Free For All! - Live AMA #57 - Clovis

Free For All! - Live AMA #57

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5:52- Q: What's the best source of B12? 7:20- Commenting on Comments: Finally got my custom macros! I also noticed the update approved foods list! Yay! 8:07- Commenting on Comments: There’s a cute little video on the website explaining The Perfect Paleo Powder! How have I never seen this?! 9:24- Q: Omega 3 vs. Omega 6’s- which are more important? 12:09- Commenting on Comments: “The new food list seems more lenient.” 14:50- Q: Justin, Why is dairy so bad? 17:04- Q: You get asked this all the time, but if I’m within 2 grams or so of my carbs is that ok? 18:20- Commenting on Comments: Yes! This is exactly what I need, a lifestyle! (Spoiler alert- day 31 looks like this…) 20:13- Commenting on Comments: You need the community and support is how I pitch I Am Clovis to interested people 20:49- Commenting on Comments: I've gone 90 days with no cheating and I’m now down 26 pounds! 21:05- Q: Switching over the kid’s vitamins to your approved brands, but second ingredient is sugar? 23:14- Q: Thoughts on depression and changing your diet vs. antidepressants? 24:29- Q: Besides staying on protocol, what else can I do to heal as quickly as possible? 25:48- Commenting on Comments: Barrets is a reflux condition that erodes the esophagus and can lead to cancer 27:46- Commenting on Comments: Making change is hard, but it’s better than dead 28:27- Commenting on Comments: The Gummy Vitamins have organic cane sugar 28:57- Q: What are your thoughts on MCT oil? 31:08- Commenting on Comments: My Functional MD loves your program! 31:34- Commenting on Comments: Oh no! I lived on Tums before Clovis! 32:14- Commenting on Comments: I feel like everything I learned in Nursing school is wrong! 32:23- Commenting on Comments: Ditch the NSAIDS people! 33:27- Q: Do you have a good sleep mask recommendation? 33:37- Q: Can you review the benefits of oil pulling? 34:57- Commenting on Comments: In 3 days I should be getting chemo for my RA, but now I’m NOT thanks to the results with Clovis! 35:08- Commenting on Comments: I’ve tried turmeric and it did nothing for my pain 36:24- Q: Can you make any suggestions for better sleep? And (asking for a friend) what foods can help with male sex drive? 39:10- Q: Can you explain why salt doesn’t affect blood pressure? 41:45- Q: Do you recommend supplementing calcium for women? 43:24- Q: My brother takes pea protein because he knows whey is bad. Thoughts? 44:16- Commenting on Comments: I just got off my blood pressure medication today! Thanks to Clovis! 47:10- Q: Do sprouts and broccoli cause heartburn? 48:41- Commenting on Comments: My brothers and sisters live in AU and don’t have easy access to PPP. 50:02- Q: How do you feel about nut milks? 50:37- Commenting on Comments: I love your passion! (let’s talk fulfillment, guys) 52:35- Q: Will bacon make me fat? 55:19- Commenting on Comments: Little sis’ Nault is killing fasting- 109 hours! 55:57- Commenting on comments: The people who comment the most on my bacon and salt shots are usually the ones who who need to lose a lot of weight themselves 57:16- Q: How much is too much collagen? 57:42- Commenting on Comments: You look skinny! (Here’s some weird marketing advice I keep getting…) 1:01:27- Q: Hey man, are you ragging on my Instagram to promote the Clovis Ambassador Program? 1:03:59- Q: Do you have any tips or recommendations to help deal with cravings for unhealthy foods? 1:05:19- Q: I’m a newbie and I’m not sure why you’re in Thailand? Work, travel or both? 1:06:17- Commenting on Comments: I’m 7 pounds more jacked since you make my macros! 1:07:58- EVERY Clovis online platform has its OWN search feature! 1:09:14- Commenting on Comments: I wish I had your energy! 1:11:20- Wrap Up! Show Notes and Resources:

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