In Case You Missed It #8 - Rethinking Fitness - Clovis

In Case You Missed It #8 - Rethinking Fitness

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Rethinking Fitness

My Beef with the Fitness Industry:
Nobody properly defines GOALS!
When you start a new "fitness program," what is the goal, exactly?!:
  • Run faster?
  • Lift Heavier?
  • Build Muscle?
  • Lose Fat?
You can't just say your goal is "fitness." Even worse, you can't just say your goal is to "get in shape" when you don't even have a clear definition of what "in shape" means. For most people, "in shape" really just means "be skinnier" because they don't know any better. All Fitness Goals Begin with Nutrition!: For any fitness goals, we must fix all metabolic issues FIRST:
  • If you are obese, you need to lose fat first... fix the metabolism.
  • If you are genetically thin and struggle to put on muscle, we need to increase your ability to absorb nutrients... fix the metabolism.
All of your fitness goals will be 10x more difficult to achieve if you don't start with nutrition! Do bodybuilders get jacked, over time, without proper nutrition?! (And the help of steroids) Of course, they do! But it takes countless hours and days in the gym along with a miserable daily regimen of meticulously measured foods and meal timing... I don't want that for you. Why suffer when we can use biochemistry to thack the system for better results?! What Are NOT Fitness Goals... So Stop Saying Them:
  • "I want to get in shape."
  • "I want to lose arm flab."
  • "I want a flat stomach."
  • "I want smaller thighs."
What ARE Fitness Goals:
  • "I want to double my deadlift."
  • "I want to hold a handstand for 30 seconds."
  • "I want to run an 8-minute mile."
  • "I want to do 10 unbroken pull-ups."
  • "I want to do a ring muscle-up."
  • "I want to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle."
  • "I want to complete a half-marathon."
If you can't clarify your goals, you can't measure progress! The Problem with DVD Fitness: Anybody who has ever completed a Beach Body DVD Program... How did you measure progress?!
  • I bet none of you got before/ after body fat readings
  • I bet none of you measured your heart rate throughout the workout on Day 1, then completed Day 1 again at the end of the program and compared heart rates
  • You don't even know what you're working towards!
This is how the fitness industry steals your money! And we let it happen over and over with each fancy new program! P90X, P90X 2, P90X 3, Insanity, Insanity Max, T25, 80-Day Obsession and on and on... If any of those programs worked, long-term, we would have been done at P90X 1! They sell you sweat and pain, and you buy it hook, line, and sinker! With no long-term results to show for it... Just puddles of sweat on your living room floor. How To Build Muscle Quickly: Time Under Tension Resistance Training I've used Body By Science and ARX Protocols on three different occasions to back on between 9-12 pounds of lean muscle mass in just 30 days. How Time Under Tension Works: There are 4 Types of Muscle Fibers:
  1. Type I - SO (Slow Oxidative) - S (Slow Twitch)
  2. Type IIA - FO (Fast Oxidative) - FR (Fast Twitch, Fatigue Resistant)
  3. Type IIAB - FOG (Fast, Oxidative, Glycolytic) - FI (Fast Twitch, Intermediate Fatigability)
  4. Type IIB - FG (Fast, Glycolytic) - FF - (Fast Twitch, Fatigable)
Time Under Tensions training allows you to activate and fully fatigue all muscle fibers within about 90 seconds — a single set to complete muscle exhaustion. This is extremely painful and can often get clients close to vomiting... But your entire workout is over in about 15 minutes, once per week! How To Biohack Carbohydrates to Build Muscle: Working all four muscle fibers to complete exhaustion is the best way to completely depleter muscle glycogen. When muscle glycogen is depleted, muscle cells become extremely insulin-sensitive. This means any carbohydrates (glucose) you consume will be preferentially shuttled into muscle cells instead of fat cells! How to "Hack" Muscle Growth:
  • Complete a Time Under Tension Workout - To complete exhaustion!
  • Consume 100-200 grams of Paleo-friendly carbohydrates within 90 minutes, post-workout
  • Consume 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight, per day.
  • Consume about 19 calories per pound of body weight, per day.
The #1 Take-Away from This Episode!: If your workouts are not activating fast twitch muscle fibers... you
  • You are not building strength
  • You are not building muscle
  • You are not increasing endurance or performance
Your workouts are useless.
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