How 'Weight Loss' Ruined Everything!- Live AMA #33 - Clovis

How 'Weight Loss' Ruined Everything!- Live AMA #33

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Live Ask Me Anything #33 - Topics Covered:

How 'Weight Loss' Ruined Everything!:

2:09- Intro... 2:57- Fat Loss is boring... 4:07- "How 'Weight Loss' Ruined Everything!” 7:46- What 'weight loss' has done for America... 15:25- We need to change this for our kids! 17:13- Skinny vs. Healthy 21:31- FB Check
  • 22:46- Q: "What’s normal for women?"
  • 24:15- Commenting on Comments: Body Fat Goals - Performance vs. Longevity
25:40- BMI vs. Body Composition… 30:58- Confession: I am an overweight person… 33:00- Customized Nutrition (aka Clovis) is the only way! 39:59- FB Check
  • 40:19- Q: "Do waist measurements still work to judge body composition if you have diastasis recti?"
  • 42:33- Q: "What is biofeedback?"
  • 42:59- Commenting on Comments: “I don’t trust myself enough yet not to track macros!”
  • 44:52- Q: "I’m having trouble tracking. I feel like I’m eyeballing it, any suggestions?"
  • 46:05- Commenting on Comments: “I think a lot of us women have a mentality that we need to track, in order to not end up back at zero.”
  • 49:14- Commenting on comments- "Cheat meals snowball into limited results"
50:04- Skinny People, Tiny Humans, and Insulin Resistance... 56:00- Fructose is scary as hell... 1:01:49- Giving your kids fruit... constantly... 1:04:29- Evil Sugar Companies! 1:12:14- LIVE Q&A!
  • 1:12:38- Q: Can the 180 formula prevent the thickening of the arteries in the heart?
  • 1:13:14- Commenting on comments: "Soda is awful"
  • 1:14:02- Commenting on Comments: “My mom can eat an entire medium watermelon and thinks it’s fine because it’s ‘mostly water’”
  • 1:14:58- Question clarification: “Can the 180 rule undo the thickening of the heart that endurance athletes are at risk for?”
  • 1:16:38- commenting on comments: "PB&J is a trash food. The end."
  • 1:16:56- Question clarification: “So, is it a bad idea for me to want to do a marathon?”
  • 1:20:01- Commenting on Comments: "I only run if being chased, but give me a kettlebell…"
  • 1:21:16- Commenting on Comments: "I have friends who run 100 miles at a time… sports science is nuts"
1:23:37- Wrapping it up! Go out there and kick ass!

Show Notes and Resources:

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