Ego Is The Enemy - Live AMA #50 - Clovis

Ego Is The Enemy - Live AMA #50

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Ego Is The Enemy:

5:32- Commenting on Comments: "I loved the latest podcast! Loved the conversation about the impact of planted based agriculture. It’s Shocking!" 8:46- Ego Is The Enemy... Let's talk about Ego. 12:27- Ego is not what you think it is... 16:51- Here’s how you spread Ego without even knowing it… 20:30- Parents can be Egomaniacs... 22:39- What would your life be like, if you stopped caring what people think? 24:12- The truth is... nobody cares. 29:23- Nobody cares... Except for Clovis. 36:14- A thought experiment... How to share Clovis. 42:20- FB Check:
  • 42:37- Q: "I wonder what correlation there is between anxiety and Ego?"
  • 43:31- Commenting on comments: "People need to spew words to show they have an opinion"
  • 44:09- Commenting on Comments: "I think I have a huge ego…"
  • 46:09- Commenting on Comments: "I love the brutal honesty, snapping you back with love!"
  • 48:49- Commenting on Comments: "I don’t talk about Clovis on my FB page. I posted a picture of myself the other day and got 4 private messages asking me what I’m doing!"
  • 50:29- Commenting on Comments: "I don’t post on FB because it won’t help me reach my goals"
  • 53:00- Commenting on Comments: "I never associated anxiety with Ego. Mindblown!"
  • 57:22- Q: "Would you ever make PPP from fish?"
  • 1:01:10- Q: "I have a few co-workers that might be interested in trying Clovis in the new year. I know it’s moving over to a membership, how can they get started?"
  • 1:01:51- Q: "I feel like my skin gets looser after fasting. Is that possible?"
  • 1:04:58- Commenting on Comments: "I watched a documentary about gut health. Seemed to align with Clovis"
  • 1:07:05- Commenting on comments: "I’m waiting til after I’m after my pain meds, post surgery to start fasting again."
  • 1:07:55- Commenting on Comments: "In my culture, we fast during fasting month from sunrise to sunset"
  • 1:08:34- Q: "Why are so many other professionals missing the lectin piece of the puzzle?"
  • 1:12:35- Q: "What about Kimchi? Most of it has peppers and sugar."
  • 1:13:52- Commenting on Comments: "I loved what Diana Rogers said about becoming an RD to take insurance and then doing what she believes is best"
  • 1:15:50- Commenting on comments: "My surgeon was glad I ate a low carb diet!"
1:16:44- Wrap Up! Show Notes and Resources:

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- The Perfect Paleo Powder

- The Perfect Paleo Podcast with Justin Nault

- The Perfect Fasting Protocol by Justin Nault - The Perfect Paleo Cookbook by Justin Nault

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