In Case You Missed It #9 - Perfect Protein and... Prison?! - Clovis

In Case You Missed It #9 - Perfect Protein and... Prison?!

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Perfect Protein and... Prison?!

What is The Perfect Paleo Powder?: I gave a crash course on my products, the Perfect Paleo Powder, and why I created them... In invented The Perfect Paleo Powder in my kitchen in 2014. It was the first Certified Paleo-Friendly Protein Powder in the World! I created the powder after my deep nutrition education led to the discovery that virtually all protein powders on the market were full of toxic artificial ingredients and chemicals. Here's a breakdown of why my formulas are so special...
  • I have 4 formulas:
  • Fat Loss, Digest & Rest, Pre-Workout & Post-Workout
  • All start with a base of beef collagen peptides
  • Over a dozen whole food ingredients..
  • No Gluten, grains, dairy, soy, eggs, GMO’s, or artificial ingredients of any kind…
  • 10-24 grams of protein per serving
  • Protein, Probiotics, Prebiotics, green superfood, vitamins and minerals, BCAAs, healthy fats, complex carbs and antioxidants…
    • All 100% Paleo Friendly
    • Fat Loss and Digest & Rest are both Keto friendly and Paleo-friendly with less than 7 grams net carbs per serving and zero sugar
  • Ingredients such as beef collagen peptides, flax seed, MCT Oil, sweet potatoes, banana, blueberries, kale, turmeric, coffee bean extract, CoQ10, Glutathione and over 50% of all your daily B Vitamins!!!
  • Go ahead and compare the ingredients of my formulas to other “Paleo Proteins” on the market…
  • It’s over a dozen whole foods vs. other "paleo proteins" which usually contain only 2-3 ingredients...
    • Example: beef protein, natural flavors, stevia. That’s it. That’s what you’re paying for!
    • You’re all getting terribly ripped off by protein companies!
Your Children and... PRISON?!: That's right, I talked about the shocking thing your kids have in common with convicted felons... Their FOOD SUPPLY! The same organization in charge of the school lunch program in public schools is in charge of the food programs in our prison system. Your kids get the same meals as hardened criminals. We also talked about sugar and how it may be more addicting than both cocaine and heroin! Studies have shown that you can get lab mice addicted to either cocaine or heroin and you can break the addiction by offering them sugar water instead. Sugar water is so addicting it can break the cocaine and heroin habit in mice inside in just 2 days time!! Think about that the next time nosey parents or loved ones want to judge you for "depriving your children of sugar." Restricting sugar in your children's' diet is an act of love... not deprivation! How Important Are Nutrient Dense Food for Kids?: A study conducted using inmates in the prison system showed just how powerful micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to brain function and behavior... Inmates were given a multi-vitamin contains 100% of the RDA for all micronutrients...
  • The number of violent incidents decreased by 61% among the most violent prison populations.
  • Among even non-violent prisoners, the number decreased by 41%!
These are staggering findings that outline just how important nutrient density is for our children... Just think of what other behaviors could be changed... and how much money we could save on special treatments and medications! We owe it to the children of America to pay attention to these issues!
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