politicians are pushing the vegan agenda and it will probably start in our schools
  • 46:46- Q: Does it matter what kind of land these grass-fed animals are eating from? There’s fracking all around me, could it affect me?
  • 47:33- Commenting on Comments: The emotional argument for veganism is literally the only one that makes any sense
  • 51:50- Q: How do you feel about industrial farming? Especially when it comes to animals for meat?
  • 53:30- Q: Where did you get the info about pushing plant-based agendas in our schools?
  • 55:00- Commenting on Comments: Not that they’re feeding our kids well now but…
58:06- Restore For Life products and glyphosate
  • 1:01:27- Commenting on Comments: The #1 deciding factor of food choices is cost, followed by convenience
  • 1:03:40- Commenting on Comments: Clovis foods here in Alaska are easily 4x more expensive than NY, but the McDonalds dollar menu is still the same
  • 1:04:37- Q: We have an organic farm growing herbs in dark greenhouses. Would the nutrient density be different?
  • 1:09:01- Q: What was that apple in Nepal you were talking about?

1:09:55- Wrap Up!


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