Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow! - Live AMA #17 - Clovis

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow! - Live AMA #17

Live Ask Me Anything #17 - Topics Covered:

3:10- If I can’t convert your mindset, there’s no reason for you to be here. #realtalk 5:05- “If everything in your life is set up for you to fail- you need a new life!”... *pause for effect* 7:28- I will teach you how to see through the bullshit ($$$$) 8:00- Clovis: everything that we do is founded on biochemistry 8:48- Mindset Training- BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER 11:45- Meet Justin Nault: Founder and CEO of Clovis 13:17- Everyone writes that they are different, you don’t understand… 14:27- Your problems are not always unique. 14:44- Because of "other people" I feel… 15:56- You’re about to enter the Matrix. Get ready... 18:05- Mindset- Nutrition: Why are most people overweight? 19:44- Big companies play on the fact that you’re miserable... 21:12- I earned this wine, ice cream, doritos…. 23:22- The Journey is the Destination. 25:11- Part ONE: How We Got Here- School 29:28- Fixed mindset vs. Growth mindset (this makes all the difference!) 32:16- How Papa Nault raised his boys. Mindset training- the proof is in the pudding 35:57- Actionable items- Start praising your children for their effort, not their ability! 38:00- WORKPLACE: 80% of Americans polled are unhappy with their current job/career and more sad numbers... 40:37- “A traditional boss would hate me” 41:38- Must-Read Book: Disrupt You! (this one is really upsetting!) 45:38- Why did you fall in love with Clovis?? Because humans love to learn! 46:03- Parents: Screen time .... Healthy balance and purpose 47:13- Actionable tip- If you hate your job… QUIT! (hear me out) 49:49- PERSONAL: If someone sucks, leave them! 50:19- Must-Read Book: The Four Agreements
  1. Be impeccable with your word...
  2. Don’t take anything personally...
  3. Don’t make assumptions...
  4. Always do your best...
52:14- Storytime: Children do everything from a place of love… 53:55- Justin had a fight break out on his personal page because people take things personally 55:20- Societal hierarchy is total BS. We categorize everyone we meet and rank them to ourselves. Stop it! 57:30- “My friends says…” you’re only trying to convince yourself. 1:00:17- Actionable items: Wake yourself up! 1:00:45- Try this routine... for just one morning! 1:01:40- “If you hate the game you’re playing, flip the game board off the table.” Dead serious 1:02:32- Whatever you want to do... GO DO IT! 1:02:40- BOOK LIST (Same as clovis kids book list):
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Disrupt You! By Jay Samit
  • Mindset by Carol Dweck
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • The Way of The Warrior Kid by Jocko Willink
1:05:50- TONIGHT’S OFFER! New T-Shirts!! 1:12:46- Live Q&A
  • 1:14:34- Best book for self-sabotage?
  • 1:18:32- Naked Popcorn for kids? Yes or no?
  • 1:18:36- The Bulletproof Diet book?
  • 1:20:45- When is the Clovis retreat?!
  • 1:24:52- Is there gum that’s safe for us to chew?
  • 1:27:49- Why is my breath bad now ?!
  • 1:29:31- Sleep Hacking and Personal Freedom AMA
1:30:00- Meet Anna!! 1:31:25- (where to find all of these videos!) 1:35:15- Jillian Michaels would NEVER debate me… 1:36:33- Wrap up and final comments. Get the people you love over here!!!

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- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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- Mindset by Carol Dweck

- Disrupt You! by Jay Samit

- The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

- The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

- Discipline Equals Freedom (Field Manual) by Jocko Willink

- The Way of The Warrior Kid by Jocko Willink

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Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow! - AMA #17

Welcome to Ask Me Anything Number 17. I'm Justin Nault. For those of you that don't know, this is our weekly live Ask Me Anything, AMA number 17. That's a whole lot of weeks, a whole lot of days that you had been letting me take over your computer screens and cell phone screens to yell at you for an hour about all the stuff that I care about. It's weird. Tonight we're talking all about mindset. Thank you so much for watching this one. This will be way different from what you used to because normally, we're talking about nutrition, fitness and all things that have to do with physique, fat, muscle and workouts and all that stuff. None of these has anything to do with that, except for the fact that it has everything to do with that because fitness nutrition literally means nothing and are impossible to have long-term success with. Unless you have the foundational principles of mindset. Mindset is everything. 

Thank you for being here in Clovis live. We're live on the Facebook page. There are a lot from the Clovis academy, which is our private Facebook group. Those of you that have never seen a video before, I get a lot of these questions for the Ask Me a\Anythings every week. Every Wednesday from the Clovis Academy, a free private Facebook group on Facebook. I get a lot of these questions from the Clovis academy. We're creeping up on 700 members. 700 Clovis members can't be wrong, right? So, 700 people are just talking about all these different topics all week long. I take the most popular topics, and I combine them into this Ask Me Anything. With that said, this week is a little bit different because these weren't actually direct questions. What happened was I started seeing a disturbing trend, a trend among mainly what we call the newbies. The new people to Clovis academy and the Clovis kids. 

We have another private Facebook group that's called Clovis kids. Now that one's a membership only. The private Facebook group Clovis is free. Clovis kids is a paid membership program. In these two groups, I started noticing the same thing over and over and over and over. A lot of comments, some direct posts that all have to do with mindset and what I would consider being broken mindset, maybe not broken just slightly off-kilter, a little bit off the railroad tracks, right? We need to get you back on the rails, right? This is a mindset issue. A mindset is something that I have studied extensively for years and years and years. It was one of my biggest struggles, even though it was instilled in me since I was a little kid, and we will get into all of that. 

This is live Ask Me Anything Number 17, titled Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow because it's true. Okay. You have to get your mindset down first. First things first, the mindset has gone wrong thing. If I can't get you to convert your mindset first, which means believing in Clovis, believing in me, trusting me, believing in my approach and what I do. If I can't convert your mindset, there is no reason for me to continue giving you any advice whatsoever. There's no reason for you to be in the group. There's no reason for you to listen to me. Joining the group is a good start because you will see a lot of transformational stories. Suppose I can't get you to convert your mindset to understand what I'm trying to do, to understand that we're trying to rebuild your life, rebuild your health, rebuild your future manifesto. In that case, there's no reason for me to give you advice because you're not going to do what I tell you to do. 

To give you an example, I have a lot of people that come into the Academy. They get a program from me, and they give me like a 40% compliance rate. Even though they give me a 40% compliance rate, they drop eight pounds in 15 days, right? They're like, I barely had to try. I barely had to put any effort into this, and I lost eight pounds. I'm going to do all that crazy stuff. I can still eat 150 grams of carbs a day and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right? They end up failing long-term. This never, ever, ever, ever works. I need to get you to fully commit to the mindset that this is a lifestyle change. 

This is not a 30-day protocol, a 60-day protocol. I'm literally converting you. I am converting you from Standard American Diet to a new lifestyle for optimal human health and performance. It's a big, big, big deal. It never works the other way with minimal compliance. I'm going to teach you how everything related to your health, happiness and success begins with mindset. I'll explain why you really can't achieve long-term success ever until you literally change every aspect of your life. Some of you need to change every aspect of your life to succeed because there are always excuses. There are always reasons why you fail. Okay? So if the reason why you fail is just your life is set up for you to fail. You need new life. I'm just pausing there for a second because it's true. You need to understand that, and you understand that it is possible. 

So we know that proper nutrition is the key to optimal human health. Well, mindset is the key to optimal nutrition. Mindset is the key to proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is the key to optimal human health. We have to start with a mindset. The secret is that most diets and fitness protocols, they're manipulating you. They don't study fitness and nutrition. They certainly don't study biochemistry. I'm telling you right now, that is like the biggest area that everyone is lacking in. They certainly don't study biochemistry. What are these programs do? They study human behavior. They study psychology. Their job and primary focus is to hook you to make you an addict to their program. To make you addicted to their program so that you think you cannot live without it. You think if you skip a day, you are a failure.

Did somebody say it, Beachbody? 80-day obsession? If you skip one day, you must start over because the Beachbody gods will light you, right? It's ridiculous. That's what they do. They're selling you an idea. They're selling you on an addiction. They're selling you. They're hooking you, hooking you in, making you part of their program, part of their funnel forever. The thing is, when it comes to long-term success, these protocols don't focus on fitness, nutrition, or biochemistry. They're selling you bad information. Now, no matter how hard you work. Some of you, I know this again, mindset. I know that you have family members, significant others, friends, people who tell you it's your fault. You're not trying hard enough. You must be lying about what you're eating. There's no way you work out as much as you say you do because you're still 300 pounds, right? 

It's just crazy. The issue is, as long as you are operating on insufficient information, you cannot achieve success. That is not your fault. If you're just constantly being fed bad information in both of your ears, and you're acting upon it. It doesn't matter how hard you try, how much willpower, how much discipline you have. If you're operating on wrong information, you can not succeed long-term. This is where mindset comes into play because I need to teach you how to see through the bull****. I need to teach you how to see through these programs that really aren't operating on science. They're working on hype, okay? And they're operating on the paid, that's right. Paid Beachbody, paid transformations, right? They're operating on paid transformations that they're selling to you. 

We need to fix your mindset so you can see through this stuff. We must be able to see through the manipulative practices to find the truth and reality and the people that we listened to. Did somebody say Clovis? Everything that I do operates on a foundation of science and biochemistry. Biochemistry, hormones, and science. These are the biggest things that we talk about, right? For optimal human health, fat loss. Yes, that's part of it. You're overweight. We're going to handle that. This is why we say things like I am free, right? I am free. I am no longer a victim of marketing gimmicks and big food propaganda, right? That's part of the manifesto. If you're not in the Clovis academy, get in there and check out the manifesto. I am free from other people's opinions. I no longer have anything to prove, right? All these things that we talk about, you're free from these things, these societal pressures. We're gonna talk a lot about societal pressures tonight. In the manifesto, there's one phrase that I purposely repeat over and over and over that is because I know better. This is mindset training. That's what it is because I know better. 

The manifesto was mindset training, and that's why we do it every single day. Get rid of the Academy of fantasy. Now, tonight you stay till the end. You'll have a step-by-step plan for literally transforming your mindset and transforming the way that you view the world, which is kind of crazy. I haven't gone here yet. To be honest, I got a little bit of anxiety, a few nerves going a little bit of nervous energy because I haven't gone down this rabbit hole with you. The other thing is, I know we have a lot of conservative viewers. I know we have a lot of traditional viewers, and we're going to be going away outside the box a little bit compared to the way society views things. As you guys know, I'm a musician. I own multiple companies. 

I own properties. I'm a landlord. I ran a YouTube channel that was on reality TV. I do this, right? I see the world a little bit differently. I had the first TV show I produced when I was 14 years old. I just see the world a little bit differently, and we'll get into that too. In the end, we're also going to do live Q and A. If you haven't seen an Ask Me Anything before we do live Q and A, that's where you guys leave me comments on Facebook. Speaking of which, I'm going to jump over to Facebook and make sure that I have you guys pulled up to see all your comments. In the end, you're going to get an exceptional offer from me. I know we always do offers, and many of you are live viewers from the Academy. 

