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Will Kleidon - Everything You Need To Know About CBD, CBD Products, and the Endocannabinoid System

Will Kleidon
CEO/Founder/ Futurist - Ojai Energetics
Will Kleidon is an award-winning pioneer and futurist of the Cannabis industry. He is known for cracking the CBD code by creating the most effective and clean CBD rich hemp products on the planet.
Featured in Cheddar, Forbes, Money, Entrepreneur, LA Times and a regular keynote of the Cannabis Forum and Bevnet, Kleidon is a subject matter expert when it comes to the art, science, and technology of the Cannabis business, history of hemp and what it means to our future.
As early as 17 years old, Kleidon organized and implemented a sustainability fair which drew over 25 organizations and 500 attendees. Will studied permaculture in Australia and achieved the second-highest nationally accredited certification in Permaculture Design.
After searching for a CBD rich hemp oil for a personal need in 2014, he couldn’t find one that was made without synthetic fillers, had third-party batch testing results and used organic ingredients.
Not only did he set out to create the most effective and clean CBD rich hemp oil products, but he was also determined to align them with his love and care for the earth and all of its inhabitants. And so, Ojai Energetics was born, as the first Public Benefit Corporation in its industry.
Ojai Energetics is a triple-bottom-line driven cannabis technology company with a primary focus on the organic and science-driven nutraceutical and medical sectors.
Kleidon believes Hemp is a catalyst for things getting better. He created Ojai Energetics to help deliver goodness to the world.
Listen To The Podcast: Justin chats with world-renowned CBD expert and Futurist, Will Kleidon, for a deep dive on all things CBD! This is the only CBD Podcast you will ever need to help you make full-informed decisions as a consumer of CBD Products!

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Topics Covered:

7:43- Meet Will

11:00- What do you mean when you say Ojai is a “Public Benefit Corporation?”

13:12- We both love regenerative agriculture and sustainability!

22:21- Can you clear up all these confusing CBD terms we hear all the time?!

28:27- That was so much info! What type of products do you produce?

30:18- Let’s talk legality and history and cannabis in America...

34:19- Wait, there can be CBD is eggs?!

36:10- People have no idea, we were using hemp for everything up until the 1930s...

44:30- The silver-lining of having the industry forced underground...

47:23- Can we talk about the safety of these products for kids?

56:44- Is CBD just helping the symptoms of inflammation, or is it helping to fix the root cause of inflammation?

60:44- How we met and the coolest way to find proper dosage...

68:05-Your company only does droppers, so how do you feel about all the other “CBD products?”

74:18- There's so much negative press right now... Can you help clear this up?!

80:55- "I don’t even know what a terpene is, dude!"

87:27- Where can we learn more about this stuff?!

92:07- There are so many “mystery diseases” that we’re beginning to crack the code on...

97:00- Well, now I can’t believe I haven’t been taking this! But, I’ve never spoken to someone like you before... Thank you, Will!

- I Am Clovis

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