In Case You Missed It #13 - The 1-Year Anniversary Special

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Introducing: The I Am Clovis Ambassador Program:

This week, on the 1-Year Anniversary episode of my weekly Facebook Live AMA Series, I launched the I Am Clovis Ambassador Program! That means you and I can become co-workers! In this world of crazy (bad) nutrition advice, it was becoming more and more clear to me that I was going to have to find a way to create exponential growth of the Clovis Community. I brainstormed for months coming up with the best way to do this and it turns out the answer was staring me in the face all along... The answer was... YOU! My Clovis Community! Who better to help spread the word?! I came up with a plan that led to the creation of this new Ambassador Program and I'd like to share the details with you today! First things first... The I Am Clovis Ambassador Program is only available to I Am Clovis Members. If you are not a member, before reading any further, visit and sign-up for your Membership right now!

Program Details:

I Am Clovis is switching to a Members-only platform.
That means the only way to get Custom Macros from me is through my Membership Program…
  • Membership will be $27 per month.
  • Current Members will have until January 31st to switch their membership to paid before they will lose access to the Members Only Content.

Membership Benefits:

My goal was to get my Members a 2-3x return on their investment of $27 per month. I have done this through discounts in my own store and strategic partnerships with some of my favorite brands! Here are some of the perks...
  • 10% off Everything in the I Am Clovis store, including Paleo Powder
  • Set Price for New Custom Macros as Clients Lose Weight... $47 each time instead of $97
  • Ambassador Discounts from Popular Brands:
    • Paleo Valley
    • Thrive Market
    • Primal Kitchen
    • DryFarm Wines
    • ButcherBox
    • Kettle & Fire Bone Broth
    • Kiss My Keto
    • Julian Bakery
    • Redmond Real Salt
    • and more yet to come…
  • Exclusive Content:
    • Edited and Curated Educational Video Playlists
    • Example: "Keto Masterclass" a collection of videos of Justin teaching about Keto from AMA's
    • Exercise Tutorial Videos from Justin
    • Monthly Google Hangout with Justin (Limit 12 per month with Wait List)
    • Facebook Live Q&A Sessions with Podcast Guests (example: Robb Wolf)

I Am Clovis Ambassador Program:

Only Available to Members!
  • 20% Commission on I Am Clovis Memberships and Digital Products such as E-books

So, How Much Can I Make?

You'll earn a 20% commission on most I am Clovis products
Payouts will be made via Paypal 30 days after each sale (to accommodate for our 30-day money back guarantee).
Commissions on memberships recur every month that your referral is active. Other commissions are paid out once per sale.
For example, if you refer 20 people who purchase all available products we offer through the Membership site, your upfront commissions would be:
  • 20 x 20% of $27+$47+$17 = $364
If those 20 people stay on as members, your monthly commissions would be:
  • 20 x 20% of $27 = $108 each month
There's no limit on the number of people you can refer.
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