Food Is Not Bad For You! - AMA #100 - Clovis

Food Is Not Bad For You! - AMA #100

Food Is Not Bad For You!

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Food Is Not Bad For You!

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8:46- This AMA is dedicated to THE most damaging myth in all of nutrition...

13:14- We’re looking at the data in a vacuum, science is missing the BIG PICTURE

18:21- Let’s look at the history of medical science, which is actually simpler than nutrition science-

26:57-WHY are people actually afraid of food?? F*ckin’ calories

29:50- So what’s the answer? Species appropriate diet, folks.

34:58- Lab Mice: A Thought experiment to prove my point

39:27- Ok, let’s move on to human studies...

44:22- Let’s do the same thought experiment with a caloric surplus

49:27- We need to redefine what FOOD is! (It’s not the things we think it is lately!)

1:00:20- Commenting on Comments: It’s because we were told eating too much would make us fat!

1:00:50- Commenting on Comments: Processed foods are so void of micronutrients. Thanks to you I now do my own research and go down the rabbit holes!

1:02:01- Commenting on Comments: People don’t like to challenge the views in their subconscious. (Hmmm, hear me out on this one.)

1:05:59- Commenting on Comments: Food is NOTHING like it was 250,000 years ago

1:06:37- Commenting on Comments: I never have the issue of eating too much, I usually forget to eat.

1:08:12- Commenting on Comments: Your old friends were dicey though… you’re living your purpose now, Justin!

1:09:45- Commenting on Comments: I’m so sick of it. People analyze what’s in front of then and then mock what YOU eat!

1:11:34- Commenting on Comments: Eventually the family gets over the Clovis thing

1:13:40- Commenting on Comments: That used to be my problem but the fact that I’ve lost 17lbs and 5 inches from my waist in a month is AMAZING!

1:14:36- Q: What was the thing you were talking about the other day where we can asl you questions during the day?

1:16:36- Mini Mexico update, Wrap Up and THANK YOU!!!

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