Perfect Protein and... Prison?! - Live AMA #48 - Clovis

Perfect Protein and... Prison?! - Live AMA #48

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Perfect Protein and... Prison?!:

4:39- Soy Lecithin - How to be a better label detective 11:58- Are massive calorie meals ok? 15:04- Chocolate is a Superfood! 17:43- What the heck is the Perfect Paleo Powder? 28:38- The huge problems with "other" proteins... 33:00- Q: What should I mix Perfect Paleo Powder with? 38:33- Q: Will coffee break my fast? 40:09- Q: Should the post workout be taken only on workout days? 41:29- Q: What can I do about thinning hair? 42:37- Q: What if the hair loss runs in the family? 44:37- Why I call out lazy-ass parents... 57:30- Q: How do you start the transition to Clovis with your child? 1:00:07-Commenting on Comments: “I was told by a pediatrician that if a child is not exposed to a specific food at an early age, they’ll develop an allergy when they’re older.” 1:03:45- Q: Is there any problem with giving a toddler eggs every day? 1:07:02- You project your food BS onto your kids. That’s the problem here...

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