Everything In Your House Is Killing You! - Live AMA #18 - Clovis

Everything In Your House Is Killing You! - Live AMA #18

Live Ask Me Anything #18 - Topics Covered:

5:59- Who is this "Justin Nault" character?

6:38- Clovis Academy & Clovis kids! Come hang with us!

7:14- Human health does not end with nutrition... "Lifestyle" is all-encompassing.

10:00- Everything In Your House Is Killing You!

11:30- Examples of hypocrisy...




17:27- FB Check

17:43- Let’s Jump in: Your beliefs…

19:33- How much thought have you given to the ingredients in the products in your home?

22:30- “If I would not be comfortable swallowing it, it does not go on my skin. Period”

22:59- Amylia’s Story- This will shock you!

25:31- Let’s talk about products: DEODORANT

26:57- SOAPS!

27:15- Our obsession with sanitizing everything is compromising human health

31:35- You have microbiomes all over your body. It’s incredible

32:46- Now we get to talk about feminine hygiene products! This gets terrifying

35:31- SCENTS!

35:48- Chemicals in candles are AS DANGEROUS as secondhand smoke. Yikes!

40:18- FB Check






43:00- “What’s happening on your skin is a warning sign for what’s going on in your body”

45:23- Eczema and acne are symptoms of systemic inflammation. Clovis is anti-inflammatory

46:07- 30% of Americans have IBS. That’s 90 Million people. But for most, it’s easily treatable...

47:03- How to get HEALTHY skin!

47:40- Stacey’s story: Healing from the inside out, not the other way around

50:46- Acne- Let’s have it out!

53:08- We’re going to get VERY real with the women in the Academy…

55:24- Hair… you do soooo much to your hair with chemicals

56:08- This is the problem with segmenting your health...

57:40- FB Check

58:55- Special Offer!

1:00:18-Once you remove the junk, you’ll have to rebuild

1:01:15- “I no longer wear deodorant”

1:02:18- Stop using terrible chemicals on yourself and your loved ones

1:04:22- Recap and Special Offer, one more time

1:05:40- Live Q&A

  • 1:05:45- Mother Dirt
  • 1:07:08- "Coconut oil as soap in the shower?"
  • 1:08:55- "Oil pulling?"
  • 1:11:11- "Is there makeup in the approved product eBook?"
1:16:24- Wrap Up

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