We've been getting a lot of comments from you, and we've been listening or always listening. If you're in the Academy, I promise the wizard and I are always listening to you. We really listened tonight because of this special offer you've never seen before. It's not for the products that you're used to. It's not for the custom macros, all these things, right. You've never seen this product before. If you're in the Academy and you're like, in the end, I can check out, he's making an offer on this. Again, this is an offer that you have never seen ever. Okay? I'm on Facebook here going to make sure we got the live video up. There we go. I see myself. Click for more. Alright, we're logged in here.

Thank you. Thank you. 


Hi. Hi everybody. Hi everybody. Yeah, I'll click the share button again. 


Thank you, Sean. 


Click the share button and push this out. Just click share and Share Now Public. I'm going to do that on my page. Share, share now public. That's going to share it to my Justin Nault page and into my timeline. I'm here. I can see all your comments. If you have anything you want to say to me, say it. 


Hello, Stacy. Hi Gail. Just give me your questions, but remember the live Q and A will be the latter portion of this. So if you have a fundamental question that you want me to answer. I do have some notes I have to look at throughout this. I'm really going to dive in. I'll take a couple breaks, but I have to dive into the comments more towards the end. If you have a question you really want to hit on, do it on one of the breaks that I gave you or at the end when I open it up for live Q and A. 

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Justin Nault. I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist. I am a Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. I am the founder and of Clovis. I also invented a line of nutritional powders called the Perfect Paleo Powder. I invented the first formula in my kitchen in, 2014 and now I am a transformer of lives. That's what I do. I've done that for over 315 people in just the last 60 days. Giant transformations, 40 pounds in 60 days, 50 pounds in a matter of weeks. It's ridiculous. 

I just keep transforming lives. People see it, and as a result, the Clovis Academy's growing. We're about 700 members, and we have 85 plus kids in the Clovis kids group. Things are going well. That's a bit of me, any transformation you can think of I've done. That's how we got here. This is why people are tuning in and listening. 

Let's jump in. All right, I saw a couple of comments. Ran through it. All right, let's jump into this Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow. This idea came to me because of one of the trends I saw in the Clovis academy and via email. Remember, you guys see a lot of stuff publicly in the Academy. There's way more behind the scenes that you don't see. These are private interactions with me and paid clients and anybody who just wants to tell me about something that they might not feel comfortable throwing out there for the other 700 people to see. 

There's one thing that happens without fail, and every single person comes to me as a newbie. Every single person who has ever come to me writes me an email about how they're different, and they're not like anyone else, honestly. I know some of you were laughing at your screen right now, going, "I did this to him", right? They are different. They are not like anyone else. Their problems are way worse than everybody else's. The Clovis program or whatever Justin says will not work for them even though it worked for hundreds of others. It's not going to work for them because their problems are so specific. Then they will give me three to five excuses as to why they already know the Clovis protocol will not work for them. And then they literally say things like, "I'm not even sure why I'm emailing you. I've tried everything. Nothing works for me. I even talked to my doctor, and he said, I'm special, and nothing works." Right? I get a lot of that. And it's this ridiculous pre-frame where the first time you ever communicated with me, you're basically saying I'm a failure, and you can't help me. Now, it's my job to grab that tangled, twisted, confused mindset and start to pull it apart little by little and teach you how to untangle that nonsense, right? Teach you how to untangle that nonsense and show you that although you're a unique individual, your problems are not always unique. I can introduce you to a dozen other people who have written me the same email that you wrote with the same problems about your kids and your husband, and your mom did this when you were a kid and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Then comes the other people's excuse. 


The other people excuses like because of my ex, because of my mom, because of my kids, because of my last boyfriend, because of a teacher when I was five years old, because of other people. I feel X, whatever that emotion may be, or whatever that excuse may be. It's because of other people. I feel X. What's the short version of that? The short version of that is other people control how I feel. Let's write that down. Other people. Let's just put that last part in there. Other people control me. Okay? My emotions, whatever. 


Other people control how I feel. This is what you're telling me whenever you write to me. And you say, because of X, because someone said this to me, and someone said that to me, and somebody did that. That's what you're starting this with. We're going to undo this. Now I have to give you a fair warning before I jump in because we're about to jump into section one of this. If any of you have seen the matrix, what is about to happen is it's going to be like taking the red pill. Okay? Do you want the blue pill and live in ignorance, blissful ignorance. Do you want the matrix and the red pill? This is what we're doing. I'm not even kidding when I tell you this. I'm going to jump into the major aspects of life: school, working careers, and personal life. We're going to talk about these things, and it's literally going to be the matrix. You're going to take the red pill. 

Now, once you take the red pill, I pull back the curtain on all the societal norms you're used to. I am a living example that you don't have to listen to ever. Literally never since childhood does not listen to them. Once you can do that and be very happy, right? Once we pull back the curtain and you take the red pill, you can't unsee it. Understand that you can't unsee it. I have done a tremendous amount of mindset work. I have travelled the world working on mindset, literally. If you don't want to do some real thinking here, some heavy thinking about the decisions and choices that you made in life and where you're at in life. If you don't want to think about that and how it could have been different, turn this off right now, not even get it. Like that's, that's how hard we're going down this road. If you don't want to think and question all of society, be careful. Because I have personally seen people take trips to the jungles of Peru on a spirit quest and come back to the US and divorce their significant other and quit their job and sell their house and move to a new city. I'm not kidding. I personally have friends who have done these things. I know this to be true for a fact. This is what we're getting into. This is not your typical AMA. 


Let me look at nutrition. Do you guys want to take the red pill? Let me know. Leave me comments right now. Red pill. We're going to do this. Okay?


Nice, Steve. That's very true. People don't take responsibility for their own feelings. Yes, true. Okay. 

Let's do this, Jackie. All right. Red pill. I warn you. We're going red pill. I don't need this anymore. Let's talk about mindset. Okay? 

First things first, nutrition. Why are most people overweight? Let's think about this. We've gone through this and all the AMAs. People are overweight. People eat poorly. They have bad information, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Why are most people overweight? 


One, two-thirds of Americans are overweight. Josh's do we look okay on the screen besides my sloppy handwriting? 


Josh: That's great. 


Justin: Two-thirds of Americans are overweight. One-third of Americans are obese. That means 30 plus pounds overweight. Many people quite one-third are morbidly obese, which means they are suffering from metabolic syndrome and probably early death. Why? Really think about it. 

Food has become a reward system. That's what we've done because life is easier than ever in terms of survival. You don't have to go hunt. You don't have to go gather. You're not getting chased by jaguars in the middle of the night. You have an iPhone, you have central air conditioning. You have cars, you have your cubicle, all this stuff, right? So survival is easier than it's ever been. But finding fulfilment and purpose is more complicated than it's ever been. What's happened is food has become a reward system. Why? Because most people hate their day to day life. They hate their day-to-day lives most people. I'm telling you right now, we're going to get into statistics as this goes on. Most people hate their day-to-day lives. That's the big, scary secret. We can sit here and talk about the government, the food pyramid. We can talk about big food companies. We can talk about big pharma and the medical system that is bought and paid for. We can talk about all these things for obesity, but the truth is all these people play a role, but they're preying on the same thing. They are preying on the fact that people are miserable. They're preying on misery because of all the things we like, text messages, social media, sugar, fruit, right? These things we can put in our mouth, these things, we can check, pull out our pockets and check every two seconds, right? We can't go to the bathroom without scrolling Facebook, right? These are mini dopamine hits. It's literally dopamine, which is incredibly addictive, right? You're getting tiny minor dopamine hits. Every time you check your phone, that's why you feel the need to do it. You literally have a compulsive thing where you have to check your phone. It's a little dopamine hit and makes you happy, right? Sugar is the same thing. It's worse than it should or works in the same neural pathways in your brain as heroin. It's as addictive as heroin. 

We've built food into this reward system. All the big food companies and the government and all these things. They know how to prey on that. Literally, some scientists developed Doritos, who know how to get just the right amount of sticky, so it sticks to your fingertips, so you want to lick your fingers and go back for more. There are literally scientists that work on the addictive qualities of these hyper-palatable foods. I'm not kidding. This is a profession, right? Some scientists do this for a living. Many little dopamine hits. What does a miserable day look like when it comes to food?

I deserve this milkshake after the day I had. My boss is a jerk, so I earned my three glasses of wine before bed, and my significant other broke up with me. It's time for Bryers and Oreos. This is what we built. It's every cliche, romantic rom-com movie you see, right? A girl, a boy, embedded with tissues, eating Bryers ice cream. This is what we do. So I want you to understand. This is part of the red pill thing, right? If the best part of your day is biting into your favorite Wendy's burger or a few spoonfuls of a giant frosty. If that's the best part of your day, you're doing it wrong. What are you doing wrong? Life. You're doing life wrong. You're doing career wrong. You're doing personal wrong. You're doing relationships with your kids wrong. You're doing relationships with your families wrong. If that's the best part of your day, or if you need to set up a sugary carb-filled reward system, just because you're like, "ah, this day has been complete sh**. I don't care. Screw it." It always screws it. Right? Screw it. I'm going to the drive-thru screw it. I'm going to the drive-thru. Think about that. That's your entire life. That's how you feel about your life. That's what happened. You're doing life wrong. You live, you work, you parent, you may have hobbies, but what's lacking? Purpose. You don't know why you're doing these things. You're going through the motions. It's what they call that hamster wheel. Right? You got your little hamster here. Spin, spin, spin, spin. The same day is Groundhog day on repeat. Right? And you don't really know why. You don't really know what you're working towards. What's the goal? 


Everybody has some idea that there's a destination. When I'm 65 years old, I'm going to retire and ride off into the sunset. Right? Really? Most people end up 65 years old and 400 pounds, and they can't do anything anyway. Right? They don't have as much money as they thought they would. And they blew 30 years of their life on a career that they hate. Right? That's the thing. They don't really know what they're doing and where they're going. I want to tell you guys right now about the journey that you're on. The journey is the destination. That's what you have to understand. There is no endpoint. There is no goal. There's simply life. And if you're not living a life that you love, you're gonna be in trouble. It's not gonna be fun. That's the thing you have to figure out. Work is not automatically purpose. The purpose is not automatically work. The two can coincide when you have something like a Clovis, right? Where you like to do something that you love, then you have a purpose, right? But you have to find this. You have to explore the world, right? My self-worth, the manifesto, and self-worth come from within, from the fire deep inside me that allowed me to explore this world until I found the truth. My truth. I found my truth in Clovis. This is what I do. So understand that. 

We're going to talk about how we drifted so far from purpose and meaning in our lives. We're gonna talk about formative childhood years to life in 2018, which is simply too comfortable. I'm going to give you actionable steps. I'm also going to throw in some tidbits about kids because you have no idea. The reason that I'm standing here right now is that all of this was ingrained in me. 

