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Juliet Starrett - StandUp Kids, Childhood Nutrition, and How To Change the World

About Juliet Starrett:

Juliet Starrett is an attorney and entrepreneur. She is co-founder and CEO of San Francisco Crossfit, one of the first 50 Crossfit affiliates, and MobilityWOD.com, which has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance. Before turning her attention to MobilityWOD and San Francisco CrossFit full-time, Juliet had a successful career as an attorney, practicing complex commercial litigation at Reed Smith for nearly eight years.
A lifelong athlete, Juliet rowed in high-school, was on the U.C. Berkeley crew team, and went on to paddle for the US Women’s Extreme Whitewater Team from 1997-2000, winning two World Championships and five national titles.
In 2007, Juliet won the prestigious Jefferson Award for public service in connection with her work with GirlVentures, a girls empowerment organization, and as a co-founder of Liquid, a kayaking camp for kids with HIV.
When she is not busy running two businesses and StandUpKids.org, Juliet enjoys hanging out with her husband Kelly and their two daughters, Georgia and Caroline, reading, listening to music, Crossfitting, mountain biking, paddling, skiing, camping, and playing outdoors.

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Juliet Starrett - Show Notes

Topics Covered:

8:13 - Juliet’s Story of Health and Wellness
17:18 - Juliet’s Recent World Title
23:30 - Thoughts on Sleep
24:14 - Time Management and Social Media
27:48 - People Lie To Themselves
32:30 - A Day In The Life of Juliet
43:20 - Unhealthy is the New Normal
45:57 - Deskbound and the dangers of sitting
51:35 - The Origin of StandUp Kids!
59:41 - Scary Statistics!
01:05:10 - StandUp Kids in Schools
01:07:48 - Nutrition in Schools
01:12:12 - Terrible Nutrition In Childhood Sports
01:21:35 - How Parents Can Approach School Administrators

Links and Resources:

Donate to StandUpKids.org! The Ready State Podcast Mobility WOD Juliet on Instagram San Francisco CrossFit

Deskbound by Juliet Starrett

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