Traditional Food Myths, Olive Oil, Electrolytes, Organ Meats, and Cholesterol Panels  - AMA #80 - Clovis

Traditional Food Myths, Olive Oil, Electrolytes, Organ Meats, and Cholesterol Panels - AMA #80

Traditional Food Myths, Olive Oil, Electrolytes, Organ Meats, and Cholesterol Panels

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Live Ask Me Anything #80 - Topics Covered:

Traditional Food Myths, Olive Oil, Electrolytes, Organ Meats, and Cholesterol Panels

Topics Covered:

5:13- Navigating the idea of “abandoning your culture’s traditional foods” to go Clovis. Here’s the thing…

16:28- Q: What are your thoughts on the Mediterranean diet? 

19:16- Commenting on Comments: My grandmother used to make homemade mayo, but we only got it once in a while because it was harder to make back then

20:17- Q: What should I do if I’m doing multiple fasts and not seeing any fat budging? 

23:14- Commenting on Comments: Thank you! My doctor suggested the Mediterranean diet

24:49- Q: What should I look for when buying Olive oil? The supermarket selection is confusing!

29:02- People talk about the Mediterranean diet being “heart-healthy” but here’s what’s in between the lines!

31:20- Commenting on Comments: Your diet has changed my world. Thank you! Love my Clovis!

31:48- Q: How do you feel about organ meat supplements? 

34:50- Q: What do you think about metabolic typing?

36:22- Commenting on Comments: Just added beef heart to my daily menu. Twice the amount of protein and half the cost! 

37:20- Q: How do you keep your electrolytes balanced during a fast? 

42:54- Q: 4oz of any particular organ that covers all your nutrient needs? 

43:24- Commenting on Comments: I just did my first 3-day fast. I was so easy I don’t know why I didn’t try it before? 

45:30- Commenting on Comments: The bandwagon now is “slow oxidizer, dual metabolic type” etc (nonsense!)

47:53- Q: If I do an extended fast and lose 20lbs, will that 20lbs stay off when I start eating Clovis? 

49:39- Commenting on Comments: I meant I did a fast and lost 10lbs while only drinking water!

51:39- Commenting on Comments: I worked out last night while fasted and everyone freaked out

53:05- Let’s talk about Familial Hypercholesterolemia lean mass hyper responders and cholesterol in the U.S.  

1:00:30- I want to warn you about what WILL happen when you go Clovis…

1:03:52- Commenting on Comments: My dad died of a heart attack at 56. He wasn’t heavy, but I’m sure he had inflammation. I’m trying to fix this for myself

1:05:14- Commenting on Comments: That happened to my husband. Doc says “Wow you look great, all the blood work is great other than cholesterol” and wants to put him on a statin. We’re finding a new doctor…

1:05:57- Wrap Up!

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