Since I was six years old. My dad was just in this room, sitting here with me, and I confirmed it with him. When did we start mindset training? And he said six years old. I'm going to tell you about that. Right? Um, it's essential for kids. Let's take a little break for comments.

What are we looking at? Finding joy in the journey. I already know I'm going to rewatch this a hundred. 


Awesome, Jackie. 


Self-worth. People don't value themselves. 




This is amazing. I'd like to get chased by Chris. 


Richard. Nailed it. Fist bump virtual. 


Yeah. Crystal. I don't ever believe either. 


Red pill, let's go. 


We're back to the red pill. Let's jump in. Part one of this is about the school, right? This is where this all starts. Let's go back to step one. How we got here? For anybody who's struggling with mindset. How did you get there? It's not your fault. I know. I usually like to make people take personal responsibility. Mindset is not your personal responsibility until you watch this video. Once you have the red pill now, you know, better. But until this point, you don't know better if you have a twist of mindset. We're going to unravel it. Learn, unlearn, relearn, right? That's what we're going to do. 


One of my favorite quotes in the world is if Winston Churchill were alive today, the only thing he would recognize as the public school system. Think about that. The only thing he would recognize is the public school system. It hasn't changed for centuries. Literally hasn't changed for centuries. We've been recording some podcasts and stuff. They're gonna be coming out. We did one podcast a while back that we haven't released yet. Me, Anna and the wizard. We were talking about schools. I'm gonna walk you through this because I say it in the podcast over here to mention it. 


The public school system, what I mean by that Winston Churchill quote is the public school system was literally designed to create factory workers. That's how it was designed. From the way the building is designed to the classes they teach to the way the structure works in every classroom to the bells that you hear to the teachers, AKA dictators in the front of the room, right? 


"Bell rings" Get to homeroom single file line. Right? Sit down, roll call here, here, here, here. One dictator in the front of the class that runs everything, right? It's literally like Gru, that guy or whatever in the minion's movies and just all these little minions, right? Just sit down at your desk. Be quiet, speak when spoken to. Raise your hand if you have a question, so the dictator can call on you, right? We're building factory workers. You're in that room for an hour working on a new task. Bell rings, and you're going stand up. Single file line. Wait in line for lunch in the cafeteria. Here's your slop. These are the options we give you pizza and tater tots, right? It's ridiculous. It's so outdated. It's it's ancient. It doesn't make any sense. It doesn't prepare anybody for the real world. You try to take somebody from that factory worker setting and have them compete with like the wizard. Good luck. Right? It's not gonna happen. So that's the thing. This is most people's childhood. They're getting raised like little factory workers. This is the dialogue that we hear, right? Think about this. Let me give you a few examples. I'm really going to hammer this home because then we're going to get into the mindset and how you can separate the two. There are two major mindsets in this country. 


I'm going to read a couple of these to you, right? 

You're a little kid. I'm a teacher or parent. 


You got an A. You are so smart. You're such an intelligent kid, right? 


Or, but you got another C in English. Well, don't worry. You're really good at math, but you're bad at English. Reading and writing just aren't your things. Stick to math, kid or sports. 


You won another game. You are a born athlete. You're such a natural athlete. You're so incredible. Your skills are ridiculous, right? 


Or you lost every game this season. Maybe baseball just isn't right for you. Try something else, right? 


I can't even say these words that make me so sick, even though we all grew up this way. What we don't hear is this. Let's rework these a little bit. 


You got an A . Do you see how hard work pays off? I am so proud of you because I know you studied and worked very hard and took all the necessary steps to fully prepare for your test. Keep up the good work, keep giving your best effort, right? 

Or another C in English? Do you think you studied and worked as hard as possible to make sure you were prepared for that test? Let's explore some of how we can adjust the way you study for English tests so you'll be better prepared next time. Don't give up. 


Or you won another game. I'm so proud of you for going to every single practice and giving it your very best effort. Your hard work has really paid off. Keep it up for each and every practice, and you'll be ready for the next game. 

Or you lost every game this season. This is a great learning experience. Let's examine what didn't work for this season to work hard to improve those things for next season and get better. 

Do you see the huge contrast between those two approaches? Right? What I've just demonstrated for you is the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Fixed mindset versus growth. With a fixed mindset, you literally believe that "I am born with a certain intelligence level and a certain ability to perform specific tasks, and cannot be changed". I'm just good at what I'm good at, and I'm bad at what I'm bad-ass. I should just stick to the things that I'm good at and avoid the things I'm bad at. Right? That's a fixed mindset. That's literally how the school system sets this up. I'm going to get into more of that. 

A growth mindset is that intelligence and abilities are pliable. Right? You can learn any skill. Literally, when I first started learning about nutrition, I didn't know any of that. When I first started jujitsu, I got beat by everybody, right? I can learn, grow, and improve. Absolutely any subject or skill, depending on the amount of work that I'm willing to put into improving. There are literally endless different ways to learn any subject on planet earth. You just keep trying, keep working, keep giving it your best effort till you find what works for you, and you learn eventually clicks for you, right? You're not bad at anything. You just have less experience in certain things. That's a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. Okay? Born with versus practiced. 


Born with versus practiced. We're raising all of our kids with a fixed mindset, the factory worker fixed mindset. Okay? It's insane. How many of you have been repeating things since you were a child? Right? Odds are, if a teacher told you math just isn't your thing, or you're bad at math, you might be 40 years old telling people. "Yeah. I'm just really bad at math." Think back on that for a second.

I went through this with math. I'm terrible at math. I can barely do third-grade math. I own companies, and I can barely do third-grade math literally. And I haven't found the right program that like clicks for me. I'm still working on it. I still actually try it every day. I did like a six-hour video math course a couple months ago. I'm like constantly if you have any tips for math, but I'm literally trying to learn this my whole life. I remember from like a third grade on, I was a gifted kid. I wasn't in the gifted classes. I was like writing novels when I was six years old. I've always been a writer. They moved me to go to these gifted classes. I go to these like gifted classes, and it was just like, "Math isn't his thing. Reading is his thing. He's reading at a college level."  

I still have this belief that I'm bad at math. How many of you has something like that? We were taught when we were little kids like you're just bad at something. You carry that through with you forever. Now that came from the public school system versus my home life. Right? My home life was dad. This is a conversation that dad and I just had. I checked with them before doing this video. He said I was probably six, maybe seven years old when he started this. But my brother and I would stand in the mirror every morning. We do like, "My name is Justin. I am intelligent. I am strong. People like me. I can do anything. I will try my best all the time." Blah, blah, blah. All these things, right? These were daily affirmations from a speaker named Zig Ziegler, who's huge. You should look this up. He's awesome. 

We had to do this in the mirror every day. We didn't understand why. I was six. Now, as a result, my brother and I are fearless. As I said, I produced my first TV show when I was 14. My brother has a bachelor's degree in finance and economics. He just graduated from law school, passed the bar, and on top of that, he's a real estate mobile. It's ridiculous. The kid is a superhero. We were raised in a way to just go after what we wanted. When I picked college, my dad said one thing to me, don't make decisions based on money. Do what you love, period. That's what he said. Do what you love, period. So thank you, dad. You are the reason why Clovis exists, and you are the reason why this video is happening right now. That gives me goose because I am so fortunate and so grateful that I had that growing up. 

If you have kids starting out, right? These things are ingrained in us, especially in mindset. Mindset is ingrained in you from the time you're young, and this fixed mindset is pushed into you. You didn't have a choice K through 12. K through 12. That's what you're getting. That's how it's designed so much so that at the end of your K through 12, you're studying for standardized tests. You can take the SATs. And what else did you have to do? An aptitude test. Right? We all work as hard as we can, or we're good at this and bad at this. Little discipline obedient factory workers for 12 years only to take an aptitude test. And have the public school gods tell us that we're best suited to be a janitor or a garbage man. 

And we go, "oh no, my life is over." Aptitude literally means natural ability. You have to people take a natural ability test. It's so crazy. I can't even wrap my head around it. And back to what dad told me, do what you love. Well, I was really good at music. I really loved music. I'm telling Guidance Counselor was like, I'm going to go to Berkeley College of music. It's the best music school in the world. I have a C minus average because I hate public school. But yeah, I'm going to get in, somehow. I'll get into the best music school in the country and in the world. And I didn't. It was the only school I applied to. I applied to one school. That was it. I went to Berkeley College of Music. You should've seen the looks that I got from people. I made this decision. My senior year in high school, people told me I was crazy, absolutely crazy. It's too expensive. You're never going to make a living as a musician. By the end of my senior year, I was making one of my teachers playing music. I was 17 years old. Literally, I was 17 years old. I was playing private parties and venues for $250 an hour as a professional musician at 17 years old. I was one of the only working musicians who got to as a freshman at Berkeley. I was paying all my bills with music. Literally, I was the only kid I have been there that can say that. 

It's a matter of being fearless and not accepting what society tells you to accept. This aptitude, the natural ability, follows you into the workplace. Know that whatever school is willing to saddle you with student loan debt until you're 114 years old. And that's where you're going to go. And then, luckily, technology can actually probably keep you alive until you're 114 years old so you don't die and have to pass that debt onto your kids. Yeah, that's what schools do for real. It's crazy. 


Actionable items, right? Start praising your children for effort, not the abilities. Start praising your children for their effort. No more praising for abilities. Let them know that if they're willing to put the effort in, they can literally do anything they want. Right? It's all about effort. That's it! Praise effort, not ability. Just a few simple changes in the way you phrase compliments to your kid can literally change everything. It can be a difference between failure and success as an adult. It's that simple, fixed mindset versus growth mindset. 

One little trick too. There's a great author. His name's Josh Waitzkin. He's the basis of the movie searching for Bobby Fisher's Chess Prodigy. He's like jujitsu, black belt, all these things. But he does this thing with his son, where he taught him from when he was a little kid. Every time it rains, his kid runs to the window and goes, "Dad, it's a beautiful rainy day. We got to go outside." And he has a raincoat, and he's got boots and everything. And they go outside, and they play it for like two hours. Every time it's raining out. So he actually trained his kid's mindset that there are no gloomy days. It's just the first time this kid saw a rainy day. It was a beautiful rainy day. That's just a little, you know, little tidbit. Yes. That means you gonna have to go outside in the rain with your kid. If you want to follow that. 

All right, what else we got over here? Comments. Let's take a little break. 


Positive affirmations. That's awesome. 


Hey Jen. Welcome your first AMA live. Kill it. 


She's right. Mindset work is such a priority now in many classrooms. 


That's awesome. It should be. I'm glad it's coming around. 


Don't even get this teacher started on the school system. 


All right. I love these comments. 


Hey dad. Guys, pop is here. Say, what's up, dad? Good job, dude


All right. Let's jump in. What do you get here? 

All right. We're gonna jump into the workplace. Let's talk about the workplace. 


Man time was my soul freaking fast. Okay. I'm gonna tell you a crazy statistic of people poll. The Americans poll. I'm going to fly through some of this stuff. All of the Americans surveyed, 80% are unhappy with their current job. Yeah. 


