Electrolytes, Religion, and... Poop?! - Live AMA #62 - Clovis

Electrolytes, Religion, and... Poop?! - Live AMA #62

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Live Ask Me Anything #62 - Topics Covered:

Electrolytes, Religion, and... Poop?!

Topics Covered:

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5:00 - Q: “I use Carb Manager, don’t plan ahead but now have an idea and check myself after work to make sure I hit macros. Often, I am short on carbs and having trouble finding something to up carbs but not fat or protein. I’m hitting calories, fats, and proteins no problem now. Blueberries are my go-to. What else?”

11:22 - Q: “Alkaline pH water? Benefits, no benefits?”

  • Nope.

11:45 - Q: “You talked a lot about hydration in the last few weeks. I struggle being hydrated in the morning when I wake up. No matter how much water I drink during the day or eat right up until bed, I wake up feeling super dehydrated. Any tips? Salt? Electrolytes?”

  • Yes! Electrolytes!

  • 3-6g of sodium per day. 3g is roughly 1.5 Tsp

  • Redmond Sea Salt

  • ½ body weight in ounces of water each day is a good estimate for how much water you should drink

18:00 - Q: “We were talking at lunch yesterday and somebody swears that salt makes them puffy, she said it makes her swell up every time, is that because of salt?”

  • Might not be getting enough water per day

  • Could be inflammation, leaky gut, etc.

20:00 - Why do you need salt shots?

22:00 - Q: “It’s day 3 doing Clovis. It was going great until I started craving sugar, then I see donuts and ice cream and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m doing salt shots and hitting my macros. Are there any other ways to get through the withdrawal my body is going through? Supplements? I’m scared I’m going to cave.”

26:01 - Commenting on comments regarding salt making you puffy

  • “I’ve had the issue for years, once I started drinking more water, no less than 80oz a day, it went away!"

27:00: Q: “How do I decide what products are on your approved products list?”

30:35 - Q: “If someone is going to eat bread, what type is the least damaging?”

  • Homemade fermented sourdough bread

35:42: Q: “Will the approved products lists ever be included for Clovis members?”

37:55: Q: “Onnit brain boosting supplements. I know you mentioned them in your travel tips AMA. If I wanted to optimize time/brain power/memory, are these worth it? Which ones?”

  • Alpha Brain by Onnit - more mellow

  • Ciltep by Natural Stacks - more intense

  • Or get a prescription for Provigil or Modafinil

  • Nicotine is another great nootropic

  • Racetams

41:25: Q: “Does it matter at all what time of day you eat your carbs?”

  • Carbs are better at night for fat loss

42:51: Q: “Do you think it’s important to eat a variety of animal proteins throughout the day rather than the same 2-3 options? Does it matter?”

  • It’s all about micronutrient intake

46:47: Q: “I’ve been focusing a lot on my mental and spiritual health the past few months. As I’ve been working on letting go of parts of my life/self that are not contributing to my growth, I’ve found that I am experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety around changing things in my life that are outside the ‘norm’. This has been particularly evident in my spiritual journey. I am a Christian and have been one my whole life. Over the past few years, I have felt a huge disconnect with the church, God, and even myself. Because of this, I have been working on strengthening my connection with God and my spirituality to become more in tune with my true self and purpose. My journey has led me to use tools like yoga, meditation, books on raising your vibration, etc. and I’ve found myself afraid that I’m doing things wrong and anxious not knowing if what I’m doing is wrong or sinful in the eyes of God. Other people’s judgment has played into this. You’ve mentioned before that you’ve had a pretty intense journey of self-exploration. Did you deal with fear? How did you tell the difference between fear that is based on the dogma of others and authentic fear that should be listened to as a warning?”

  • Long talk about self-growth, spirituality, letting go of the judgment of others

58:00 - Clovis is just me sharing my journey with you!

1:06:49 - Psychedelics for treating PTSD

1:08:56 - Muscle Gain and Body Fat

1:10:30 - Q: “This is a weird one. Poop, literally. In the past, I’ve been told regular bowel movements are good and when it stinks it means nutrients aren’t being absorbed. For a healthy person, or one that has adopted Clovis, what should bowel movements be like?”

  • Smooth and soft!

  • Runny probably means there is inflammation in the gut

  • Hard stool probably means fiber deficiency (and increase hydration and electrolytes)

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