Holiday Recovery and Overdoing Things - Live AMA #51 - Clovis

Holiday Recovery and Overdoing Things - Live AMA #51

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Live Ask Me Anything #51 - Topics Covered:

Holiday Recovery and Overdoing Things:

4:57- Here’s something I noticed over my holiday… 7:44- People constantly compare themselves to others... 11:51- The obesity epidemic begins with Mindset! 17:10- Alcohol stunts fat burning. Here’s why… 17:49- How to Recover from the Holiday Feasts... 23:09- Therapeutic modalities... Don't overdo it! 29:07- FB Check
  • 29:09- Commenting on Comments: "#biochem"
  • 29:46- Q: "After a fast will exercise deplete the rest of the glycogen?"
31:56- Sometimes I don’t practice what I preach, and I pay the price…
  • 34:03- Commenting on Comments: "I ate a bite of a regular snickerdoodle cookie and my stomach blew up like a balloon!"
  • 34:14- Commenting on Comments: "I don’t mean to,, but I usually go about 16 hours between dinner and the next day’s brunch"
  • 36:22- Commenting on comments: "I ate badly at work and felt leg pains right away, but my gut handled it well!"
  • 37:00- Q: "How many hours should you fast going into a workout?"
  • 40:27- Commenting on Comments: "I was out of town for a week, and ate approve foods, but didn’t hit my macros…"
  • 40:50- Commenting on Comments: "A lot of time I think we feel like we should “push through” while fasting etc."
  • 43:49- Commenting on Comments: "I worked in the ER last night and went 12 hours without eating. All my co-workers were suffering, and I was just fine!"
45:29- I’m figuring out how to make all this work in THAILAND
  • 47:49- Q: "Is the RP diet dangerous, or just not going to get the fat loss results people are looking for?"
  • 55:00- Commenting on Comments: "I don’t normally have a problem, but friday night the waitress refused to make substitutions for me"
  • 57:19- Q: "How do you feel about tattoos post becoming Clovis?"
59:20- Update on some BIG things I’m working on... 1:02:24- Wrap Up! Show Notes and Resources:

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