80% of people in America, polled, are unhappy with their current job and career path. Are you kidding me? This is the number of hours an average American worker puts in, in their life. 90,000 hours. That's a long time to be miserable. That is a long time to be miserable. Not to mention most of those people are at some desk or cubicle or something that they don't want to be in. They're trapped. Did you know that sitting for more than three hours a day literally cuts two years off your lifespan? Literally, this is just in America. American workers only take an average of 57% of their vacation days. They just leave the rest of it on the table. What? We're just like obsessed with work. It's crazy. We're obsessed with work, and most of us hate it because we're obsessed with the money and sh** we don't need. Right? The fight club quote, I can't help in paraphrasing. We work jobs that we hate to buy sh** that we don't need to impress people that we don't like. Right? That's crazy. 

I no longer have anything to prove to the people whose opinions I never asked her in the first place. No little manifesto hit. Right? 

Let's talk about the traditional workday in America. Traditional Workday in America is eight hours. Now I'm gonna share a dirty little secret with you. Do you know the average productivity time is for an American worker in a traditional 40 hour work week setting? Where they have to be at work 40 hours a week, traditional eight-hour workday. This is the average productivity time of one worker in an eight hour day. That says 24 minutes in an eight-hour workday. Why? Because we're set up as little factory workers, and we still have this crazy pay per hourly output thing. That's what they think like, "well, they're going to be here for eight hours. They're going to be at their desk working the whole time. I want to really get my money out of them. I'm going to squeeze that great cause there's no juice left in it." These are just traditional bosses who still have this factory worker mentality. This is all carried over from factory workers. We just hadn't changed the model. It's crazy. If you spend any amount of time in the Clovis Academy or whatever, you know, the Clovis team, you know me, the wizard, you know, Anna, all of us, right? Understand that we can bang out an average person's 40-hour workweek in, I don't know, four hours for real, but a traditional boss would hate us. Why? Because a lot of time on my day is dedicated to coffee breaks, cold showers, meditation. I need to play music. I need to read books. I need to research nutrition. I need to go outside. I need to sit outside with my bare feet in the grass. I need to do that. I need to stare out into space and pay attention to absolutely nothing until the next idea for an AMA comes to me. A traditional boss would hate me. That's why I've never had one. I can't have a traditional boss. I can't do it. I had a traditional boss from age 13 to 16 and quickly was like, "Nope." I just started playing music for a living. Honestly, that's how it happened. Right? 

Old school bosses would hate us. I can't do anything that I need to do for maximum peak output in a traditional workplace. Let's dive in because I'm taking up all the time in the world. This is a must-read book for you. Okay? Disrupt You. I want to talk about this. It's very important. Disrupt You is a fantastic book. Pick it up, and read it now. Why? Because most of your jobs are going to go away. Now, this is the big, scary artificial intelligence technology that has taken all our jobs. Yes, it's true. It's way worse than you think, right? 

People think of this as one example. They talk about self-driving cars because Tesla has already released it. So they go, "well, we have self-driving cars. Uber is going to be self-driving, and use delivery services are going to be self-driving. So everyone freaks out and says, we're going to lose 3 million jobs because there were 3 million men who are truck drivers and women as well. There are 3 million truck driver jobs in America. So they go, "oh my God. And within a blink of an eye, 3 million jobs are going to vanish." Guess what? They're thinking very, very small. It's way worse than that. Way, way worse than that. Think about jobs that come along with roads, vehicles, accidents. It's not just truck drivers. We had 3 million truck driver jobs. Now we're talking about ambulance drivers, EMTs, paramedics, record services, roadside assistance, companies, police. No more speeding, no more crashes, auto body shops, hospitals and emergency rooms, doctors and nurses, radiologists, the people who paint the lines in the road. No more need for street signs. Forget about street signs. We can tear all those down and recycle them, right? All gone millions upon millions, upon millions, upon millions of jobs vanished with one change in technology, right? It's way worse than you think it is. 

Now, if you think about other careers, if you have a marketing degree, good luck. Everything you know is going to be obsolete in a year, two years tops, right? Accountants, bank tellers, travel agents. Good Lord. Thanks., you know. I mean, think about this stuff. I can tell you right now I can hire a company that has AI tech that can run all of my digital marketing for me for a few thousand bucks a month. They can run all my digital marketing. I know this because I've spoken to those companies. I've seen them run their software, artificial intelligence that can tell me exactly what you're going to buy. Exactly what you're going to click on. Right? This is everywhere. It's astonishing. So read Disrupt You. This is just nuts, right?

 The only jobs that will still be around, oddly enough, are what your parents told you not to do. They're going to have low skill jobs and like hospitality jobs. I'm a musician. I'm a live performer. I'm probably not going to get replaced anytime soon. Bartenders, things like this, right? Things that your parents didn't want you to be. Don't be a musician and get a solid job with a 401k and health benefits, right? It's just insane. 


All these jobs are considered a low skill. They're the ones that are going to stick around. They'll be the last that you can be replaced. What is society's answer to this? I've heard these crazy things. All these three million jobs getting lost, which is really probably 20 million jobs. And they talk about universal base, universal income. Let's just give these people money because they don't have skills. What does that "give these people money" because they don't have skills is Based Mindset. You're automatically saying that person cannot learn anything new. Learn, unlearn, relearn is off the table. We need to give them stuff, right? It's just crazy. It doesn't matter how old you are. You can learn. My dad started down this nutrition journey with me three years ago, right? And now he's ripped. He's less body fat than I do, which I'm very upset about. 

This idea is that you learn one thing, and then you're done. That's how you get doctors that are killing you because you go to medical school, you graduated with honors in 1985, and you go, "I have reached the pinnacle. I'm an MD. I have nothing left to learn." Then you practice medicine for the next 40 years, and you ignore all the new science that comes out. You teach what you learned in 1985, and you're hurting people, right? 


These guys learn, but they never unlearn and relearn. They skip those last two steps. That's huge. All right. The other thing is why it's someone you fall in love with Clovis so quickly. You found me and found the Academy, and you love it. And you became fans of us, right? That's because of the results. Results are definitely part of it. But the thing is we like learning new things, learning new things is exciting. It's fun. It gives you purpose. It gives you fulfilment, right? You will learn new things, and it made you feel good. And then you become evangelical. You want to tell everybody about it. 


So parents, this last thing I wanna touch on for this section. Food for thoughts, screen time, everyone's flipping out about screen time all the time. Let me just give you a different point of view about screen time. Look at what you're watching me on. Look at your Apple Watch. Look at your iPad, iPhone. Look at billboards that are LED lit, right? Do you think that screens are going anywhere? I know self-driving cars, Tesla they're fricking screen thing is gigantic. It lights up the night sky, right? That screens aren't going anywhere. So don't get so crazy upset. Now make sure your kids are doing productive things with their screen time. We laugh about how a four-year-old can swipe open an iPhone, get to their favorite YouTube video faster than grandma, can make a call or figure out how to unlock the stupid screen. We laugh about that, but it's awesome. If you want your kids to stand any chance in this world, they need to understand tech, and they need to understand screens. Get them a healthy balance, make sure they're outside playing and doing all these things for sure, but just don't freak out so, so much. I mean, don't let them want to brain running stuff. Make sure they're doing serious things. Make the screen a place of learning. Okay? Make the screen a place of learning, not mindlessness. That's what we should do. 


Actionable items. I debated this. I just had a moment of doubt and said, maybe I should skip this, but I'm not going to get this. If you were in a job that you hate and you were miserable. Monday's your least favorite day of the week. Friday is your favorite day of the week. You try to get out of there. You're literally sprinting out the door, and you have hated the last 40 hours of your life. Actionable tip. Just one tip, right? If you hate your job, okay? No joke. If you hate your job, quit. Now. I don't care about two weeks notice. I don't care about any of that stuff. Everything's about "If I will lose my job. I'm gonna starve."I'm gonna starve to death in the streets. It's not going to happen in America in 2018. You're not going to starve in the streets if you quit your job. It's not going to happen. You'd have to try pretty hard to go from job to that. Right? Understand that. 

At least start making moves to get out. If you're that miserable, start moving the chess pieces, start planning for your future. I say the same thing about significant others. If you're in a toxic relationship, the other person is just a scumbag and treats you like crap. Just leave. Right? That's it. It's this whole idea of consequences, right? We'll talk about the consequences when we get into the personal section of this. 

Let's stop. We'll take a little break, and let's talk about this. 


Carla, you got an interview tomorrow. Awesome. That's great. 


Yeah. Nikki, there are many ways to make a living. Right? If you quit your job, go drive Uber. If you still have your car, cool. Use Uber to make your car a living. It's no big deal. It's really not a big deal. It's not a big deal. 


It's like a hamster on the wheel every day is a repeat. Yeah. Clovis is your first step of the wheel. Yes. I don't know if I'm talking to Jim, Tim, or Joanna because I think you guys share a Facebook. But yeah, that's awesome. I hope that we can really shift your mindset, the hamster wheel. That's no way to live, right? 

Yes. Sean, Tabitha, hands up. This is awesome. Sold their house and quit my police job. 


Crystal, you are one of my favorite people in the world. Hands down, literally, you blow my freaking mind. Every time you comment or post about your kids, I'm just like, "What?" You are incredible. That is one of the greatest comments I've ever seen in my life. Thank you. You are awesome. Right? He's been to school and never has a boring day at work yet. That's true. 


All right. So I already went more time. I'm going to hit this last section, guys. I need to. We're going to go over an hour again. I know we can do that, but we're getting in this last section. 

This is personal. Let's take this out of school and work and put it into personal. Now let's go again. This goes for significant others. If you don't like something, quit. Get out of that toxic relationship. If he's a scumbag if she sucks and cheats on me all the time. Leave, right? We're going to talk about personal. I'm just gonna jump into some tactical stuff here because we flew way over time. 

Another must-read book is The Four Agreements. Lookup The Four Agreements. It will change your life. It will change your life. It was a game-changer for me. I'm just going to run you through a real quick.


Number one. Be impeccable with your word. Do not lie. This one kind of makes me laugh because I get lied to all the time. Many people that come into Clovis or people who have been in Clovis. I'm not getting results. I'm doing everything perfectly. Everything you say is wrong. No, not true. Because then I know how to ask the questions and push the buttons. And then the truth comes out, and they're not doing anything I told them to do. Right? They say, well, I decided to do it my way, which is weird because that's the thing. When you lie, you're only hurting yourself. You're not hurting anybody except yourself, right? 

Number two. Don't take anything personally. I'm gonna jump into this in a second. Don't take anything personally. 

Number three. Don't make assumptions. 


Number four. Always do your best. It goes back to the growth mindset, right? Always do your best. There are no failures. There are just learning experiences. Always do your best. 

The most powerful, in my opinion, is not to take things personally. Now I want to jump into this because it's very important for Clovis. Shitting in the Punchbowl.

Now, a lot of you haven't seen him before on what is this guy talking about. There's an AMA where I use this term. When you're at a family dinner, don't sh** in the Punchbowl, right? Don't be the one who talks about nutrition that everything that everyone is eating is poison. Don't do that. I want to explain to you when you're shi**** in the Punchbowl, it's because you were taking things very, very personally. You're taking things personally without even realizing it. I want you to understand that where I am with the level of nutrition knowledge I have. I feel zero need to sh** in any Punchbowl's ever. I never feel the need to do that. I simply don't. So when someone gives you advice that's contrary to mine or contrary to Clovis principles, you're taking it personally. Now I'm gonna let you know. I appreciate that. I see what you and you have my back. I have yours, right? But you're taking this personally. You're taking it as an attack, and that's not going to serve you. You can't take things personally. I'm gonna give you a great example is one of my favorite stories. I'm so pumped that I finally figured out a way to get this into an AMA. This is in the four agreements, right? So children do everything from a place of love. Love, and a need for acceptance and the need for love back. Here's a story. 


You have a guy who has a $10,000 guitar. It's his prized possession, and he plays it every single night. And he works out of the home office, always playing guitar, singing and loves it. It's a $10,000 guitar that's signed by Paul McCartney. Let's say right. And he's got it. Just hanging up on this guitar stand right in the corner of the room. So one day, in his home office and he just hears this crazy noise. He comes out there. He finds his three-year-old banging away on his prize possession guitar. "Daddy, look!" The kid is all happy. He's operating out of a place of love. What happens? Daddy kicks a baby. Spanks the crap out of them and sends them to his room. "You don't touch daddy's guitar!" What happened? He took something personally. This little baby. I called all little kids babies, by the way. But this little three-year-old baby can't even wrap his head around what a guitar is or the fact that $10,000. He doesn't know what $10,000 means. He doesn't understand the value of a dollar. He doesn't know where dad got this as a prize possession. 

He knows and sees his dad sing and play the guitar every single night, and he wants to be like daddy. He wants daddy's acceptance and love. So he picks up the guitar, starts playing as a surprise for his dad out of a place of love. But he gets picked up and spanked for it. Do you know what just happened? That kid screwed for life. One incident. One incident could screw for life because daddy took it personally, and he got punished for expressing love. How powerful is that story? We do this every day. We take things personally. 

I'm gonna tell you another quick story. I reposted the Clovis post on my personal page. Somebody from the Academy came and asked a question about kids and nutrition on the page. I actually put a comment and said, "Hey, just so you know, this is my personal page. Chaos ensued, right? 

I have a back and forth with this woman who says this thing about kids' nutrition. And I say, "oh yeah, cool." I'm trying to encourage that woman as well, but that woman takes a direct shot at the person from the Clovis academy. Now she takes that crazy personally. This fight breaks out the blah, blah, blah, blah. I have to get on the phone with the person who called Academy and be like, "oh, well, get back in the Academy, get back in the Academy. And let's talk about nutrition in a safe space." That's why the Clovis academy is so important that private Facebook group, that Facebook is assessable for personal attacks and taking things personally, right? Don't spend your time on that. You're not changing anyone's mind in a Facebook debate. It's not going to happen. Don't take it personally. They had their minds made up. They're spewing hate at you to make themselves feel better about their shi*** lives. Don't feed into it. We call them trolls for a reason. Ignore people who argue with you on social media. Your life is more important than that. They're sitting in their mom's basement with Cheeto fingers, telling you how to run your life. Don't listen. Okay. I'm telling you because nobody knows more about internet hate than a former musician, reality TV contestant, and now nutrition guy with Clovis. I'm telling you, people start shi**** for a reason, right? So that's the thing. 

The other thing is societal hierarchies are complete bu**sh**, right? So you get into the Clovis academy. The first time you communicate with me, you see me at an AMA like, "oh, that guy's kind of in decent shape. And he seems to know what he's talking about. And he's super aggressive and super passionate. That becomes a little bit intimidating." At first, I might be intimidating to you, or you might say, I don't know about this guy. He's like in my face, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All that's happening is you're saying he knows some stuff that I don't know. And instantly, you're categorizing me as a buff. You're going, "oh, he knows about nutrition. Oh, boy." Hierarchy, right? I used to do this all the time. We just got back from paleo effects. I've been going Paleo effects for years now. And when I first met like my nutrition heroes, like in the space, like the first time I met Robb Wolf, it looked like I was meeting Paul McCartney or something. I was just like, "oh my God, it's Robb Wolf. Hi Rob. There's an issue." Now, like it's years later, I texted Rob, and he's like, "oh, what's up, dude." He's a normal person, right? Remove the societal hierarchy. It's ridiculous. We're all just human beings. 

Why I do that is because I'm comparing my success to his success. I'm looking at my current level of knowledge and success. And I'm looking at his level and my level. I'm looking up, and I'm comparing myself, and I'm not living up to this right here. It's ridiculous. It's a terrible drawing, but I'm not living up to that in my head. I'm putting myself lower and comparing. So that's what I see in the Clovis Academy happening all the time. I get emails from people who are 115 pounds, and they're like, "person X lost 30 pounds in the first 30 days. And I'm still trying to lose this last stubborn five pounds." I can see their abs. You can see all their abs, and they're like, "I just want to lose this last five pounds." What's happening is they want the same results as the other person. So I'm like, "okay, well, how about you gain 285 pounds and, or 185 pounds, whatever it might be. And then we'll start over, and I can pretty much guarantee you that I can help you lose 30 pounds in 30 days, but you need to get to that starting point, right? Stop comparing yourself. Comparing yourself to other people is ultimately setting yourself up for failure. Understand that. So let's stop comparing points from the Clovis manifesto. My self worth comes from within. Right? The other thing I hear is, like, "my friend tells me that I'm crazy for listening to you. And she got all these crazy results on program X, and they eat fruit. They say fruit is a health food. "

Why are you emailing for this? I don't care. I couldn't care less about your friend and her results. I don't care at all. I don't care about their program. I Don't want to hear about it. I don't want to know the debate about food or fruit. You're not changing my mind. My mind is made up. If you don't like it, go away. Right? So who are you trying to convince? Are you trying to convince me with that email? You're trying to convince yourself. I know that some of you are laughing at the screen right now. I'm going, "I have sent him an email like that. My friend said to do this, or I tried this diet, or I ate 500 calories." Right? I don't care. Why are you telling me about this stuff? I already know what works. I know the science. I studied it. So when you're trying to say to me, you're trying to convince yourself, this is all whole mindset thing. Don't let people play tricks on you. Right? I no longer have anything to prove to the people whose opinions I never asked for in the first place. I don't care if your friend likes the fact that I don't want to eat fruit. I couldn't care less. Right? Okay. 

Let's see here. What do we get? 


Hey, Kathy. I'm so happy. 


I'm happy your daughter told me about me too. Good stuff, indeed. Awesome. 

Thank you, Kathy. I'm taking that as a compliment. I love our safe place too. Our Clovis kids and Clovis academy. It's so important. It's seriously so important that we have a place to discuss these things and feel safe. Be careful when I share stuff on my personal page. I'll have your back. Don't worry. I looked bad for him. I'll shut people down. If they start some sh** with you, but you just understand it gets dangerous out there in social media land. Right? 


What else have we got? Clovis Academy is my happy place. 


You guys are awesome. 


Yes, Crystal, exactly! Right? That's the thing you're trying to hold on to things, and people trying to hold on to don't matter. What if I lose my house? What if I lose my car? What if I lose my wife? Right? What some people see as consequences of life are not actually consequences at all. 


Their freedom to other people. Some people are viewed as a loss. Some people are viewed as freedom, right? You're on a budget, and they seem restrictive to some people and, to you, maybe freedom. In the same way, the approved foods list is freedom to me, and some people see it as restricted. Right? It's all a matter of that. So, all right. Let's talk about some action items, and then we will get into Q and A. 

Yeah. Brett. I love that comment. I love how everyone becomes a nutritionist. 


Ask them when you eat gluten one time. Okay. Ask them how long it takes to repair the cells in your gut. So eating gluten once causes a leaky gut. Ask them how many hours it takes to repair it when they talk about cheat days. They won't know. They won't even know what the gut lining is made out of, but that as oneself, they'll have no idea. Right? 

Action items. Wake yourself up. Wake yourself up. Start your day with something extremely difficult. Okay? Did somebody say cold showers? Make the most challenging part of your day in the very beginning. Nobody cared about cold showers till I mentioned fat burning. Oh, it can burn fat. Now I'm going to do it. I don't care about the fat-burning benefits. Not really interested. Right? Okay? But what I am interested in is the fact that I challenged myself every single morning. Actually, I talked to Jackie about this today and decided to put it in here. Try this for one morning. Tell me how you feel. 


In this order. You wake up, make your bed drink. 16 ounces of water with two to three grams of sodium. Yes, that's four to six times more than the salt shot trick that we showed you. Right? Two to three grams of sodium. Drink that entire 16 ounces while you're outside in direct sunlight, getting direct sunlight, then go in the house and take a fricking ice-cold shower, no warm water. None of that nonsense. Take an ice-cold shower for three to five minutes then, and only then do you get to enjoy your reward of a nice cup of coffee with paleo powder in it. Right? Try that. Just go through that. Try that and see how you feel. You will literally feel invincible. It's insane. How these tiny little things add up. You're shifting your mindset. You feel like a superhuman. It changes everything, right? Winning that first battle suffering through that cold shower. You're winning a battle, right? It sets you up for the rest of the day. Remember, like I said, if you're miserable, change the rules completely. If you hate the game of your plan, flip the game board over, send all the pieces fine. Quit your job. Leave the toxic relationship, move to a new city and start your own business. Understand that life is basically a video game. Go see the movie Ready Player One. Right? It all takes place in VR. That's literally what we're in right now. You can do whatever you want. Yes, there are consequences. You can't go kill somebody. You're going to go to jail for that. I mean, you can do it if you want to. I don't recommend it, don't do that. We're gonna get in trouble. But you can literally do whatever you want to get rid of your house. Get rid of your car or whatever. I think, don't say that you can't do it because people tell me that they can't do it. They're literally families who travelled the entire world back and forth. Globetrot with their kids. They homeschool them while they're travelling. They are nomads. The rest of the world calls them crazy, and they don't care because they're happy and they're living with purpose. Don't tell me "Yeah, but it's different for me." It's not different for you. Whatever you want to do, go do it. Whatever you want to do, go do it. Whatever you want to do, go do it. 


Reading list. Let's hammer reading list real quick. Number one, this is my favorite book of all time. I recommend you read it, and I recommend you read it with your kids. Or, if your kids are old enough, have them read it by themselves and treat it like a family book club. Read The Alchemist. It is my favorite book of all time, period. It is a fiction book, not a self-help book. It is a fiction book. Read it, have your kids read it and then go back to living your life, but start reading and listening to the Allman's. Okay, fantastic. I think what I'm gonna do is share a reading list with you guys in the comments or something, or put it on the show notes after the fact. 

I don't want to take up too much time here. I wanna get into Q and A. That's my favorite book of all time. Then read, Disrupt You to learn how your job is probably going to go away. If you have a basic normal job, right? Mindset by Carol Dweck and is all about fixed versus growth mindset. So The Alchemist, Disrupt You, Mindset, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. He also has the Mastery of Love. If you like that story about the little kid and the guitar. There's a lot more of that in the Mastery of Love. I can give you more, and I want to keep this list manageable. For kids, The Way Of The Warrior Kid by Jocko Willink. Great, great, great book. Okay. 


I just want to walk you through those. I will give you a list of these. I know that I'm banging through this real quick. We've already gone over an hour or about an hour and six minutes. I'll give you links to all those books where you can just one-click purchase all of them. I'll give you a whole list of books in the show notes, which we always do at 


So let's check some comments. What are you guys talking about? Oh, The Alchemists, is that your favorite book? It is fantastic. The audible book actually awesome too. I love the book itself is great. The pages just feel better than like any other book ever. The audible version is also great. It does a fantastic job. 

The sun doesn't always shine here. Okay. Are you trying to get tricky on me? I literally have light in my house that's a human charger for winter time when it's not sunny. I wake up in the morning, and I shine this light on myself, and it mimics the sun. I will give you a link to that as well. This is what people in Alaska do or in places where it's dark for months at a time to reset your circadian rhythm. These lights are literally designed to emulate the sun. It's not an excuse. Can you resay the four agreements? You can just go back and watch it once we're done here. This video goes up and lives there forever. Right? Uh, and go get the book, go buy the four agreements and read it for yourself. 

All right. Way of the warrior kid in your class? Are you kidding me? You just made me so happy. I will try to get in touch with Jocko Willink and get you in touch with him. That's incredible. You just made me so happy. 


Yes, Jenny, there is also a link. Actually, this all exists within Clovis kids. This reading list is within Clovis kids, by the way. I have a link for the alchemists. If you're in Clovis kids, you can get the link there. There's also a link to a graphic novel version of The Alchemist, which is incredible. All right. 


Josh, what would we do first? Let's jump into tonight's offer. Let's make the offer. Okay? I'm gonna have Josh assist me here, but I'm going to walk you through this first. 

So tonight's offer is super simple. All you people from the Academy who have seen these offers telling me that you got five bags of paleo powder surplus in your house. And you don't need another one. We have listened, and we made a special offer just for you. Tonight's offer is super simple, nice and easy. Now that you have the tools you need for mindset, you can go out and practice mindset because you know better. You may not have known better. Some of you have. It seems like some of you worked on mindset in the past, which was fantastic. 


So you guys asked, we listened. I am here to introduce to you the first-ever Clovis shirt. We talked back and forth about this. We decided what we wanted to do. What was the best one to put out first? And we have gone with because I know better. 


Shannon real quick. I just wanna touch on Shannon. The reading list for kids would be good, too. It already exists within Clovis kids. Get into Clovis Kids. 


Because I Know Better, that is the first t-shirt that we decided to release. That is the offer for tonight. I'm going to leave that up on the screen. You guys can look at that while I draw out some things for you here, but it's nice and easy. You guys know this hashtag deal that we do for purchases. You can get your very own Because I Know Better shirt and all you have to do. We have a deal for you. You can get one shirt, you can get two shirts. Now all you have to do is #buy1 space and just tell us your size. Okay? Like small, large, extra-large, whatever it may be.#buy1, and get yourself the first-ever Clovis t-shirt Because I Know Better. Now, hold on to this hashtag #buy2. And then you just write your size. Small, large. 

There you go. That's how you do it. #buy1, #buy2. It's that simple. Get your very own Because I Know Better Clovis shirt. That's all you gotta do. 


Normally we're gonna put these out in the store. We're gonna have a homework section, and we're going to put them in the store. These t-shirts are going to be $27 each, but not tonight. Because tonight is offer night, Ask Me Anything Number 17 special offer. Again, all you have to do is #buy1 and list your size. #buy2 and list your size. Put spaces between these words, and you're good to go, but the hashtags have to be all one word. #buy1 and #buy2. This is $27 each, and tonight only, we're doing a very special deal. So if you buy one, we're giving it to you for $20. If you buy two, we're giving them to you for $36. 

Josh: To clarify, they just have them put men's small or female large or just tell them to write it up. 


Justin: Will they put gender too? 


Josh: Yeah. 


Justin: Okay, cool. Yeah, so put your size. Yes, that's a question that we wanted to touch on. We do have kids sizes. If you're in Clovis kids and you've got a little one, and you think they look cute walking around a little Because I Know Better Shirt, which I think that'd be adorable. I'm putting on my nieces and nephews. I'm super pumped about these. 


Let's put another example. Okay. So like #buy2, you can do, you know, kids small kids and then write men large. So basically, just give us a description of what you want. If you want a women's small, kids small and men's large, whatever. All you have to do is concentrate on these hashtags, right? #buy1, #buy2. We'll sort this out in the back end, too. If we have trouble with what you've told us or whatever, we can figure it all out. 


Josh: Chris is asking if it's unisex. It's definitely unisex. 


Justin: It's definitely unisex. Yes. Don't females have a different cut? All right. Look at those pictures again. Do you have a female on there? It is lagging. I can't see it. 

Yeah. That's awesome. Okay, we're dealing with unisex shirts. #buy1 medium, #buy2 kids small, large, just like that. Just list what you want. There we go. 


Just like Brett. Brett, you nailed it. That's a perfect example, right? #buy2 men XXL, women XXL. Perfect! #buy1 large female. Donna, nailed it. That's awesome! All right. 


That is tonight's offer. All you have to do is #buy1, #buy2, leave the descriptions. Okay. 


Yeah. Jackie, that's awesome. Great. All right, cool. So that's the offer for tonight. One for $20 and two for $36. These are going to end up in the store. Eventually, that'll be $27 per piece with probably no deal on bundling. They'll just be $27 per piece. Also, let us know what you think of the design. All these things, let us know what you want to see in the store. We can talk further about different things that we're going to do in the future and set up a merchant section.

Leave us the hashtags. 


Oh, dad. Does adult, kids have the same price?


Yes, they are. I don't know if it's kids male or female. Just write it in there. That's it. That's all you gotta do. 


Renee, you nailed it. Female medium, and kids medium. Perfect! That's awesome. Nice and easy. So Renee, if you haven't bought into this system before, you're getting a thank you message, and we'll walk you through how to finish this. You're going to get a link in your messenger, and you just have to fill out that link, and you'll get your stuff. Anyone who's already purchased through this hashtag system in our Facebook live videos before. Once you've typed in a hashtag, it's going to charge you immediately, and you're gonna get your stuff. Nice and easy.


Nicki, Awesome, 

Laurie, Awesome. 

Thank you guys so much. 

This is incredible. I love the shirt. I need to rock it Because I Know Better shirt. I'll do it in a Facebook live when we do the morning manifesto. 

Let me touch on that question again. The reading list for kids is inside of Clovis kids. Clovis kids, we taught of everything. I have articles, websites, FAQ. I have all my favorite books for kids, all my favorite books that parents need to read to learn how to teach things to the kids from mindset. We have exclusive video content within Clovis kids. It's crazy in there, right? It's a members-only platform for a whole different website. You have to log in to get all those things. 

Now that we have the offer, if you have any questions, let me know. If you have questions about this mindset AMA, let's jump into live Q and A. 

Keep placing your orders. 

That's amazing, Colleen. 

Thank you, Gail. 

Thank you so much. You can rock that. When I come to Rhode Island at the end of the month. It's going to be awesome. 

Do we have any questions about the AMA, anything you want to talk about? Kids mindset, the offer. Do you have any questions about the offer? Just let me know, and we'll walk you through it. 

Sam, thank you so much. Awesome. 


Shannon Jordan. I need to investigate further. 


Kathy, you need to put #buy1 or #buy2. You can't put #female. We're not going to get that. This has to start with one of these. So for what you just did, um, you'd have to do #buy2 and then do extra large and small. #buy2 extra-large, or small. 


Kathy, that's what you need to comment on right now. If you want to buy it through the comments section and get this deal. So #buy2 female, extra large and female small, that's all you need to do. Try that comment again, and you'll get what you need. 


Yeah, stickers are a great idea. I love stickers. I like stickers. This is my laptop because I'm ridiculous. Yay. Yeah, and tanks. Yeah. I want tanks too, especially since it's getting super hot here in Nashville. I'm super hot right now with these lights. We will make tanks. We will make stickers. We'll do all the things. Keep telling us the products you want, the products you like, the items you want to see, and the phrases you want to see. What you want to see on a t-shirt Justin isms, as you guys call them. Do you want some Justin isms on a t-shirt, let me know about it? 

I love stickers, bumper stickers. Okay. We can talk about bumper stickers. 


What else do you guys want? This is cool. We don't have to do Q and A. You just tell me all the products you want. Keep listing products and keep buying t-shirts. I'm happy. The more t-shirts, the better. 


Best book for self-sabotage. Okay. Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink. Jocko Willink also wrote The Way Of The Warrior Kid, which is fantastic. Discipline Equals Freedom. I don't know what Kristy Johnson was watching, but Christy told me how great that book is. She's sending me screenshots of the pictures. You'll understand that discipline is freedom. Do not ever rely on willpower and motivation. Discipline equals freedom is called A Field Manuals is written by a Navy seal. Discipline Equals Freedom. Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink. I'll put a comment for you. 


Car magnets, blender bottles for PPP. Yeah, we're going to jump on blender bottles. 


Don't sh*t on the Punchbowl. Correct, Sean. I'm sorry. I didn't get your kids around. I'm not that sorry. Blender bottles. 


I need Don't F****** Eat That stickers. 


That's true! That's a good one. There's another great book if you want another book. It's called The Subtle Art Of Not Giving Up. A great book, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F. But it's spelt out F asterisk CK, I think is the, when they spell it. But The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F is a fantastic book. It kind of gives you a real-world example of a Buddhist mindset, but without religion or spirituality. It's just like, not caring about that doesn't matter. Right? Blended bottles. Okay.

I'm sure they have your kids go to school and hear stuff crazy. Right? 


Got that from my Amazon card. Awesome! That's a great book. I don't know if that's the best for self-sabotage. I would check out just Discipline Equals Freedom. Prior to that, if self-sabotage is your biggest struggle because The Subtle Art Of Not Giving An F can almost be tough for some people because they realize how much they care about stuff that doesn't matter. It's not really like a tactical guide to not caring about those things. I don't know. It's a great book. I really liked it. 


Or their mom's kind of colorful. That's how I grew up. I grew up in Rhode Island and my mom grew up in Massachusetts. She's hilarious. She never pronounces an R unless it's on the end of the word yoghurt. That's she does yoghurt. 

You're A Badass by Jen Sincero. Cool. That's awesome. Yeah. You guys throw book recommendations to me too. I like learning new stuff. The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind. I've heard great things about that book. I haven't read it yet. I'm going to check it out. All right. 

Do you guys have any questions? Questions? I love all the comments. Click the smiley faces. Click the hearts, click the likes. Any questions about the AMA? Any questions about this? Anything? Late to the party. Can I rewind it? Lauren, see, all I need to know right now is this. #buy1, and then your size female or male, large. #buy2 get you two, these are $27 each. These are the first-ever Clovis t-shirts Because I Know Better. 


Yes, Donna. That's how you pay me literally with the hashtag. That's how you pay. That's the payment system. All you have to do is #buy1, #buy2, and your size. You'll get a link to complete your payment. If you've never done this system before, you'll get a link to complete your payment. That's all you have to do. The deal with tonight is one for $20, and two for $36. These are normally $27 each. 


So yeah, Crystal, I'm super excited with the Clovis line, too and we're going to get better and better, more and more things. It's going to be fantastic. That's all you have to do exactly as it's written there and screen #buy1 with your size and #buy2 with your size. That's how you do it. So Lauren, you just jumped in late to the party. Just go ahead and purchase. Trust me. You're going to love this. These t-shirts are going to be awesome. I can't wait to get them. All right. 

Let's hit a couple of these questions. What do you think about naked popcorn for kids? No, it's a grain. Don't eat it. 


Stephen Cory, did you read the Bulletproof diet? Yes, I did. Fantastic. It's a great nutrition book. Start to finish. It's awesome. It was written before Dave Asprey when crazy mainstream and took on $19 million in venture capital money. Started putting Erythritol and Xylitol on all of his products and screwed everything up. I was a giant Bulletproof fan. Bulletproof was awesome. Right? And then he took on a bunch of millions of dollars from venture capitalists and everything got crazy. But, the Bulletproof book, the Bulletproof diet was fantastic. It's a great book. I highly recommend it. Yeah, bulletproof was great. 


Set up a Clovis line. Gotcha. Donna, yep. That's it. Nice and easy. Just hashtags. We make it as simple as you can. The other thing is, for those of you that have done these AMA's before is once you do this hashtag system like Renee, for instance, purchased the first time today. She's going to get a link to connect her payment information. From then on, you can go on all these Facebook lives when we have these deals and just use the hashtag that we give you. It will be a specific hashtag and then you can buy whatever you want. Whatever we tell you, whatever the offer is, you get to buy it. It's great. We usually do an offer every week. 


Josh: Kathy said #buy2 with TWO. Tell her what was this whole message here and we'll get it. Okay. 


Justin: Was that down there? I can't see. So Kathy did it again. 


Josh: Yeah. TWO


Justin: Kathy, you're going to #buy2. Just hashtag it like how we got it written here. TWO isn't gonna work or our system has to scan these comments. It's tech that we use. We need the comments to be correct. The hashtags have to be correct to get it into our system. If you want to purchase #buy2. Use the number 2 or #buy1 use number 1. 


Yes, exactly. Yeah, Crystal. It's lectins. Like we talk about lectins, right? The tight junctures in your belly. You don't want me to see through the lining of your kid's belly. Okay. Especially when we know that your little dude has his gut microbiome to be very strong. No, no, no, no, no, no, just don't do it. Don't do it. Not to mention almost all corn on planet earth is GMO whether they say it is or not. Please be very careful. 


When is the Nashville get together? Actually, I've been thinking about this. My wheels have been spinning out of the Nashville retreat. I mean a Clovis retreat, but it wouldn't be Nashville. I'm thinking. We're gonna think about a retreat. Okay? So I'm gonna poke around to see what kind of interests we have for actually spending an extended amount of time with me and the wizard and Hannah and doing crazy sh**. Sounds good, right? We'll talk about it. 

Yeah, Kathy. Oops. No problem. Just try again. All you have to do is just #buy2. No worries. We have all the time in the world. 


When do we get a retreat? Let me think about it. 

Hi Lennox. Lennox loves everyone. He's the best dog ever. 


Make it to California. I have some PTO time to use. Yeah, Americans only use an average of 57% of their vacation time. Jump on all your vacation time. 


East coast? We'll see. I'm thinking somewhere way more exotic than you guys are thinking. So remember, I'm the guy who likes to spend time in the jungle. 


All right, what else we got? You guys are still buying to getting t-shirts. Remember, this is the only time that you're gonna get this deal. One for $20 or two for $36. This is usually $27 each when they get into the Clovis store or whatever. It's a deal. It's an awesome t-shirt. I would jump on it right now if I were you. You will have one of the first-ever Because I Know Better Clovis t-shirts ever in the world. 


Wisconsin is totally exotic. I've been there. Nah, I've been just about everywhere you can imagine. 


Remember Josh and I had played music all over the entire world, so we've been to a lot of places. All right, what else have we got? Questions about AMA, about the deal. We'll keep running this for a while. 


There we go. Oh, Kathy! 


Josh: Hold on. I think we still got it. We did it. Did it go through?


Justin: It still worked! It's still worked though we got to put a space

Josh: Richard, we checked. Okay. Good work!


Justin: Yes. Amazing, Kathy. We got it. This is great. 


Josh: She has a common link that she'll click on. 


Justin: That was so close. I was nervous. I'm tired. I'm tired too. I'm tired of these lights are hot as sh**. It's crazy out here. Alright! 


What else have we got? Hey, I think there are dudes over there on the podcast. That's cool. All right, what else have we got guys? Do you have any questions? 

Questions about the deal, about The Alchemists greatest book of all time. Questions about mindset, questions about Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow. Do you see that? That's why I get paid the big bucks because I can sing like a lady whenever I need to. It's no big deal. Whatever! Jackie's impressed. I know. This is fun, right? 


Donna, I love this. This is crazy. Hashtags are my favorite part of every AMA. This is awesome. You guys can ask me questions too. 

The Alchemist is the best book of all time. Yes. 100% 


Sean, I won't sing unless I'm getting paid for it. Oh, see what I did there. 


I want that heat lamp. Is it is cold? You don't want these. These ones are hot and they're expensive. 


I'm on day three. Tricia, welcome. That's awesome. Day three is great. Day three. I don't know if you've had any detox symptoms or anything yet. 

I don't know if you were like eating a lot of carbohydrates beforehand. Let me know how you're feeling. If you're feeling weird or anything, let me know, ask me questions. Ask me questions that you got right now. It will be awesome. 


We will all buy shirts if you sing. Is that so? I think a lot of you are buying shirts right now without me singing. Plus you can see me saying anywhere, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, Youtube, literally anywhere. Google play. You can hear me sing whenever you want, or you can come to Nashville. I'm avoiding singing right now. That'd be weird. We're just breaking out into song. 

Day three is not great. 

For you, it wasn't great, Krista. You are a little sugar burner. For some people is not that bad, and he saved gum that he can chew. Yeah. Oh man, I just had an email about this, but I can't find it. I can find gum for you right now. I'm going to find you gum. He's so stingy with his vocals. Yup. 


There are some safe gums you can chew. Now they have xylitol or erythritol in them, so they have a sweetener, but it's not the end of the world. It's much better than most of the other stuff you've been doing. Mints are I'm not sure about. I remember what it's called B fresh. I think it's called B fresh. Look up on Amazon. 


Musical AMA. Buy all the t-shirts, sell us out of all the t-shirts and I'll do a Facebook live where I play piano and guitar and sing for you guys. That's no joke. I'll do a Facebook live. I don't know if you guys know this, but I do all requests, duelling pianos. I know somewhere between 600 and 700 songs off the top of my head. If you want to see me, you can vouch for that. So we can literally just do an AMA, and you can request any song ever. I'll probably know it, and I'll sing it for you. 


Buy all the shirts. Be fresh as its wrapper name. That's awesome. 


Actually have some xylitol mints. 

Yeah. I mean, I don't consider xylitol like an approved food on the approved foods list, but it's like, how often are you eating breath mint? 

If you eat 300 breath mins a day. It's equal to 30 grams of xylitol or something, then you have a problem. You should see a therapist about your addiction to breath mints. That's more of a problem than the xylitol or erythritol, right? 


Where do we put the hashtag order? 

Right there, just like you just commented, just type it in. All you have to do is #buy1, all one word with a number or #buy2. All one word with the number space, and then put your size. So just #buy1 or #buy2 and then your size. That's it! Yeah. But like you gotta have fresh breath, right? So do it. I'll send you guys a mouthwash. There's a mouthwash I use all the time because I play at the big bang and I'll be there, you know, singing on stage for an hour. Then I'm in the back eating Kansas sardines, literally because that's what I do. I eat sardines. I can't go back out in the crowd and talking to people who wants to take pictures having sardine breath. 


I have this amazing tea tree oil mouthwash. It's like one of my favorite products I've ever found. I'll show you that tea tree oil mouthwash. It's fantastic.


Lauren, yeah, just put the hashtag right here in the comments. That's it. #buy1, and #buy2 and then your size. That's it! 


See, just like Shannon Jordan did #buy1 large. 


Nailed that, Crystal. #buy2 small. Just like that. 


That's all you got to do. Just like they did. So, Lauren, there's your instruction. 


Carla, I've gone down two sizes already. I don't know what size the order. I know, right? When will the fat loss stop? 


Never. It's awesome. 

What else have we got? Sam, I can tell you exactly what's happening. So, Sam, you are in fat-burning mode. Congratulations! That's where terrible breath is coming from. It happens when your body first enters ketosis, and then it literally changes your breath. They call it like dragon breath or like keto-flu breath or whatever. You've probably now shifted into fat-burning mode, and that breath thing that you're dealing with will actually go away. It's pretty great. 

Also, in Clovis kids, I list all the toothpaste that I use. Fluoride toothpaste is terrible for you. Why would you do that? Don't put that in your body. Most toothpastes are awful for you. I have specific tooth brands that are on the approved foods list in Clovis Kids. That's awesome. 


Lauren, thank you. 

Hey, any more you can come. That's none of your dam* business, and I thank you for staying out of my personal affairs. 


Jim Carrey, Ace Ventura. Nailed it. 

What else have we got? Sometimes coffee in between brushing was rough, so I had mint. Okay. That's great. 


Sam was eating 300 a day. Thank you. 

What else have we got? Be rushed as my new wrapper mint.


Yeah. Sean, I take requests. That's literally what I do for a living. I take requests. That's it! Everything from Macklemore to Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry and everything in between. All of the things. 


Yeah, if you go to my Instagram page, that's true. Go to Instagram @justinnault. You'll see a little clip of me singing Africa by Toto at Duke University last week. That's pretty cool. Anna's singing now, guys. Anna's here. 

All right, what else we got here? #grassbreath. There are so many comments. 


Thank you, Lauren. 

Carla, yeey! 

Sean. Yes, you did it. I'm proud of you. 

Kathy, you got to go to work tomorrow. Go get some sleep. Sleep is very, very important. Also, don't forget to watch my sleep hacking AMA. Sleep Hacking and Personal Freedom, You'll find it. It's awesome. That's amazing news. 


Yes, awesome. Carla #buy1 XXL. That's awesome. Gotcha. 

Sean, should they be coming to something different? I don't know. What do you order on there? That's your name. That's your Facebook name. 


Anna, Jackie says hi. 


Anna: Hey, Jackie. 


Justin: And Crystal says, yay, Anna. They love you. She's always snacking.


Anna: I'm eating chocolate. Hey, everybody.


Justin: She's eating chocolate all the time. Dark chocolate and bacon. That's what Anna does now. Hey Hannah, can we tell the people how long you have been doing this? How long since I gave you macros? 


Anna: Two and half weeks?


Justin: Two and a half weeks and Anna is tiny, right? How much weight did you lose? 


Anna: Six pounds. 


Justin: Six pounds. Anna lost six pounds switching to super dark chocolate and bacon. Nailed it! 


Josh: Just a little bit. You keep standing near centre of the board. They can't see it.

Justin: Guys, Anna lost six pounds by eating bacon and dark chocolate in bed at night. Seriously, join the Clovis group, the Clovis academy. And you can see her in bed, eating bacon and dark chocolate. Dudes, don't be creepy. She's just lying in bed. It's not a big deal. But yeah, seriously switched from cold cereal every morning to bacon and dark chocolate and lost six pounds. Awesome! 


We love you, Anna. Always eat chocolate. Anna girl. Love her! 


Guys, you're making me jealous of Anna. 

Sam, you can have it tomorrow. Don't worry. You'll be all right. 

Oh, sleep. What? Sleep hacking and personal freedom. You will see all the Ask Me Anything. This one will be there tomorrow as well. We put a blog post up the next day that has all links and show notes. You get links to The Alchemists and all the books I mentioned with minute markers. 


Jackie's awesome. She puts that all together for me. It's going to have all the show notes, resources, links, everything. This is Some people get confused. Just That will get you to all of the Ask me Anythings, all 17 of them.

That's right, Sean. You're drinking the Clovis Kool-Aid. It doesn't have sugar in it or xylitol or erythritol. 


Josh Hayley, look at you. Buying shirts. Where's my money? Don't make me come get my money. All right, guys. How are you feeling about AMA number 17 Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow? We talked about school. We talked about work. We talked about personal life. You took the red pill, dove into the matrix with me and understood that there are really no scary consequences for changing things about your life that you don't like. 


Loved it! 

Jackie, love you. Thank you. I appreciate it. 


Hearts, all the hearts. I love the hearts and the smiles and the laughing ones. No sad faces, no angry faces. Thumbs up, hearts, smiles. 



Thank you guys so much, everybody that bought. Seriously, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I know that there's been a lot of changes in Clovis. We've talked a lot about switching over to pay macronutrients for adults and Clovis kids being a paid member platform. Now we're going to start offering merchandise and stuff. I remember you guys see the hours that we put in. If you're in the academy, you see me every morning and do the manifestos. I usually tell you about my day, all my crazy travels and my crazy gigs and paleo effects and all the things we're doing. The Wizard worked harder than anyone I've ever met in my life. Anna is a savage. She's working all the time, literally. This is what keeps us going, guys. At the end of the day, if you love what we're doing and just want to support us, buy yourself a t-shirt. 


Buy a t-shirt for your kid. Buy a t-shirt for your uncle. Buy a t-shirt for your friend who eats fruit just to make fun of him. Just ball it up and go, "here you go you, freakin' sugar burner and throw it out on that season." Guys, get t-shirt bombs and ball them up and yell, "you fruit eater sugar burners and throw the t-shirts at them." That's a great way to spend 20 bucks, right? Let's be honest. That's awesome. All right. 


Crystal loves The Wizard. Awesome. 

Laura Garcia. Thank you. You can wear Because I Know Better while you're swinging kettlebells, like a bad-ass. I love that. Love kettlebells. Come to Nashville and teach us about kettlebells, right? 


Freaking sugar burner. 

Yes, that's a new one. 


Did you just pin Crystal's comment? 

Crystal, Josh has pinned your comment about loving The Wizard. 


Bret, you can sh** the punchbowl sometimes as long as you have a shirt with you while you do it. As long as you have a t-shirt with you, you're not doing it to your loved ones because they're sweet. Just do it to the people who argue with you that what I'm telling you is wrong because they're incorrect, or tell them to come on Facebook live and debate me. 


Guys, I'm waiting for my first Facebook live debate. I can't wait. It's going to be awesome. 


New favorite saying: fruit and sugar burner. Guys, we have new Justin isms. 


Next t-shirt: fruit-eating sugar burner. 

Nailed it! Why don't we keep dancing? And Facebook Live is like a second behind. I watch it, and I just start dancing on the screen, and I'm like, "wow, you look ridiculous."

Jillian Michaels would never debate me. In a thousand years, I could probably offer a million dollars, and she wouldn't do it. I'm telling you right now. That woman knows exactly nothing about biochemistry. That would be hilarious. And I'm sorry, I just got serious there, but she makes me so angry. I can't even tell you. 


I won't sing, but dance.

 I actually can't dance at all. As a musician, do you think I'd be able to a little bit, but no, I really can't. It's hilarious. 


Her face makes me angry. 

Poor Julian Michaels. She was born that way. Leave her alone. Don't leave her alone. She deserves it. No, it's okay. 


What I learned about when she did that clip with Steve Harvey about ketosis being harmful to you. And then, and then Steve Harvey goes, "but, but, but, but that's, that's not good for you." 


Really? Steve Harvey. I mean, you could probably stand to lose like a solid 60 pounds. Thank you for telling me what's good for me and not good for me, Steve Harvey. You nutritionist. That was awesome. Anyway, sorry. 

All right. What else have we got? Anybody? New t-shirts, sales, questions? Ask me anything. I think we'll wrap this thing up here in a minute because yeah, we've got a long, long time. We're going super long, guys, but this was a good AMA. Mindset is super important. Again, it is the foundation of everything. If you can't get your mind, right? You're not going to find long-term success in any lifestyle approach. That's what Clovis is. It's a lifestyle approach. You'd be surprised. I have people all the time where they get custom macros from me, and I'll send it to them, and they're just like, "yup, this sounds great. Next month I have my friend's wedding, and the week after that I have a cruise, and then I have this. So I'll probably start in, I don't know, August, but thanks for the info."

I'm like, "whoa, uh, what?" Like that person's never going to start. They're just never going to start. Their mindset isn't there. They don't really want change. This is another thing that goes back to macronutrients and investing in yourself, right? So if you come to me and you want macronutrients, and now I'm saying, "Hey, I'm going to give you custom macros." Custom nutrition recommendations, custom supplement recommendations, custom fitness recommendations. You've seen the transformations and the Clovis academy, and all of a sudden, this $97 thing. You're like, "I can't do custom macros. Nope." Then you're just not willing to invest in yourself. That's what's happening there, right? 

It's very, very important that you guys take this super seriously. When you see those transformations and understand that that's something you can do. Think about the cost related to the rest of your life, right? That's you looking at your future in the manifesto. I can change my life. I can change my health. I can change my future. You can change all those things, right? 


It's been kind of fun to see and weed that out of, "Hey, we face this paywall." That's your first obstacle to change in your life, right? Do you want the red pill, blue pill? Buy those custom macros and take the red pill, right? Boom! There you go. Do you wanna talk to me about custom macros? Talk to me about custom macros. Send us a Facebook message at the Clovis culture. Million ways of getting in touch with us. Any piece of fruit besides the outcome. Yes. That's funny. 


This is Ask Me Anything Number 17 Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow. #buy1, #buy2 sizes. Buy the new Clovis, because I know you want a t-shirt. Share this with your friends. This will go up tomorrow as a blog post with all the show notes, resources, book notes, everything you need and links to all that. I'll put links to Clovis kids. I'll put links to the Clovis academy. Everything I talked about, do this for us. 


One last ask. Anybody who's still watching. How many viewers did we get? We got 20 viewers. 20 viewers get into Clovis academy, pick 10 people on Facebook that you love more than anything in the world and add them to the Clovis academy. So they see this stuff, push it up to over 700 members. Let's do it. It's almost 700 people in Clovis Academy. Go there right now, go to members, click the add button that looks like this and add all the people you love the most. Just add them to Clovis Academy. Let him see these videos if you think they need to know. Then go through the AMA. We have 17 different Ask Me Anythings that touch on everything you can think of. From fruit being toxic and chocolate being a superfood to the right alcohol to drink. The fact that alcohol doesn't make you fat, just sodium is good for you, how to feed fat to your kids, to a macronutrient breakdown on every single macronutrient, how it behaves in your body, to potato tricks and party tips, to free your mind and the rest of the follow, right? How eating fat can save your life? We have just not everything that you can think of. What's holding you back? That was a great one, right? Your children, how to feed your children and the gut microbiome. There are so many AMAs. There's so much good content. 


So just do this. Add your people to the Clovis academy, tag them in posts. Share AMAs with them, and let's change some lives, man. Now, again, this, this isn't in the Punchbowl. It's just to tell people you love to say, "Hey, check this out for yourself. Watch some of these videos, add people to the group, let them poke around, tell them to use the search bar in Clovis Academy. There's a little search bar over here. It looks like this, and you can search what you want to know." You can put in chocolate, right? And you can see all the posts about chocolate. Tagging in a post and help them explore. You need to help people explore the world of Clovis, right? Help them explore, bring them into the fold. We can change more lives this way. People need to learn about these things. It's very, very important. You can help me get my hands on more people. All my vegan friends. Bring the vegans in. Let's do it. That'd be great. I'd love to see it too. That'll be a disaster. Yes, it is a safe space. Always share the vids. Thank you for always sharing the vids. 

Well, no, Jackie, and don't worry. I mean, Jackie, we have me, we have the Wizard. We have you. We have Anna, we have my dad, we have 700 other people. Someone comes in there to start shooting Punchbowl. They're a complete jerk. We simply remove them, not a big deal. We simply remove them and ban them for life. And then when we find them, and we ball up a t-shirt and say, "here you go, you're a fruiting sugar burner." And then it's handled. No big deal. I treat the Clovis academy like my living room. If somebody comes into my living room and puts their money feet on my coffee table and spills a drink and starts telling everybody that asphalt. I'm going to show that guy to sleep and lay him in the front yard and call the police for him to come and get them. Okay. It's not a big deal. 

All right. Fruit-eating sugar burner. Love it. 

Kathy, better act, right? Yes. Always act right. And thank you guys so much. Facebook Live, Ask Me Anything Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow. Add your people to the Clovis group. #buy1 and #buy2. Use the search bar and tag people in posts. Teach them. We're all about bringing them in. Let's change some lives. We can't hoard the group. It can't just be our group forever. We need to bring people in, right? Thank you guys so much. 


Thank you, Wizard. 

Thank you, Anna. 

Thank you, everybody, for everything. 

This is Justin asked me anything. Number 17, signing off. I'll see you guys tomorrow in the Clovis academy for the morning manifesto. 

Thank you guys so much. Thank you so much for buying shirts and supporting us. 

This makes Clovis running.

 It makes Clovis sustainable. I love you forever until next week until tomorrow manifesto. Thank you, guys.

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